What, you might ask yourself, could ever be better than sex? Well, how about sex with something that allows you and your partner to get into positions that would otherwise be impossible--or at least really, really, really uncomfortable.

Yes, folks, we’re talking about sex swings!

(Also, considering the current worldwide pandemic that has limited air travel, you might as well venture out and take to the skies in different ways! When quarantined, am I right?)

Here are our top five favorite sex swing positions for you to venture into the skies with!

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Safety, Safety (Yet Again)

However, before we get the actual list, we need to take a brief detour with a few mentions of some dos, don’ts, and nevers around setting up, and using, a sex swing.

The biggest of these is in setting your swing up. Basically, swings come in two arguable varieties:

In regards to the latter, the only concern here is to be aware of, and so never exceed, the recommended load or do anything else the manufacturer might warn you about. The one thing you don’t ever want to happen is the rig collapsing and dropping you or your partner onto the cold, hard ground.

Getting a swing that attaches to a ceiling or door, brings with it a whole new dimension of concerns. Mainly, you have to make sure the swing is affixed, not just to the ceiling, but solidly onto rafters or sturdy beams. If you don’t know how to do this then simply don’t, and instead, hire an expert or find a friend with some experience in mounting things up there.

With doors, you must pay attention to what kind of door it is--the heavier and sturdier the better--and never push your luck by using the swing on anything else.

Paying attention to the swings specs and take extra care to mount or set up yours as securely as possible! Putting in the work beforehand to ensure your swing is safe and secure will allow you to be able to use your swing to have some truly fun sexy-play with your partner.

1. Airborne Oral

Here’s the thing about oral sex: sometimes it can be a pain in the neck. Not to metaphorically, but physically. Sometimes getting into a perfect position, for both receiver and giver, can all too often put a serious strain on the neck, shoulders, and back.

But fear no more! When using a sex swing one partner can be raised, lowered, turned, and everything in between in order to get them into an optimal position where they can receive in total comfort. In addition, the giver won’t torture their body, and ideally won't need to take a break in the middle of the action in order to unkink whatever they’ve kinked.

oral sex in sex swing or sex sling

Exactly what this position looks like depends on the people involved. It will probably take a bit of trial and error until you both find that special sweet spot.

An extra-added bonus is that many swings allow the receiving person to comfortably spread their legs, giving greater access to their fun bits for all kinds of oral pleasures.

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2. Swinging Cowgirl

Another position that can be physically challenging is when one partner rides the other. Positions like cowgirl and reverse cowgirl can put a lot of strain on the knees and even, every now and again, unpleasant pressure on the person on the bottom.

Okay, by now you know where this is leading up to, yes, using a swing can be a great remedy for these sex position bothers!

cowgirl sex position with a sex swing or sex sling

Even though the exact position is something you’ll need to fiddle with, getting here is a dream-come-true for people who like to ride or be ridden as it takes the strain off the rider’s back and knees and won’t often press down too hard on the receiver.

The added bonus here is that swings can also allow the riders to do some playful spinning, move back and forth, or add in other more erotic patterns.

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3. Doggy in Space!

Okay, a Muppets reference in a sex position article might be a tad… odd, but bear with us. The thing about sex using a sex swing is that it commonly gives the person being suspended a sense of floating like they were experiencing free fall.

This allows them to get into positions that otherwise might not just be awkward or uncomfortable, but impossible as well. Take, for instance, that old staple: doggy style.

Previously your choices with it were pretty limited, with the receiver being on all fours, or if everyone’s more flexible, them laying flat on their stomachs.

doggy style sex position with a sex swing or sex sling

Using a sex swing, they can lift, rotate, or tilt, to their heart’s delight. Thus, placing them in awesome new positions for their partner to do everything from making anal sex more satisfying, to allowing for G-spot penetration.

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4. Sex Swing 69

Getting back to oral sex, a sex swing can also be a huge plus when getting into mutual oral sex positions (i.e. 69), by taking most of the weight off the person on the top.

69 sex position in a sex swing or sex sling

This might sound trivial but, trust us, it’s anything but as one of the more frequent complaints about the 69 position is that the person on the bottom feels like they’re being crushed or smothered. But not so with a swing, as it can be adjusted so that little or no pressure is being put on the bottom person.

It can also be another great way for people who might have mobility issues or who’d normally get eros-breaking aches and pains doing it the old-fashioned way.

5. Flying Missionary

Harkening back to “swings make old favorites new again” the classic missionary position can get a serious upgrade in pleasure by using a swing.

missionary sex position with a sex swing or sex sling

As with so many other positions, the thing here is that by elevating or lowering the receiver, both partners can achieve that perfect sweet spot for anal or vaginal penetration (including ones that stimulate the G-spot),.

One thing also worth touching on is that swings can be an awesome for people with challenging physical conditions or disabilities, as it can remove some pressure on certain parts of the body and potentially even be a way to compensate for otherwise painful limitations.

We’ve already mentioned the way that stress on backs, necks, shoulders, legs, and such can often be alleviated by using a swing, but it can also be beneficial for those with hip, and even arm and/or leg issues.

Lift Yourself Up

As with any guide to sex positions, these are merely suggestions you could, or not, play around with during your exploration of sex swing possibilities.

Just make sure you set it up to be as secure as possible--and if you have any doubts about this reach out for professional help--and take things slowly at first until you and your partner figure about what works and what doesn’t.

After that, the possibilities for enhanced sexual pleasure is pretty much endless, as you and your partner and/or playmates get liberated from the frequently far too oppressive pull of gravity.