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4 Super-Hot Places to Have Sex in Your House Besides Your Bed

Published: MAY 14, 2020 | Updated: AUGUST 29, 2021
Looking for some new locations to spice up your sex life? We've got you covered!

A reason things becoming boring, even sex, is because of repetition: the same old, same old, gets real old, real quick. While there are definitely ways that you can spice up your sex life in the bedroom, one of the ways you can spark some new excitement in your sexy-time is to take said sexy-time out of the bedroom!


Taking your erotic activities and your sex toys out of the bedroom opens up all kinds of new positions and possibilities that you may have never even considered before.

Wondering where you can have sex in your house? Here are four places that you can get down and dirty!

1. Making Bacon in the Kitchen

While it might not be as romantic or comfy as the bedroom, fooling around in the kitchen can, if you’ll please excuse the joke, add some spice to your sex life.


The details will have to be worked out beforehand, of course, and both parties will have to be cool with the spontaneity of it, but lots of folks have erotic fantasies about being playfully accosted while they are doing the dishes, with the steam and soap of the process giving the whole scene extra-added heat.

Not only that, but many kitchen tables are just the right height for all kinds of activities. Just make sure they're sturdy enough to handle your escapades.

Plus, having that nice amount of space also means you can get out your entire collection of sex toys to give each one its own sexually entertaining whirl!


diagram of the desk domination sex position

Try a position like the Desk Domination (which also works on a table or kitchen counter!) and add in a sex toy that the receiving part can use to apply stimulation for both partners. A wand massager, like the LELO SMART WAND, with its long handle and deep, rumbly vibrations is perfect for a providing stimulation in a position like this!

Just be sure that if you do decide to get frisky in the kitchen you don’t do it near the stove. There’s hot sex play and then there’s getting burned.


2. Good Vibrations in the Laundry Room

If you’re fortunate to have your own washer or dryer then may I make a suggestion? Banging in the laundry room can be all kinds of extra fun.

It’s for a very good reason that many people love, and I mean really love, sitting on a washing machine. Maybe it’s the warmth or the thudding oscillations when it’s in running or when both heat and vibrations are making sweet music together, but the action definitely makes many people purr with delight.

Add to that another kind of vibration, compliments of your favorite vibrator or another type of sex toy, and you’ll be howling with delight in no time.


diagram of the tight squeeze sex position

Try a position like the Tight Squeeze to save you both from trying to sit on top of the washing machine. Since this position is a little closer than the Desk Domination, you'll want a smaller vibrator, like the LELO SIRI 2, or better yet, try out a couples vibrator, like the LELO TIANI 3, that can be worn during intercourse to provide stimulation to both partners!

3. Stairway to Heaven

The stairs are probably not the first place in your house you think of when it comes to hot spots to get it on. But they could be! Think of your stairs as a handy sex wedge to help alleviate some annoying back bends or painful arm pressure.


Many positions can work on the stairs. Take Doggy Style. Doggy Style on the stairs can be a great alternative to doing it on a bed or on the floor. The receiving partner can use the stairs to bend forward as much as they find comfortable, which helps to put less weight on their wrists!

diagram of doggy style sex position on stairs

The receiving partner can also lean forward and put their forearms on the stairs if they find it easier or more comfortable.

Want to add sex toys into the mix? Try a vibrating cock ring, like the LELO TOR 2! This amazing vibrating cock ring provides stimulation to both partners but also leaves your hands free to try even more exciting positions.

As a bonus tip, if you staircase has a banister, you can also include some fun bondage into the mix!

4. Wet and Wild in the Tub

Sure, we all know shower sex is a thing, but why not branch out in the bathroom and try some tub sex? Yes, you can have sex in the tub!

Just imagine it, you and your partner in a nice warm bath, the lights dimmed, a candle or two lit and a stock of waterproof sex toys near by. Hello, all the feels.

diagram of the wet ride sex position

A position like the Wet Ride is great because you can use the back of the tub and the sides for support! In addition, the giver's hands are free to peruse their partner or play around with some toys.

A waterproof G-spot vibrator with a tapered tip, like the LELO MONA 2, is perfect for bathtub adventures, as its tip is narrow enough to fit between your bodies to provide stimulation and the toy is long enough for the giver to reach around their partner and use it to provide some rimming sensations or anal play!

If you're not up for penetration in the tub, you can always try some mutual masturbation. Each of you can take a side of the tub and get down to business with your hands or your toys. The best part of doing it in a bathtub is that you'll both have something to lean back against and still be able to see each other's faces and expression. Talk about steamy!

Bonus Tip: Don't Just Focus on New Positions

Take the couch, for example. Most people at one time or another have done some fooling around on someone’s living room couch. So much so that an equal number have probably tried it already to give their quarantine sex lives a little boost.

So why mention it? Because there are loads (and, yes, that is a technical term) of other erotic activities you can try out on a sofa, many of which you may not have thought of. At least not yet.

For example, take your living room couch and add in some role-play, like pretending you’re both horny teenagers and someone’s parents could be home any minute. Or maybe transform the sofa into a throne and you or your partner are royalty and suitably demanding your own take on prima nocta (look it up, you’ll be pleasantly surprised).

You can even take the cushions off and make yourself a sensual pillow fort, complete with sheets suspended from a ceiling fixture to give the whole arrangement some extra-added coziness.

So let your erotic imagination fly and, who knows, maybe you’ll never look at your old sofa the same way ever again.

Make Your House a Sexual Wonderland

Using that power of imagination, you can transform staying at home from being dull and boring to an opportunity to experiment with new things and, more than anything, have fun!

You and your partner will not just discover new places, positions or sex toys that can be fun to fool around with, but that you’ll learn all kinds of unique and exciting ways to have sex.

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