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A First Timer's Guide to Anal Sex

Published: AUGUST 7, 2017
These tips will help you create an experience that'll live up to your fantasies1

Starting out with anal sex may seem like a daunting task. You do, after all, want to make sure that your early days of anal sex are everything that you've fantasized about, heard about, or watched countless times on your favorite sex flicks - and then some. It's either that or it's something that you've been itching to try for so long that you're just ready for him to jump straight in so you can take it for every last bit of what it's worth.

OK, now that you've finally decided to make the big move and jump into your first anal sexual experience, here's a list of six things to keep in mind as far as the positions you're getting into are concerned. These tips will help make sure your first time isn't your last!

Oh, and just a head's up that this article is geared toward sex between two people with penises. If that isn't what you're into, you can check out The 5 Rules of Anal Play for Straight Men or What You Need to Know About Anal Sex.


Get on Top

This will help you control how hard, fast, and deep you want your experience.

Keep Your Legs Closed

The wider that you spread your legs, the deeper the penetration will be from your partner. Keep your legs closed so that your first time doesn't allow for deeper penetration.

Don't Arch Your Back

Arching your back when you are on top will only serve to push your ass out further, which means there is greater opportunity for increasing the depth of the penetration.


Keep His Legs Closed

When on top, his legs should preferably be flat out. If his legs are spread wide apart, it increases his ability to thrust and take control of the position. You're aiming to call the shots, until you're truly broken in, right?

Avoid Lying on Your Back at All Costs

This position is one of the most comfortable for the guy on top, and it comes with a serious level of penetration, too. Chances are you're not going to be ready for some mind-blowing, deep, and steamy loving just yet. So, get your form right first before worrying too much about his technique. Your ass will probably thank you for it later.

Keep It Comfortable; Don't Get Too Adventurous

As for focusing on your own form, don't bite off more than you can chew. Shower sex, pool sex, and beach sex are all great in theory. They are also a first timer's worst nightmare. There's a lot that can go wrong when throwing all of these elements into your first anal play date. Your best bet is to jump into some fresh sheets, keep the lube close by, and go to town with all the foreplay and beginner's positions you can wrap (his) head around. If everything goes to plan, you're going to be rinsing off in the shower right afterwards anyway before jumping straight into the next round.

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