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The Top 4 Anal Toys for Beginners

Published: JUNE 16, 2015 | Updated: SEPTEMBER 19, 2019 10:46:29
Anal play requires lube, patience, and trust. You can explore alone or with a partner. You can use fingers or you can check out the best anal toys listed in this article.

Trends in sexuality come and go, but the pleasure you experience will always be around. With the popularity of "50 Shades of Grey" around 2012, there was a real uptick of interest and participation in kinky activities. With more couples starting to open up to exploration of their sexuality, even more activities are being added to the standard bedroom line-up. In particular, anal sex in gaining in popularity.


Not only does anal sex offer the "naughty" aspect of enjoying yourself, but the anal area is filled with pleasurable nerves that can make the entire experience even better. As long as you explore the area with patience and trust, you'll probably find that you enjoy anal pleasure as well. (If you don't, that's just fine too! Not every type of pleasure is for everyone.)

When you're thinking about exploring the anal area, many experts recommend that you take your first journeys alone. This will allow you to take your time without worrying about having another person present. You won't feel any pressure to enjoy something. You'll have the freedom to switch around to different activities or take things extremely slow. Of course, if you'd rather explore with your partner, that's also fine. Whatever makes you most comfortable is exactly what you should be doing.

Any anal play should be met with a large amount of lubricant and a large amount of patience. Preceding any anal play with a massage or sensual activity is always an advisable activity. The anal area is a ring of muscle. In order to enjoy pleasurable anal play, it's important that everyone be relaxed and trusting. You may also want to discuss with your partner, if you're including your partner, about the importance of ending early if either you becomes uncomfortable or something starts to hurt. It's important to listen to your body. This short guide about how to have anal sex will help you get prepared.

Some people just use their fingers when exploring anal pleasure, but you can take your pleasure to higher levels (and avoid awkward wrist positions) by using anal sex toys. Some of the anal toy types include:

Butt Plugs

Designed to be slid into the butt and left there, butt plugs help familiarize the anal muscles with being opened wider than usual. A lot of people find this sensation extremely pleasurable. With the discreet design of butt plugs, people can also wear butt plugs underneath their clothing while doing chores or going out on a date. The ability of discreet use makes this a fun addition to those couples who love some public experimentation.


Many popular sex toy retailers sell a range of different butt plugs at affordable prices. Look for toys made of body-safe, non-porous materials, like silicone, steel or glass. If you're a beginner, find a toy with a sleeker, more tapered shape. We also recommend Blush's Avant line, such as the Avant Pride Beyond.

Anal Beads

A strand of small beads attached together on a long strand, anal beads are inserted into the butt one-at-a-time. Lots of people enjoy the sensation of the body readjusting with each new insertion. For that reason, many anal beads are created with a gradually expanding diameter. As you insert each bead, the beads get larger and larger. Many anal bead toys are also equipped with a simple handle to remove the beads when you're finished using them.

When selecting anal beads, make sure your beads are high-quality and very durable. You don't want your strand of beads to break mid-use. Try a simple set of silicone anal beads.

Anal Dildos

Just like vaginal dildos, anal dildos are just any dildos that you choose to use anally. Not only are these great as practice for couples who would like to engage in anal intercourse, they also provide an intense feeling of "fullness" that a lot of people enjoy. These types of anal toys also make it very simple to experience the pleasurable sensation of thrusting with an anal toy.


Selecting a dildo for anal use requires more forethought than purchasing one for vaginal use. Make sure that your dildo has a large, flared base. This will ensure the dildo is easy to hold and that it stays outside of the body for easy removal. Please also pay attention to the diameter of your toy. Anal beginners are going to want a diameter between 0.75" and 1.5". Many dildos are larger than that, but the Skyn dildo by Sportsheets fits the bill.

Prostate Massagers

Generally regarded as best for those who have a penis, prostate massagers help massage the prostate from inside the butt. Some prostate massagers are designed to be toys you can use like dildos while other prostate massagers were specifically designed to be hands-free; the internal tightening and clenching of muscles will gently massage the toy pleasurably into the prostate. Many prostate massagers also come equipped with perineum nubs for added pleasure.

A few toys to try in this category include the very highly rated LELO HUGO, the We-Vibe Dusk Pleasure Mate and the LELO LOKI Wave.

Of course, if you're new to any type of anal pleasure, you may want to consider looking into a "beginner anal kit." These kits include multiple types of anal toys to let a newbie experience different types of pleasure with ease. Some kits also include similar toys of various diameters; this will allow you to slowly increase the size of toys you're comfortable playing with.

No matter whether you want to use just your fingers, purchase a kit full of toys, or just experiment with a single type of toy, anal toys can open up your sexual repertoire to include a whole lot more pleasure.

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