Check out any sex toy shop or website and you’ll notice a clear divide between toys designed for men and toys designed for women and sex toys designed for (heterosexual) couples. It kinda makes sense, right? There are men and there are women and they are different.

Uh no. Hold up.

If you’re a part of the sex positive community (and if you aren’t, consider hopping aboard!), you may already know that that the world is much bigger and broader and more beautiful than just male/female, innie/outtie, penis/vagina. In fact, if you really dig into the vast array of genders and sexual orientations and possible couplings, you might start to wonder why there aren’t more sex toys out there. You know, for all the people who aren’t straight, or don’t fit the (outdated) norms about what gender should look like. That’s why we were intrigued by Picobong’s recent release of a "gender neutral sex toy." According to Picobong, it's a sex toy designed for everyone.

It looks kinda fun, right? Beyond the alphabet soup of genders and orientations, that’s exactly what sex should be – fun and adventurous and exploratory and full of creative, passionate energy. The Picobong Transformer bills itself as “the world’s first gender-neutral sex toy.” But perhaps more importantly, it’s one that lets you put your sex geek hat on, change things up and find what works for you and your partner(s). Just as the language we use around sexual orientations and identities is shifting, so are sex toys and the labels applied to them. That alone is enough to get us off, but if that doesn’t do it for you, well, this funky new toy has plenty of options.

Got a creative idea for how to use this toy? Share it in the comments!

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