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Sex Stories We Love: Fascinating Fetish Facts, Belle Knox and ... Ste

Published: MARCH 18, 2014 | Updated: FEBRUARY 14, 2022 09:53:36
This week was a mixed bag in sex news. Check out some of the stories you may have missed.

Who doesn't love to read about sex, kink and ... steak? This week was a mixed bag in sex news. Check out some of the stories you may have missed.


Actors Who Go From Hardcore Sex Scenes to Mainstream Movies

Very few actresses go from making porn to starring in mainstream films. With the release of "Open Window" at SXSW this year, Sasha Grey continues to go where few porn stars have gone before: On to a successful career in mainstream movies. Even so, my favorite thing starring Sasha Grey continues to be James Gunn's "PG Porn: Roadside Ass-Sistance." (Check it out! This series calls itself "porn for people who love everything about porn ... except the sex," so it's totally SFW.)

5 (of Many) Fascinating Truths About Fetishes

Cracked.com posted a piece I really love called "5 Truths About Sexual Fetishes (A Dominatrix's Perspective)" Who doesn't love to read about other peoples sexual fetishes and especially from someone who deals with them all day! Even as a fellow dominatrix, I found her truths to interesting because while some were so familiar, yet others were not. It just goes to show you how widely varied human sexuality really is.

What's In a (Porn Star's) Name?

On Jezebel, porn star Stoya explains why we're obsessed with Belle Knox's real name. Last month, Knox was outed by a fellow student and rose to fame as "The Duke Porn Star." People have been fascinated with the dichotomy of her being a smart college girl and a dirty, dirty porn star. People tend to forget that every porn star (or sex worker) has at least two lives - and that they have a right to live at least the private one in peace.

Kardinal Kink

Meanwhile, Stanford Students are trying to create a student club called Kardinal Kink as "a supportive anonymous space for Stanford students to explore kink themes safely and a public effort to campaign for resources, research, and respect for kink by promoting a positive and accurate understanding of kink sexuality on campus." Their application has been rejected, for now, by university officials, but they were invited to re-apply next quarter.

Steak and a Blow Job?

Finally, March 14th was the "official" Steak and a Blowjob Day. Fun harmless holiday, good alternative to Valentines Day, or just another win for the patriarchy? Discuss.

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Mona Darling
Mona Darling spent close to 20 years as an A-list professional dominatrix before becoming a D-list mommy blogger. After spending many years traveling the world being told that she is fabulous, she now spends her days being told she doesn't drive fast enough by her four-year-old son. 

She writes about sex, booze and toddler-related mayhem at DarlingPropaganda.com.