Here at Kinkly, our mission is to start stimulating conversations about sex, answer your questions and help you discover new and exciting things about sex, love and your body. It didn't take us long to discover that one good way to do that is by shining a spotlight on all the amazing bloggers that help make the Web a more sex-positive place.

That's why we built the Sex Blogger Directory, which now compiles six data points to build a comprehensive list of the Internet's best sex bloggers.

Ever since we got the bare-bones version of the directory up and running, we've received a lot of interest and support - and a lot of questions. Questions about how it works. Questions about how bloggers are scored. And lots of questions and suggestions about why we built it the way we did. The answers to a lot of these questions make for some long-ass emails. So, we're laying it all out for you here. That said, if you still have questions, comments or criticisms, feel free to send them our way.

Why We Built the Sex Blogger Directory

It takes courage to be a sex blogger, and we think that should be celebrated, especially since it sometimes feels like the deck is stacked against the cool people who put it all out there in the name of promoting sex education, sex positive values and the pursuit of sexual pleasure.

Sometimes it seems like sex, no matter how you tackle it, just isn't welcome on the Web - or anywhere. So, we decided to do something about it by creating a friendly, welcoming space to highlight the best sex bloggers we could find. That led to a contest to find the Top 100 Sex Blogging Superheroes of 2013. The response was overwhelming. We were on to something! We followed that with the Top 100 Sex Blogging Superheros of 2014 and the Top 100 Sex Blogging Superheroes of 2015op 100 Sex Blogging Superheroes of 2015.

There was just one problem, though. The contest was based on the number of votes placed for blogs nominated on The reach just wasn't big enough. Plus, we don't just want to highlight the most popular blogs - we want to make a space for all of them! So, we set out to build a system that was both more quantitative and more inclusive.

Ranking Factors - Quantitative Data Sources

In building out our system, we went to a number of outside data services. These are listed at the top of the page for our directory of top sex blogs, but here is a screen shot.

The Sex Blogger Directory: Here's How It Works

Our back-end systems poll these services at regular intervals to update data on each blogger in the database. The third-party data services we use can be roughly grouped in two categories: social media and site popularity.

Social Media

  • Twitter Followers: The total number of followers to the blogger's Twitter account
  • Facebook Likes: The total number of likes on either the blog's Facebook page, or the number of followers if the blogger has set up a personal page
Site Popularity
  • Alexa Rank: An estimate of the traffic to a specific website. Lower is better. If you have an Alexa ranking of 50,000, that means that Alexa estimates you are the 50,000th biggest website on the Internet (Get more info here).
  • Linking Domains: Links are like currency for bloggers, where each one represents another vote for a blogger's work. The more external sites (domains) that link to yours, the better.
  • MozRank: MozRank estimates the popularity a site will have in the search engines. It is based on a number of factors, and is closely correlated to search rankings. (Get more info here)

The seventh source for data is Kinkly's rank from our annual contest. This is based on votes from our site visitors, as well as an editorial scoring system. Site editors, without talking to one another, literally review every single blog nominated to be one of our superheroes, giving each a rating. For our ranking, higher is better, and the maximum score is 100.

Please note that we have also begun removing inactive blogs from the directory list. These are blogs on which no new content has been posted within a calendar year. However, we will archive these blogs in our system. If you stop and restart blogging, we can have you up and running again in no time. If you want us to make an exception and keep your blog on the list, let us know.

The Algorithm - How Rankings Are Calculated

OK, put your nerd caps on; here's where we get to the nuts and bolts of the list. For each factor, we get data for every site, and then we rank the results from top to bottom. So, for example, for Twitter, more followers is better. So, we go out and get the total Twitter followers for each blogger, and then list them from most followers to least. The blogger on the list with the most followers will get the maximum available points, while the blogger at the bottom of the list will get no points. This is done for each ranking factor. Then, the totals are added up to get a maximum perfect score of 100. To get this score, a blogger would have to rank No.1 in each and every category.To be clear, not all weightings are equal. Facebook and Twitter are both counted as being more valuable, but no one factor makes up more than 20 percent of the overall score.

Speaking of Rank ...

If there's one thing we want to emphasize it's that we have a very loose definition of "rank." A blogger ranked No.7 on the list isn't inherently better than the blogger ranked No.8. We needed to get rid of subjectivity, so we did our best to build a formula.

Many people on the list make a living as sex educators, therapists, writers, and the like. They may be very well-known and good at what they do, but they might not spend much of their time on their blog. They're just too busy writing books, getting paid to keynote conferences, etc.

On the flip-side, there are sex bloggers who don't make a cent from their sites, but simply love to write and share. They may not author books or lead conferences, but the metrics from their traffic, social media, etc., show that they have something to say and an audience that respects them. We think both are awesome and worthy of your time and attention.

We aren't ranking sites to pit them against each other, or declare a "winner." What the directory aims to do is provide a quantitative look at sex blogs and how they're performing according to key metrics. We hope this will help bloggers find ways to boost their online presence, connect with new readers, and find and collaborate with other cool people in the space. That's how we'll be using it too!

Plus, the Sex Blogger Directory isn't just about the default ranking; we've provided many different ways to slice and dice the list. You can see it filtered by topic, you can sort it by any of the ranking elements, heck, you can even see an alphabetical listing of blogs.

By topic:

By ranking factor:

We hope we've answered any questions you have regarding out top blogs database. If not, drop us a line, or leave suggestions in the comments below. Oh, and if you have a blog, we hope you'll add it to the list!

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