Sex Toy Review: nJoy Pure Wand

Published: MAY 9, 2016 | Updated: JULY 13, 2020 08:17:15
Professional tools yield professional results. This is a professional tool, from one bulbed end to the other.


The Product: nJoy Pure Wand

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If you make a habit of reading sex toy blogs, you’ve probably seen someone wax rhapsodic about the beautiful 1.5-pound hunk of polished, medical-grade stainless steel that is the nJoy Pure Wand. I've lost count of how many glowing reviews are out there, some going so far as to proclaim that it’s simply the only G-spot toy that will do. I had trouble believing the hype.

See, I’ve tried a lot of sex toys. While I don’t have an accurate count right now - because it surpassed double digits a long time ago - my best guess would be 115. Of those, I have a collection of about 60 that I keep scattered around my bedroom.

None of them is like the Pure Wand.

Review: nJoy Pure Wand

The Toy

The Pure Wand's design is simple but perfectly specific. It’s made for a single task: Hitting the G-spot or the prostate with amazing precision. As they say, professional tools yield professional results. This is a professional tool, from one bulbed end to the other.

Speaking of which, let’s talk specs. This dildo is 11 inches long if you measure along the curve, and the bulbs are 8 inches apart if you simply measure the straight distance from end to end. The smaller bulb measures 1 inch in diameter, while the larger bulb measures 1.5 inches. While most people wouldn’t consider either bulb particularly big, the fact that steel has absolutely no give to it means that they can feel a bit bigger in use if you’re used to softer materials like silicone. Because the Pure Wand is solid steel, it is heavy: 1.5 pounds. This means that if you have arm or wrist mobility challenges (like arthritis), it may not be something that you can use on your own.

Review: nJoy Pure Wand


But there are some serious plus sides to using this kind of steel. First, it’s capable of being perfectly polished and smooth with absolutely no drag, save for the small and lightly textured nJoy logo in the very middle of the shaft. This means you can go light on the lubrication. It also holds temperature extremely well, so I would suggest running it under warm water before use. (You can, of course, use cold water for temperature play, but I don’t recommend using hot water because you could actually burn yourself.)

How to Use the nJoy Pure Wand

You might be looking at the Pure Wand right now, wondering how on Earth you’re supposed to use it. Aside from my favorite answer - however you want - I have a few specific suggestions, and I’ll also let you know what worked for me. (Get a G-spot warm-up in The 4 Basic Steps to G-Spot Bliss.)

The Light Thrust
If this is your first time using the Pure Wand or if you’re not sure exactly where your G-spot is, lightly and slowly thrusting will help you figure it out. I thought I knew where my G-spot was, but this move proved me wrong! It was actually a little bit deeper than I anticipated. A light, gentle thrust is perfect for warming up. Just focus on getting your blood flowing, finding the right spot and getting into a rhythm.

The Twist
As the name implies, this move is all about the flick of the wrist. Instead of thrusting, you twist the Pure Wand from side to side while gripping whichever bulbed end is not inside of you (or your partner). While this wasn’t my favorite, it produced some unique sensations and seems to work for a lot of people.


The See-Saw
Less intense than the Twist but more interesting than the Light Thrust, the See-Saw is also easy on your joints. I like to find my G-spot first, and then begin gently bouncing the toy up and down. As you push down on the exposed bulbed end, the internal bulb will press up against your G-spot (or prostate) and create an amazing feeling of pressure and fullness.

The Jackhammer
Alright, so you’ve been lightly thrusting, you’ve twisted, you’ve see-sawed, and you think you’re about to see the light at the end of the tunnel. You need pressure and speed and you need it now. Jack away, my friends! This is how some bloggers achieve vaginal ejaculation (aka squirting).

The Verdict

For me, the ultimate combination was light thrusting and the See-Saw. When I found my G-spot, I experienced sensations that no other toy has brought me. With less precise toys, I end up feeling pleasantly full, wet, and, well, like I have to pee. It’s great in combination with clitoral stimulation, but it’s not something I crave on its own. But with the Pure Wand, it was just ... different. I use the smaller end, because I prefer smaller insertables, and the way that it targets my G-spot is like nothing else. It’s very hard to describe aside from hell yes! It’s a sensation that I actually find myself craving, as opposed to just a side dish for the main course of clitoral vibration.

Of course, I do find that the Pure Wand experience is improved with the addition of a vibrator. I cannot (yet, maybe ever) have an orgasm from G-spot stimulation alone. Sorry, Freud, it ain’t happening. But spending some time with just the Pure Wand and then adding one of my favorite vibrators to my clit produces some amazing, immersive, surround-sound orgasms.

Professional tools, professional results.

The product was provided by PleasureTease in exchange for an honest review.



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