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13 Ways to Keep Your Masturbation Discreet With Others in the House

Published: MAY 19, 2020 | Updated: MAY 6, 2022
Need to keep your self-love sessions on the down-low? Here are 13 tips to help you hit the climax and keep it a secret!

With everybody in close quarters, inching out private time has become harder than ever. We get it; your sex drive didn't necessarily go away just because you're surrounded with others. (And if it did, that's okay too!) Either way, that nagging sex drive quickly becomes a problem when you're finding it hard to have a single moment by yourself.


When masturbating with other unaware people around, most people have one concern: discovery. While a lot of us might get off on the *idea* of being discovered, the actual act of being caught can be particularly embarrassing - and depending on who you live with, it might cause a whole lot of arguments.

Most of us don't actually want to be discovered, but at the same time, we still want to enjoy our self-pleasure - even when we happen to share our living spaces with someone else.

That's where discreet masturbation comes in. When you want self-pleasure but need to keep it private, being as secretive as possible is the solution.


Not sure how? These 13 tips to keep your masturbation discreet with others in the house are a great start:

1. Set Boundaries

While this isn't necessarily related to discreet masturbation, it is related to your mental health – and indirectly related to masturbation. As an adult, it's well-within your right to set boundaries for accessing your personal space (i.e. your room or your area).

No matter who you're living with, it's completely normal to request that, when your door is closed, please leave you alone or knock and wait first. This doesn't need to be for masturbation reasons, and if you're trying to start that boundary, definitely use it for non-masturbatory reasons.


As your housemates adjust, get some peace and quiet by reading a book or napping - or anything that wouldn't be particularly damaging if they barged in. Once you think they have a general grasp on the concept, you can move into using it for sexual purposes.

2. Get a Lock

If a verbal reprimand isn't working, a lock on the door might be your best bet. While retrofitting a door with a lock is probably more that you're looking for, a "portable door lock" might be up your alley. You can use it to lock your door from the inside - ensuring that persistent people can't barge their way into your space.

3. Choose Your Material Wisely

Do you know what makes noise? Porn videos. While you can solve that by wearing headphones, wearing headphones will make you unaware of the noises going on around you - like a housemate knocking on the door.


If you use masturbatory material, choose your material to best fit your situation. Can you get away with porn videos without alerting others in the home? Have at it! If you can't? Consider pictures or erotic stories - both can be just as hot! (With the popularity of GIFs, there's a whole lot of hot GIFs out there too!)

4. Purchase Toys With Discreet Designs

Worried about someone accidentally "coming across" your sex toys? Invest in toys with discreet designs - or thorough, discreet storage systems.

The Womanizer Liberty fits that bill perfectly. When not in use, the Womanizer Liberty clitoral suction toy includes a "lid" that hides all of the sex toy bits. It just fits into a drawer and looks like a case for headphones or other electronics! For the penis-havers, the Tenga Geo looks like a piece of modern one will suspect it doubles as a masturbation sleeve!


Womanizer Liberty sex toy

5. Use Discreet Storage

You can also go one step further and use discreet storage methods in your house. You can get as into this as you want. For you, maybe an odd box under the bed is all you consider necessary to keep your sex toys hidden. Or maybe you want to get more into it, and you want to look into a locking box - or a locking bedside table.

Depending on who is prying around your room, you'll want to keep different storage methods in mind.


6. Utilize Sex Toy Features

Nowadays, manufacturers have gotten wise to the fact that a lot of their customers want their masturbation to be as discreet as possible - and that their customers might live in busy, vibrant households where the "guarantee" of privacy is minimal at best. Look into vibrators that offer features to make your life easier.

The Womanizer Premium is one of those toys. Equipped with "Smart Silence", the Womanizer Premium will only turn on when its in contact with your skin. If you need to pull it away from your body for any sudden reason (like being barged in on!), the toy will instantly turn off. This takes discreet sex toy use to the next level!

Womanizer Premium sex toy

7. Masturbate with External Noise

Worried about the noise of a vibrator giving you away? Add some noise so your vibrator seems even quieter! Music and television (or even video games!) are pretty common noises nowadays, so just turn things up a little bit higher to cover any noise you happen to be making.

Just don't turn it up too loud! You'll still need to be able to hear if someone is knocking - just in case you might be getting an unwanted visit!

8. Use Quieter Vibrators

On the flip-side, you could try to reduce noise from the vibrator itself. Quieter vibrators make less noise - and are less easy to hear outside of a closed door. If you're a clitoral-pleasuring person, air suction vibrators make the least noise of any vibrators out there!

Since they don't "vibrate", they don't cause as much shaking in the toy itself - all of the noise is focused in a "suction" that quiets down the instant you press it against the body.

9. Lay Under a Blanket

One of the oldest tricks in the book: lay under a blanket while you're masturbating - or throw a towel over your lap if you're sitting up. If someone barges in, the "evidence" will at least be covered up - providing some plausible deniability.

10. Surround Your Vibrator to Soften Noise

Using a power vibrator like a wand massager? If you need to keep the noise down, you can "smother" it - literally! Place a pillow over top of the head of the massager and grind against the pillow - or encircle your wand massager with a pillow.

Just leave this tip to the shorter masturbation sessions - your "power tools" can overheat too!

11. Take Advantage of Waterproof Toys

A lot of toys are built with waterproof capabilities - are you taking full advantage of them? Waterproof toys can (you guessed it!) go into the water. This makes them perfect companions for the shower. Check to see if your next sex toy purchase is waterproof.

If you need to "test" the noise of your waterproof toy, we recommend running the shower, leaving the vibrator in the shower, and "accidentally" forgetting something outside the bathroom so you can listen to see what the vibrator sounds like from outside the bathroom door.

12. Use Effective Sex Toys

The longer you masturbate, the more likely you are to be discovered. That's just a fact. So while we always encourage exploration and taking your time with your self-pleasure, we also recognize that there's times where you just need an orgasm, and it just needs to happen NOW before someone bothers you.

For those moments, we recommend having an "old faithful" - that is, a powerful sex toy that will get you off, reliably, with no fuss. It might not be the most satisfying of orgasms when you rush to achieve it, but it'll help scratch that itch - and help you delay your marathon session until you have more time.

13. Masturbate When Alone

If all else fails, you can always masturbate when everyone else is out of the house. While that isn't a good fit during a pandemic, it can be a semi-functional option during everyone's day-to-day lives. Most people need to leave the house for one reason or another, and choosing your pleasure sessions around the others in your home can always work as a last resort.

Bonus Tip! Consider the Clean-Up

After a good orgasm, the last thing you want to do is be figuring out the logistics of cleaning your sex toy (and yourself, if necessary!). We recommend you spend some time pre-planning your cleaning process before you delve between your legs.

We want you to stay healthy - and that requires cleaning your sex toys after use - even if you need to work around pesky housemates.

Mistress Kay

Mistress Kay has a fondness for all things sexual. With a house that's quickly running out of room for all of her reading and vibrating pleasures, she spends her free time reading, writing, and learning about the sexual universe with her partners. She can be reached at Kinky World.

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