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12 Best Sex Toys for Under $50

Published: NOVEMBER 25, 2020 | Updated: AUGUST 4, 2022 01:40:49
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Don't blow your wad on pricey new sex toys. Our round up of the Best Sex Toys for Under $50 has something for every budget.

When it comes to sex toys, the sky's the limit if you have an unlimited budget ($15, 000 vibrator, anyone?)

For the rest of us who need to keep an eye on the bottom line while getting off, check out these Best Sex Toys for Under $50!


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Tenga Spinner

Intense penis pleasure doesn't have to be expensive! Winner of the reddot Design Award, this unique penis stroker spins around the penis with every stroke - which is exactly where it got its name. That semi-rigid coil around the sleeve causes the material to move horizontally as you push and pull the sleeve along your length for a twisting sensation that's unlike any other masturbation sleeve you've used before. Six different textures await you, but no matter which one you choose, it's going to be intensely orgasmic.

Tenga Spinner masturbation sleeve

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Satisfyer Wand-er Woman

50 vibration combinations are packaged into the XXL size of the Satisfyer Wand-er Woman. Designed for sexual pleasure - and for muscle relief, too! - the Satisfyer Wand-er Woman is perfect for hitting those hard-to-reach spots - especially along the upper back. When things drift south, the Wand-er Woman is equipped with 10 different patterns - each of which is adjustable through five levels of intensity. Those 50 possible vibration combinations let you adjust your pleasure to the exact level you need on that specific day!

Best Sex Toys for Under $50: Satisfyer Wand-er Woman

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B-Vibe Snug Plugs

Not many butt plugs are designed for all-day wear, but you've found the one that is! With their super-flexible retention area and T-shaped base, these plugs were designed for long-term wear - and to stay comfortable and arousing the entire time!


Each one of the Snug Plugs is progressively heavier for a "weighted" sensation that adds pleasurable stimulation while making sure you can't accidentally "forget" your inserted plug. With five available sizes in a multitude of colors, you can choose the exact Snug Plug to fit your needs.

Best Sex Toys for Under $50: B-Vibes Snug Plugs

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Sportsheets Chained Nipple Clamps

One of our best-selling nipple clamps, the Sportsheets Chained Nipple Clamps are fantastic for beginners - or advanced players! Its versatility is thanks to the individual thumb-screws on each clamp that allows for complete pressure adjustment for each side.

With a lightly weighted, 13" chain that functions great as a "tugging" point (or just some hot-looking jewelry!), the Sportsheets Chained Nipple Clamps show that you don't have to spend a lot to get into kinky fun!

Best Sex Toys for Under $50: Sportsheets Chained Nipple Clamps

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Squeeze-It Wavy Dildo

A body-safe dildo doesn't have to be expensive! The XR Brands Squeeze-It Wavy Dildo offers a fun, wavy texture in a super-soft form. Just like the name implies, the Squeeze-It Wavy dildo is entirely squeezeable and squishable - much more than most sex toys you've ever played with! Enjoy its soft, plushy features for penetration - or take advantage of its compatibility with temperature play to enjoy some warm (and cold!) sensations in the bedroom!

Best Sex Toys for Under $50: XR Brands Squeeze-It Wavy Dildo

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Blush Luxe Be Me 3 Beads

The Be Me 3 Beads offer the best sensations of butt plugs and anal beads - in a single toy that's under $50! The T-shaped handle at the base makes for comfortable butt plug wear while the three beads along the shaft provide an anal-bead-like insertion experience. Crafted from platinum silicone with a soft and smooth finish, the Blush Luxe Be Me 3 Beads are also fully waterproof and beginner-friendly.

Best Sex Toys for Under $50: Blush Luxe Be Me 3 Beads

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Glass Spiral Staircase

Double-ended pleasure with two types of textures! Make your dollar stretch even further with two "toys" in one! This double-ended glass toy offers two different sensations - just flip the toy around! Enjoy the tipped head for a thicker experience, or use the opposing end for a bulbed end with bumpy textures.


Plus, the Glass Spiral Staircase is made from - you guessed it! - glass! If you've never had the pleasure of trying the silky smooth, "glides against slick surfaces" sensation of glass, you're in for a treat!

Best Sex Toys for Under $50: Glass Spiral Staircase dildo

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Fun Factory Ocean

Dual stimulation in a portable size! By cutting out some of the features rabbit vibrators are known for, Fun Factory makes the Ocean available at a much lower price-point: perfect for those on limited budgets or just starting to explore dual stimulation.

This battery-operated rabbit vibe includes a pleasurable g-spot curve in addition to 6 vibration speeds and 6 vibration patterns. If you ever choose to "upgrade" to a different rabbit vibe, the Fun Factory Ocean can still stick around as your travel-friendly vibe.

Best Sex Toys for Under $50: Fun Factory Ocean

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Blush Avant Pride P1 Freedom

Pride + Pleasure! This beautiful rainbow dildo is just as pleasurable as it is pretty. Featuring a pleasurable g-spot/p-spot design with a flared base that makes this toy harness-compatible and anal-safe, the Blush Avant Pride P1 dildo offers a body-safe dildo experience with a gorgeous design. (Love the shape but not into rainbows? The Blush Avant Pride P2 is the same dildo - but in different colors!)

Best Sex Toys for Under $50: Blush Avant Pride P1 Freedom

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Blush Temptasia Bling

Bling out your butt! Exactly what the name implies, the Blush Temptasia Bling plugs bring a heart-shaped crystal to the base of your pleasurable butt plug. A gradual, tapered tip allows for easy insertion while the slim neck of the plug helps the silicone toy stay inside.

These beginner-friendly plugs are available in three sizes (and you could purchase all three to make a nice DIY anal training kit!)

Blush Temptasia Bling

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Blush Go Pro Performance Cock Ring

A stretchy, silicone ring designed for maximum comfort, this beginner-friendly cock ring offers easy blood restriction at a low price. Made from body-safe silicone, this flat ring offers no-slip performance that stays in place and adds enjoyment to every sex session.


Plus, it's available in five different colors to perfectly match your undies - or just your personality. (Protip! We recommend a bit of lube on the ring to keep it from snagging any pubic hairs!)

Blush Performance Go Pro Cock Ring

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Satisfyer Men Wand

Perfectly designed for the unique shape of a penis, the Men Wand brings all of the orgasmic pleasure of vibrations into a shape that's especially crafted for your anatomy. Vibrations aren't just for vulvas!

Lots of penis owners can achieve some pretty powerful orgasms through the power of vibrations - and this Satisfyer Wand makes it easy to experiment with! Enjoy the 50 vibration combinations and find that perfect buzz that gets you off.

12 Best Sex Toys for Under $50: Satisfyer Men Wand

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