When we think about masturbation, we often assume that it is an entirely solo act. Whether that means a quick session in your shower or a long drawn-out session in your bed, there’s typically only one person participating. While masturbation is quite incredible on your own, there can be an added dimension when you bring a partner into the mix. We’re talking about mutual masturbation! Here are 10 ways to share the fun.

Try a New Toy

Go shopping together for a new sex toy, accessory or lubricant and try it out ... alone. Find something you think you will both enjoy and exchange notes on what you liked or didn’t like. You get to have fun with a new product as well as learn about your partner’s preferences. If you’re sharing a sex toy, make sure to properly sterilize it between uses.

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Check Yourself Out!

Have you ever watched yourselves have sex in a mirror and enjoyed the views that you don’t get to often see? Well, why not try that out with masturbation! Find the largest mirror in your home and get in front of it! Position yourselves so that you both get a great view of the other person. It's self pleasure while getting off together!

Look the Other Way

Alternatively, don’t face each other at all. Position yourselves so that you can’t see anything your partner is doing. Then, when you start masturbating, describe what is happening with words and moans. It's a great tease - and a huge turn-on!

Educate Each Other

Take turns showing each other exactly what you like. Take this time to really pay attention and appreciate all of the intricacies of masturbation. You don’t need to put on an unrealistic show to do this, you just need to be 100% honest about what you like or don’t like. You partner will love watching you and learning how to please you. If you’re feeling a bit shy, ask your partner to go first.

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Put It On Film

This is great for any relationship, near or far! Each one of you should film yourselves masturbating and then you can exchange the videos! Of course, everyone involved has to enthusiastically consent to filming a sexual act and then sharing it. If you don’t want to physically hand over the file, watch the completed videos together.

Study Facial Expressions

Sit down in front of each other or lie down facing each other. Keep a little separation between both of you so there is space to masturbate. Don’t speak to each other and don’t look at what your hands are doing. Simply watch each other’s facial expressions. You might be surprised at how intensely you appreciate all of your partner's visual reactions.

Be a Voyeur

Set up a voyeuristic scene! Have one of you watch the other one from a distance. This can work well in a shower setting – where one person is masturbating in the shower while the other is peering through the curtains. As always, make sure everyone agrees on the scene. You should never be a secret voyeur - that's just creepy.

Prolong the Session

Watching each other masturbate can be incredibly satisfying and might speed up a few orgasms. Instead of rushing to the end, make it a rule that only one of you can be masturbating at a time. When one person starts going, the other person has to stop and vice-versa. This will prolong the session and provide some good giggles when you’re nearing the end and really teasing each other.

Porn It Up!

Exchange your favorite porn videos! Find out what your partner watches and discover if you like it too. Watching each other’s favorite porn videos will make you feel even closer to your partner’s desires. Please note that you should always advise your partner of what they are about to watch so there are no surprises and you can have an open and honest conversation if needed.

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Record Your Moans

We’ve mentioned a few things about videos, but plain audio can be pretty hot too… especially if it's audio of the two of you! One day, record one of your sex sessions (make sure you’re a little extra loud) and listen to it together while you both masturbate. The sounds will bring you back to a fun memory. Keeping your distance will be a challenge!

There are plenty of ways to enjoy masturbation – both alone and with a partner! So get together, get inspired and get busy.