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10 Things to Know About Teledildonic Toys (Including How to Use Them)

Published: MARCH 27, 2017 | Updated: JANUARY 11, 2019
New toys and technologies have finally made having virtual sex fully possible - and oh-so-pleasurable.

Have you ever looked back at what past generations thought our world would be like in the 21st century? There were fantastical visions of flying cars, hoverboards and robots galore! It was assumed we'd be in a technological future state that didn't remotely resemble the 20th century.


Now we're here ... and, sure, some things have definitely advanced. For one, we do have something resembling a hoverboard. We also have advanced telecommunications, handheld devices that connect us to anyone, anytime and more toys than you can imagine. So many toys!

Of course, with all great technological advances, sex quickly enters the equation and this has lead to the invention of a new breed of sex products: teledildonics, or sex toys that are controlled electronically via remote and potentially over the internet. Because of their futuristic appeal - and current potential - they are very hot right now.

However, because teledildonics is still relatively new, there is some confusion about what these toys are capable of bringing to you and your partners. Here are 10 interesting things you may not know.


The Toys Are Becoming Less Gendered

For years, the sex product market was dominated by toys meant to stimulate vulvas and vaginas - with a very heterosexual-leaning bias. Dildos and vibrators frequently featured phallic shapes that didn’t appeal to everyone looking to enjoy them. More recently, there has been an increase in the number of toys that pleasure penises, however, the same type of problem exists here, as these devices were often made to resemble vulvas and vaginas.

Along with the rise of more modern toys, however, design has also shifted toward omnisexual-looking sex toys. Teledildonics has embraced this style. Kiiroo’s Onyx and Pearl, for example, eschew traditional, gendered-sex toys in favor of a sleek and stylish design that speaks more to the growing sophistication of sexual pleasure.

The Premise Has Been Around Since the '70s

It may seem like teledildonics has just emerged on the sex toy scene. In fact, the premise - along with numerous design attempts - has been around for decades. In the 1970s, Dr. Ted Nelson envisioned a sex toy that used radio waves to send signals between devices. In his writings, "Computer Lib/Dream Machines," he coined the term “dildonics.”Rolling Stone even featured this idea!


Unfortunately, it took years for any further developments to happen. While computers advanced dramatically over the following decades, programmers focused more on advancing interactive porn over playthings. It wasn’t until virtual reality possibilities started picking up steam that teledildonics emerged again - this time with the technology to make it a reality.

The First Toy Using Teledildonics Was for ... Playstation?

Gaming and teledildonics go hand-in-hand (so many puns intended). Many of the technologies are the same and some overlap is bound to happen. So it might not be a surprise to learn that what might be the first teledildonic toy was actually introduced for Playstation to accompany the game Rez. The Trance Vibrator reacted to the sound of the game’s music with a strong vibration. Player one would control the action ... in more ways than one.

Trance Vibrator for Playstation


They Can Connect Directly to Porn and Cam Action

When we hear about exciting teledildonic advances, they are often couched in how beneficial the products will be for couples, particularly those who are separated by distance. But, whiles it's definitely great to stay in touch with your partner while they are visiting the in-laws or away on business, there is a different connection waiting to be had as well. Teledildonics allows you to connect to some of their favorite porn in a way that brings the action on the screen right into your lap. Specially-encoded videos, combined with a VR headset, will sync with your toy to bring you so close to the action that you will think you really are delivering an extra meat pizza!

Teledildonic Toys Are Great for Power Exchange Situations

One of the most intriguing possibilities you will have at your finger tips with teledildonics is the opportunity to explore power exchange with your partner - particularly delayed orgasm and orgasm denial. Because your toys are connected or one person holds the remote, someone can take the lead and guide the other to near heights of pleasure ... and then suddenly stop. You could explore casual and fun situations or establish a distinct Dominant/submissive scene incorporating punishment, humiliation and more. The key here is control and how you or your partner decide to wield it.

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These Toys Make Long Distances Feel Much Shorter

How many of us would be lost without our smartphones or our internet connections? So much of our lives is being transferred to an online portal these days. To support that growing need, telecommunications companies have poured significant resources into ensuring quality, high-speed connection. Teledildonics is taking full advantage of this opportunity. If you can be near WiFi, you can be near your partners.

Virtual Sex Is Very Safe Sex

It is going to be hard for any product to replace the feeling of intimate human touch, but there are some real benefits to getting it on over WiFi. Teledildonics can bring you and a partner together and provide fantastic sensation and stimulation - with about as much risk as not having sex at all. Just be sure to give your toy a thorough cleaning after you use it, as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

It Makes for One Sexy Video Call

One of the most natural pairings of technology and sex is the coupling of video conferencing and sex toys. People love to see who they’re having sex with, even if that person is thousands of miles away. And while their may have been lofty goals of teleconferencing connecting business and Skype connecting families, we can only assume that it took mere minutes for someone to get naked once this type of connection was made. Now that teledildonics can connect people even more intimately while they enjoy a face-to-face, those connections are even more personal. And because video connection technology and hardware is now so advanced, some companies are offering their own video players with their toys.


You Can Roleplay Together ... While Apart

Another sexy potential of teledildonics is the opportunity to explore role play with your partner - with the help of technology. For some, role play can be talking and making up great stories. Other folks incorporate clothing, sex toys and even more elaborate props. To take it to the next level, add some interactive toys into the mix and your role play can become a true adventure, particularly when you’re playing from afar. To get ideas, try reading erotica to your partner while simultaneously controlling their stimulation. Paint that picture with your words and let the toys play it out.

You Can Pair Interactive Sex Toys With Virtual Reality

The clear path for teledildonics moving forward is to enhance and better the technology’s potential with both synced adult entertainment content and real-time connection with a partner over distance. Of course, there are three factors at play to make teledildonics great: telecommunications technology, toy technology and content technology. And the good news is, all three are reaching advanced levels that will finally allow this extraordinary type of sex to go from serviceable to fantastic. We’ve had to play a waiting game for all of these factors at different times, but now they’re all coming together to make teledildonics viable and inviting. (You can check out a variety of VR sites and 3D gaming at

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