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10 New Sex Toys Released This Year That Make Awesome Gifts

Published: NOVEMBER 23, 2020 | Updated: DECEMBER 3, 2020
Whether you are looking for new sex toys for yourself or for a friend, these toys make a nice (and naughty) gift!

These hot sex toys were released in 2020 and would be that "perfect something" to give as a gift...or keep for yourself—no judgment!


We like to say these toys are the gift that keeps on giving!

XR Brands Thump-It

Have you ever tried a plug that thrusts itself? Yep, that's the Thump-It's claim to fame. Using its built-in kinetic technology, this butt plug gently thrusts itself in and out when inserted. As if that wasn't awesome enough (it totally, totally is), but this thrusting butt plug also comes with a wireless remote control to easily change the sensations. (Available in Medium or Large to match your needs!)

XR Brands Thump It: 10 New Sex Toys Released in 2020 That Make Awesome Gifts


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Lora DiCarlo Baci

You might toss your previous air suction vibrator to the side after trying Baci by Lora DiCarlo! Baci partners orgasmic airflow with biomimetic technology to pleasure the clitoris while its full-coverage, smooth ridges literally thrum against the vulva while you use it. Baci provides vulva-wide sensation with a special focus on providing orgasmic stimulation to the full body of the clitoris.


Its powerful airflow goes above-and-beyond a standard air suction vibe, its movements create gentle suction and light flicking sensations on your clitoris. Baci is completely designed to mimic oral stimulation from an attentive partner and bring you to an explosive climax! Baci is currently 20% Off at through December 6th.

Lora DiCarlo Baci: 10 New Sex Toys Released in 2020 That Make Awesome Gifts

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We-Vibe Nova 2

Constant clitoral contact with a rabbit vibrator? Oh yes, it's here, and it's amazing. Released late this year, this upgraded version offers everything the original Nova did - but with even more stand-out features to help you fall in love. Whisper quiet vibrations (no joke!) a fully adjustable g-spot shaft, multiple rumbly vibration motors, constant clitoral contact, Bluetooth compatibility, AND long-distance control options make the We-Vibe Nova 2 a rabbit vibe to pay attention to.


We-Vibe Nova 2: 10 New Sex Toys Released in 2020 That Make Awesome Gifts

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Tenga Spinner

One of the lowest priced items on this list, it'd be easy to skip over the Tenga Spinner, but we don't think you should! This penis masturbation sleeve is the winner of a Reddot Design Award for a reason. That spiral on the outside of the sleeve isn't purely decorative. In fact, with every up and down stroke of the toy, that built-in spiral causes the Tenga Spinner to literally spin around the penis. Partnered with the fully textured interior (including texture on the tip.) it makes for an ultra-orgasmic experience. Oh, you're going to love this one!

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Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo Lux

Orgasmic sensations - no erection required! One of the few penis vibrators on the market that doesn't require erection for use, the Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo Lux is a rechargeable, oscillating vibrator especially designed for the unique pleasure needs of a penis. Equipped with the award-winning "PulsePlate Technology" with piston-like oscillations, this "vibrator" goes above and beyond standard vibrations. Making it easy to control at the (literal!) press of a button, the wireless remote control for this vibe also doubles as a wrist-watch to ensure you have your hands-free for your other pleasure adventures.

Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo Lux: 10 New Sex Toys Released in 2020 That Make Awesome Gifts

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Dame Arc

Pleasurable g-spot stimulation with a toy that is as luxurious to look at as it feels to use. With a steeply-curved g-spot head and a rigid design that ensures constant contact with the g-spot, the Dame Arc is the company's first foray into g-spot toys. (Though the rest of their clit-focused line is definitely worth looking at!) As if that wasn't enough, the Dame Arc also adds vibrations for g-spot pleasure with its rechargeable design—fully equipped with a handy travel lock.

Dame Arc: 10 New Sex Toys Released in 2020 That Make Awesome Gifts

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Zumio X

Despite being designed especially for the clit, the Zumio doesn't do a lick of vibrating. Instead, this innovative toy relies on micro-rotations of the tip—up to 2mm. Placed against the clit, this micro-rotation offers a sensation that's similar to the strumming of a finger—and extremely, extremely intense! Instead of fiddling with buttons to control the intensity, the Zumio was specifically designed to be orgasmic, even at the lowest setting, and reduce the need to adjust the settings. To add more intensity, press the toy closer to the body, and to lower intensity, relieve pressure. It's just like your fingers!

Zumio: 10 New Sex Toys Released in 2020 That Make Awesome Gifts

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B-Vibe Textured Butt Plugs

Experience new orgasmic sensations! These Textured plugs are everything you love about B-Vibe butt plugs—but with a textured twist! Available in Small, Medium, or Large, each one of these plugs offers a unique texture in addition to the 6 patterns of enjoyable vibration. Added to the B-Vibe's easy-grip plug base that's designed for long-term wear, the Textured Butt Plugs are going to up the intensity of your anal pleasure sessions.

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Fun Factory Be One

A vibrator that seamlessly integrates into your sex life. This "hands-free" solution slips between your fingers (and stays there!) as an additional digit that provides a whole lot of pleasure. Equipped with two motors to ensure this small vibrator puts out big vibrations, this vibrator makes an excellent all-purpose vibrator. Its slim size can go anywhere with ease! As an additional bonus, the Be One is equipped with "flirt" mode. Unlike anything we've seen before, "flirt" mode is a full five-minute pattern with constant subtle changes in vibrations to keep things feeling new every second of the pleasure!

Fun Factory Be One: 10 New Sex Toys Released in 2020 That Make Awesome Gifts

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KIIROO Onyx+ Sleeve

KIIROO isn't resting on their laurels. Making constant improvements and changes to their VR-capable sex toys, the Onyx+ Sleeve is the latest iteration of their flagship effort-free masturbation sleeve. Slide the Onyx+ onto the penis and lay back as its 10 contracting rings move up and down to simulate sex. That's pretty awesome on its own, but KIIROO's claim to fame is all in their teledildonics. Synchronize the Onyx+ to VR-enabled porn, regular cam sites, interactive cam sites, or another KIIROO device for a whole world of virtual pleasure along with the physical one!

KIIROO Onyx+ Sleeve: 10 New Sex Toys Released in 2020 That Make Awesome Gifts

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