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Top Sex Educators to Follow on Twitter

Published: AUGUST 3, 2018 | Updated: AUGUST 30, 2018
Our favorite sex educators' feeds are diverse, but what they have in common is that they're all awesome!

The internet was conceived as a place for free discourse, but if you're talking sex, options are still somewhat limited. Facebook's opaque policies on what constitutes "objectionable" content is nearly impossible to pin down, while sites like Instagram ban all kinds of sexual content (or ... at least nipples) altogether. And then there's Twitter. While there have been some allegations of Twitter "shadowbanning" those who post sexual content, the platform still provides a lot more freedom when it come to talking about (and displaying) sexual content. So, we pulled together a list of the top sex educators and experts to follow. These feeds (and those who run them) are diverse, but we chose them based on content, reach and impact. What they have in common is that they're fun, educational and just plain awesome. Follow them all!


We've done our darndest with this list ... but we're only human. Did we miss someone? Let us know!

Ava Cadell


This author and educator is so into sex ed, she founded an online university to help train others to become relationship coaches or sexperts. Follow this feed for sex and sexual health tips, as well as a few fun throwback images from her days as an actress and model.


Carol Queen


This author, editor and activist has Ph.D. in sexology. If you're looking for a feed that's thoughtful, feminist, impassioned and on-point, this is the feed for you.


Dan Savage


The host of the very popular Savage Love podcast dishes out similar advice on Twitter.


Dawn Serra


This sex and relationship coach calls herself a "mythbuster of all the stories that keep us swimming in shame." Follow this feed for self-love, sex ed and and sex-positive sass.


Ducky Doolittle


As sex toy industry veteran, Ducky is well-loved and well-respect across the web as a sex educator. She's also insightful, funny and runs a feed chock-full of delightful tidbits.


Elle Chase


This sex educator preaches body positivity and her feed is focused around how to get down with your very sexy self.

Emily Morse


This doctor of human sexuality flexes her sex education muscles in her top-rate podcast, Sex With Emily. Her feed is full of awesome resources, friends and fun!

Emily Nagoski


This best-selling author and educator's feed is filled with great links, resources and tips, along with a strong does of compassion. Oh, and puppies.

Ericka Hart


This activist and educator has a master's degree in human sexuality - and a feed that's feisty and inspiring all at once.

Gigi Engle


This writer and certified sex coach/sex educator has lots of great writing to share - and more. Her tweets are a mix of personal, professional and irreverent.

Hannah Witton


This young sex ed celebrity opened up some great conversations for young people in her very popular YouTube videos. Her forthright feed does the same.



This author and sexologist mostly tweets the goods: tips for how to have better sex.

Jess O'Reilly


"Dr. Jess" is a sexologist, author, researcher and celebrity educator. Her feed is full of sex tips and links to awesome articles and resources.

Joan Price


This top sex educator and author is focused on senior sex and how older adults can have the best sex of their lives. Her feed provides plenty of fun for all ages, though.

JoEllen Notte


This sex educator is also a blogger, sex toy tester and mental health advocate. This feed is feisty, funny and suffused with empathy.

Justin Lehmiller


This sex researcher's feed is fascinating! Whether you're a sex geek or just a healthy curiosity about why people like what they do, you will love this feed.

Kim Anami


This sex coach leans toward the spiritual side of sex. If you're into sexual energy and exploring the intersection between sex and spirit, this is the feed for you.

Laura Berman


Dr. Laura is a widely known sex educator, but Twitter feed shows a more reflective side than you're likely to see on TV, plus lots of great links to her podcast and other resources.

Lindse Doe


This doctor of human sexuality and clinical sexologist is well-loved online for her fun, playful sex education videos, Sexplanations. This feed will keep you abreast of her playlist, but is chock-full of other thoughtful tidbits, polls and resources.

Marty Klein


This sex-positive couples' therapist tweets about sex science and delivers a dose of sanity to trending sex topics in the media.

Nadine Thornhill


This sex educator focuses on childhood sex ed. If you're thinking about what that should look like or how to talk to your own kids about it, this is the feed to follow.

Patti Britton


Ruth Westheimer


"Dr Ruth" is a longtime legend when it comes to sex ed and she's still going strong (at 90 years old!)

Sex Nerd Sandra


The well-loved podcast host also slings her brand of sex ed on Twitter. Following is enlightening - and a whole lot of fun.

Sunny Megatron


This sex educator and media personality keeps her feed stocked with new podcast episodes and media appearances, along with interesting posts from her life as an educator.

Sunny Rodgers


This clinical sexologist and certified sex coach has some serious credentials, but her tweets keep things light - and remind us that sex is supposed to be fun!

Suzannah Weiss


This accomplished sex writer posts plenty of good reads, but has recently moved into teaching live sex ed at

Tracey Cox


This author and international sex and relationship expert's feed is chock-full of her signature sex tips, making it a must-follow.

Trina Read

This Canadian sexologist also provides media and marketing services for the adult industry. How cool is that? Her feed is a fun mix of sex education and business.

Tristan Taormino


This feed is a fun mix of personal, professional and political from an author, educator and feminist pornographer.

Tyomi Morgan

This feed is H-O-T. It includes empowering messages, sex position demos and links back to great educational content.

Zhana Vrangalova


This sex researcher and professor of human sexuality has a fascinating feed is full of sex ed, links to sex research and first-person stories collected about people's casual sex experiences.

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