Top 3 Tips for Beginners Role Play

by Kinkly
Published: JANUARY 19, 2015 | Updated: DECEMBER 13, 2023
Top 3 tips for role play virgins.

There are so many sexy costumes out there, and they’re not just for Halloween. Dressing up and role playing in the bedroom is a very popular couples past time. Many common fantasies include nurse/patient, maid/homeowner, mechanic and sexy car owner. The list is plentiful. While many couples use this type of foreplay every day, it may seem scary for some.


If you never excelled in drama class, this type of foreplay may seem daunting to you. How do you get into the role of your character when you can clearly see it’s your husband or boyfriend sitting in front of you? You don’t want to look stupid, right?

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Getting into Character

Getting into character in front of your partner should be easy - you’re comfortable around him, right? But you’re comfortable being you, not an English maid. It’s not as hard as you think, and the whole experience can really be quite arousing if you just let go. Here are some tips on how to own your first role play experience:


  1. Start off Simple

    It may feel awkward for you coming into your own bedroom and addressing your partner as Mr. Howards, asking him how he’d like his sheets washed. Instead, find a role-play that’s a little easier on you. Start with something like a hooker. Wear a very sexy dress, and ask your man if he’d like to have a good time tonight. The line is probably not far from something you’ve said in the past, which will make it feel more natural to you. This time, however, try to throw in a few extra lines like What would you like me to do for you? and quote him prices. The sex will remain similar to normal, so it won’t be a huge jump into foreign territory. It is also a good idea to try your first role play in your own home. Changing too many variables at once can lead to a nerve racking experience, rather than a steamy one.

  2. Feel Sexy

    When you’re ready to try something a bit more dramatic, make sure you feel sexy. The key to a great role play is confidence in your role. If you want to buy a costume, make sure it fits, and try it on well before you plan to wear it for your partner. Walk around the house in it. Practice your role even. Just get used to the way you feel and look in the outfit. That way you’ll be able to picture it properly when you’re in front of your partner. If you've had a conversation with your partner about what fantasies turn him on, you'll be confident that you're fulfilling a fantasy and feel in control rather than guessing if he likes it or not. Own your role and you'll have him wrapped around your finger.

  3. Ask Him for Input

    Rather than spring the role play on your partner, you're better off to have a basic plan going into it the first couple of times. You can start by asking what some of his fantasies are. Scripting the whole scenario isn't necessary, but having both partners aware of the basic premise makes beginners role play a lot easier. The hardest part is usually finding the dialogue. You may feel silly making things up, so in the conversation about the basic plan ask your partner what he thinks are some things you should say. Particularly if this is his fantasy you’re fulfilling, he’ll have plenty of lines he’s imagined when he’s fantasized about this exact scenario, so don’t be afraid to ask him. He’ll get the fantasy he’s always imagined, and you won’t feel stupid making up the dialogue. Once you’ve done a couple role-plays, you’ll realize just how much fun they can be, and you won’t need your partners help with the dialogue anymore (unless he has some special requests, of course).


In the beginning, role play can feel weird and unnatural, but the more you practice, the more you'll see that it can be the best way to keep things new and exciting. Yes, you're going to break character; yes, you're going to find you like some scenarios more than others. Like anything else, dont let one poor experience keep you from trying again. Talk to your partner after the experience and share what you did and didnot like and the second time around will be even better.

Remember, confidence is key. If you're nervous in the beginning, fake it 'til you make it - he'll probably be so distracted by what you're wearing, or not wearing, to notice your role play jitters.


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