Top 10 Sexy Scenes from Horror Movies

Published: OCTOBER 31, 2014
Spice things up this Halloween and explore the line between scary and arousing - with these sexy films.
It's October, which means horror is on everybody's mind. Many people don't think of horror movies as a go-to for hot sex scenes, but hardcore horror fans know that plenty of their favourite movies have super hot sex. After all, what is it that causes the protagonist's girlfriend to venture through the woods to a deserted cabin? Pursuit of sex, of course! It's true that our natural drive to seek out sexual pleasure can have horrific consequences—so it naturally follows that there's a plethora of hot and sexy scenes to be found in horror films, past and present.

The Hunger (1983)

You can't compile a list like this without mentioning what many consider the hottest horror film of all time. David Bowie has some pretty hot sex in The Hunger. But the scene that people are still talking about decades later is between Susan Sarandon and Catherine Deneuve. You can always tell the mark of a lasting sex scene when everyone involved gets hate mail. (Looking for more sexy ladies on screen? Check out 6 Classic Sex Symbols to Be Inspired By).

Dellamorte Dellamore (1994)

Cemetery Man is a much lauded, under-the-radar film detailing the life of a graveyard caretaker. While Cemetery Man is, for the most part, about people having relationships with zombies—the scene between Francesco and a comely widow is as hot as it is beautifully shot.

Cat People (1982)

I refer to the remake here, with Nastassja Kinski and Malcolm McDowell. Once you get past the incest, bestiality, and brutality, well…I guess it's not for everyone. But Cat People still comes in high on the list of hottest horror movies.

Hostel (2005)

This is one of those ultra-violent horror movies that is certainly not to everyone's taste. The beginning of the film, however, shows the romping of three world travelers as they seek out strippers, hookers, and rampant sex. When Josh, recently dumped and feeling hopeless, gets it on with his sexy hostel roommate, we're pleased (and titillated) to see him finally enjoying himself.

Monkey Shines (1988)

This little-known Romero gem is noteworthy for its rare depiction of handicapped sex. Most of the movie is about a man who gets paralyzed from the neck down, and his relationship with his helper monkey. But his wild and graphic sex scene with Linda, his physical therapist, is easily the hottest handicapped sex ever put on film.

Okay, we're halfway through the list, and I feel obligated to pause and mention three scenes that aren't technically sex scenes—but that feature memorable moments of erotic dancing. Wicker Man (1973) features a perplexing and oddly arousing musical-strip number performed for no apparent reason. Seriously, try to name another film where a chick suddenly disrobes and bursts into song. Fright Night (1985) features a racy scene where a very old vampire puts the moves on a high school girl in the middle of a crowded club. Return of the Living Dead (1985) is not a sexy movie per se—zombie films seldom are. But Trash (yes, that's the name of the character) is prone to taking off her clothes and dancing with wild abandon. 80's kids likely remember this as a fun, hot little scene that takes place just before the carnage begins.

Interview with the Vampire (1994)

From their nocturnal habits to their penchant for biting others' necks, vampires are some of the sexiest horror genre characters. While Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt weren't technically getting it on in this film, it does contain an extended neck-biting scene that's pretty damn hot. Personally, I could watch Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt go to town on each other all day long. But perhaps that's TMI.

Embrace of the Vampire (1995)

Again with the vampires! There's something a little creepy about being sexually attracted to people you watched on TV as a tiny kid. Still, fans can't get enough of naked Alyssa Milano in this otherwise sub-par film. (Read more about the sex appeal of the vampire in Vampire Bites: The Other Penetrative Sex Act).

The Howling (1981)

This movie made its debut during the big 80's werewolf boom, and stands out as being the best amongst them. At one point, the husband of the main character decides to tryst with the local werewolf nymphomaniac—with sexy results. That is, if you think seeing someone transform into a wolf during sex is hot—and I have to admit that I kind of do.

Gothic (1986)

This is a beautiful film for many reasons, not least of which are some titillating sex scenes. In addition to the scene in which Gabriel Byrne and Julian Sands make out with one another, there's a hot little orgy that features all four main cast members —including Natasha Richardson and Myriam Cyr. Literature fans in particular should add this film to their "must watch" list.

Crimes of Passion (1984)

This is an odd little film, which is what one should expect from director Ken Russell. While much of the sex in this movie is more funny than hot, the scene where Joanna (Kathleen Turner) brings Bobby (John Laughlin) to a sexual reawakening—much of it taking place in shadow — is pretty dang hot.

As for some honorable mentions...

The non-violent 3-way during American Psycho (2000) is more hilarious than it is hot, but it's hard to deny the appeal of a naked Christian Bale. It's not quite a horror movie, but the opening sex scene in Basic Instinct is damn sexy, at least until the stabbing starts. Angel Heart (1987) is mostly remembered as the film that took Lisa Bonet's innocence, due to the animalistic sex scene between her and Mickey Rourke. And finally, men can't seem to shut up about naked Natassia Henstridge in Species (1995). Aliens don't do much for me personally, but I can see the appeal.

With this list at hand, why not stay in this Halloween? Want to have a night full of thrills, chills and sweets? Tailor your costume to the film of your choice and you might not even have to say "trick or treat"!
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