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Top 10 Most Unheard-Of Fetishes

by Kinkly
Published: JANUARY 8, 2015 | Updated: JANUARY 9, 2015
Top 10 fetishes you didn't know existed.

  1. Agalmatophilia

    This sexual fetish is all about fake plastic love. Agalmatophilia involves those who are sexually aroused by or interested in mannequins or have a preference for dolls or mannequins over real-life sexual partners. Have you seen "Lars and the Real Girl"? I mean, what’s not to like? Perfect body, low maintenance, and you don’t even have to worry if the other person came or not. In a society that places so much emphasis on being perfect, this fetish doesn't seem like such an unreasonable way to attain that perfect partner without actually having to deal with another person and all their insecurities.


  • Melolangnia

    If you’re really into music, you probably know that euphoric feeling you get when you listen to your favorite tune. The goosebumps, the chill you get down your spine, the arousal in your pants. Wait. What? Melolangnia is a sexual arousal derived from listening to music. Art can inspire some pretty intense feeling and emotion if you open yourself up to it, so it's not too hard to see how music can rev up your sexual engine. I mean, there are hundreds of songs about sex. Why wouldn't these tunes inspire an erection?

  • Yeastiality

    With gluten free living being so popular as of late, it’s hard to imagine this fetish is hanging in there. Yeastiality is a fetish that involves a sexual arousal by dough or bread. This can include any type of pastry or baked good For some, the fetish hinges on the yeast itself, so individuals with this fetish may even be attracted to partners with yeast infections.

  • Frotteurism

    You’ve probably been in a crowded place before in your life, whether it be at a concert or sporting event, or some other public event. You’ve probably been very close, too close, to a stranger. For you, it might have been uncomfortable or awkward. Unless, of course, you have a fetish for frotting. Frotting is a sexual fetish where the fetishist is sexually aroused by or interested in rubbing his or her genitals on unsuspecting strangers in public places. Have you ever had someone accidentally brush up against you? Maybe it was an accident. Then again, maybe it wasn't...

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  • Forniphilia

    You may or may not have asked your partner to hold your coat or purse before, essentially using him or her as a coat rack. But what about using your partner as a coffee table? A towel rack? An ottoman? For some people, this is funny or entertaining, but, for some, it is a real turn on. Maybe it stems from the sheer discipline or muscle control required to hold a position for hours at a time, or maybe it is the ability to keep a straight face while pretending to be a sofa, but the bottom line is that for the forniphiliac nothing could be sexier. Those who have a forniphilia fetish are sexually aroused by seeing people act as furniture. Taken to the extreme, the human piece of furniture is tightly bound, ensuring that they maintain their form for extended periods of time. This practice is often used in BDSM play.

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  • Emetophilia

    Typically, when your date begins to vomit, it can be a real mood killer. Most people find the act of throwing up to be about as attractive as explosive diarrhea, but for the emetophiliac, vomiting might be the hottest thing that a date could do. Some might call it weird, some might recognize the appreciation of the way the sweat glistens on the pale forehead of someone who has recently vomited. A vomit fetish can hinge on a variety of vomit related things, such as the texture of vomit, the smell, or the noise associated with vomiting. Anything vomit related is fair game.

  • Klismaphilia

    We’ve heard that there are hidden G-spots somewhere beyond the walls of the anus. The prostate can stimulate powerful orgasms and all it takes is opening the back door. Sometimes things or procedures that we think or expect to be awful end up being quite enjoyable. No doubt many klismaphiliacs felt this way the first time they had to receive an enema. Klismaphilia is the sexual fetish that involves sexual arousal derived from recieveing an enema. Typically, it is the feeling of the pressure that is what arouses the individual. Though it is usually the feeling of the enema that arouses the fetishist, individuals often experiment with different liquids during this practice.

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  • Salirophilia

    Ever wonder what people mean when they say a "hot mess"? Some people really like the disheveled look. Smeared makeup and torn clothing can be attractive in a Miley Cyrus sort of way. Hey, this is basically what Perez Hilton does for a living. Maybe he's a bully, or maybe he's got a salirophilia fetish. Salirophilia involves making something attractive into something unattractive and dirty, which, ironically, turns it into something all the more attractive because it is defaced. This can involve defacing images, or people in the flesh, tearing clothing, smearing someone with dirt or other products to dishevel them. To be fair, this fetish does not involve aggression, it merely hinges on making something that is suppposed to be attractive seemingly unattractive.

  • Dacryphilia

    Have you ever known someone who would be mean, it seemed, on purpose? You were convinced that they were actively trying to make you cry? Perhaps they were a dacryphiliac. Dacryphilia is a fetish for tears. Whether they are tears of pain, tears of joy, or tears of rage may not matter to this type of fetishist, as long as those salty streams are glistening from the corners of your eyes, you're the object of desire. For some, seeing other people cry is off-putting, and illicits awkwardness. For others, though, tears represent a physical manifestation of pure emotion, which, when you think about it, can be quite a beautiful thing. Tears come from sadness, hapiness, anger, and are usually indicitave of a strong feeling or emotion. When you look at it that way, dacryphilia just might be the most pure appreciation of human emotion there is.

  • Formicophilia

    Have you ever watched "Fear Factor"? Have you ever seen the episodes where they make the person sit in a tub filled with some kind of creepy crawly? Gives you the shivers just thinking about it, doesn't it? Unless, of course, you have a formicophilia fetish. Formicophiliacs are aroused by having small insects crawl on them and nibble on their private areas. Who knows, maybe once you let go of that horror you feel when something's crawling up your leg, it can actually feel quite nice.

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