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The Best Sex Positions For Quickies

Published: FEBRUARY 7, 2023 | Updated: MAY 15, 2024
Quickies are all about getting your pleasure done as quickly as possible, which might require some pre-planning and some special positions to go off flawlessly. These positions are for just that -- because we want everyone to come away satisfied!

Short on time? That doesn't mean you have to be short on sex!


Quickies are the magical word for those ultra-fast, ultra-efficient sex sessions you have. Whether you're drowning in "gotta have it now" vibes or simply have an appointment in 40 minutes, quickies condense everything you love about sex into a short, time-friendly burst.

And I'm totally here for it!

While I wouldn't want to exclusively experience quickies for the rest of my life, the change in pace can make for an erotic, wild ride. Plus, most quickies also have the benefit of a change in location. After all, if you only have 20 minutes to make it happen, you might not have the time to locate the nearest bedroom.


Does that sound erotic for you? Good! Join me as we go through some of these hot sex positions that are perfect for your next quickie.

Quickie Desk Sex Positions

What is it about office spaces? There's something undeniably hot about taking a space meant for super-serious "work" and turning it into a sexual playground. Just make sure to be cognizant of anyone who might discover your daytime dalliance -- and make sure you aren't in a webcam meeting!

Try these positions:


1. The Desk Domination Position

Desk Domination Position. The receiving partner lays down flat on a desk with their hips at the edge of the desk. The penetrating partner stands between the receiving partner's thighs and pushes inside.

The Desk Domination position is an easy way to put that desk to use for more than work. It requires a desk that's about the height of the penetrating partner's crotch, but the penetrating partner can lean forward (or stand more upright) to help adjust where their hips fall. Just remember to clear off a space on your desk first!

2. The Perch Position

The Perch Position. The penetrating partner sits on a chair or other flat surface. The receiving partner backs up onto the penetrating partner's penis. The receiving partner then leans back into their partner's chest.

Put your office chair to good use with the Perch position. It lets the receiving partner control the speed and depth of penetration while making an ultra-hot position for "interrupting" the penetrating partner mid-work.

If your chair has wheels, make sure to push it against the wall first for stability!


3. The Spear Tackle Position

Spear Tackle Position. The receiving partner lays face-down on top of a sturdy table. The penetrating partner climbs up, spreads their legs on either side of the receiving partner's legs, and penetrates.

If you have one of those expensive, sturdy desks that requires a team of people to move, the Spear Tackle position can be a good way to make it yours. Requiring a desk that can support both of your body weight, the Spear Tackle has you both climbing on top of the desk for a from-behind, flat position that feels familiar and simultaneously taboo.

Quickie Sex Positions for your Couch

Did your latest TV binge leave you a bit amorous before bed -- but you have an early morning appointment? Maybe you're about to walk out the door and the couch is the closest thing to you. These sex positions will have you looking differently at your couch:

1. The Love Seat Position

Love Set Sex Position: The receiving partner sits on the penetrating partner's lap, facing them, with their legs bent. The penetrating partner sits with their back to a chair or sofa.

The Love Seat position puts the two of you face-to-face -- perfect for the overwhelming arousal that was the reason for this quickie. Simultaneously make out and up the heat factor to bring both of you to a satisfying finish.


With the ultra-close positioning and grinding motion that feels second nature in this position, it's a perfect pair for a vibrating cock ring like the Fun Factory NOS or Tantus Vibrating Supersoft Ring or a couple's vibrator like the Vibrating Girth Enhancer Extension or We-Vibe Chorus to help both of you have an amazing time.

2. The Over the Edge Position

There's nothing like being bent over the arm of a couch to scream "gotta have it now". Make it happen with the Over the Edge Position. Especially if the two of you are in a power exchange relationship -- or simply enough rough sex, everything about the Over the Edge position puts you in position to have an amazing time.

3. The Take it For a Ride Position

Take It for a Ride sex position. The penetrating partner is laying with their head on one side of the couch and their legs hanging off the opposite side of the couch with their feet flat on the floor. The receiving partner is straddling the penetrating partner's hips for penetration.

Get straight into business with the Take It For a Ride position. The penetrating partner simply lays down while the receiving partner climbs on top. As this position can strain both partner's legs, it really lends itself well to quickies.Get in, get out, and have a great time!


The Take It For a Ride position even works if you have a short loveseat.

Quickie Sex Positions for the Closet

Damn, you're adventurous! If you find yourself snuggled in a back storage room or coat closet, these standing positions can help you pull off intercourse.

1. The Ballet Dancer Position

Ballet Dancer Position. Both partners stand facing one another. The receiving partner lifts their legs, and the penetrating partner helps hold the thigh in the air while they slide inside.

The Ballet Dancer position might be one of your first go-to options. It leaves both partners standing, requires minimal strength, and puts you both face-to-face. It does require a bit of balance on the receiver's part, and some people will find that their hips don't line up properly for intercourse. But if you're lucky enough to be a fit, this position can be done in almost any tiny space in seconds.

2. The Crouching Tiger Position

diagram of the crouching tiger sex position - the receiving partner stands with their legs spread apart and bends at the wais and is penetrated from behind

If you have a bit more space, the Crouching Tiger position might be your next go-to. This puts the receiving partner hinging over at the waist. This bent-over movement allows the receiver to spread -- or close -- their legs as needed to get their hips at the right angle for penetration.

If possible, look for a chair or other sturdy surface for the receiver to rest their upper body on for something similar to the Eiffel Tower position. This can reduce the stretch needed.

3. The Standing Missionary Position

Standing Missionary Sex Position: The penetrating partner stands upright holding the receiving partner by the lower back. The receiving partner faces the penetrating partner with their legs wrapped around the penetrating partner's hips.

Ahhh, Standing Missionary: the sex position you've seen in, quite literally, every closet sex movie scene imaginable. Honestly, though, that's because it works.

Neither of you have to touch too many of the surfaces in the questionable closet, and it can have that primal, passionate feel to it. Try to press the receiver up against a sturdy ledge, furniture, or the wall to reduce the strength required for this one.

Quickie Sex Positions in your Car

Cars happen to be a common space for quickies. They can be parked in private areas, offer a bit of privacy from the public world outside, and can be climate controlled during the sweltering (or shivering!) months. Just remember to pack spare clothing, a towel, or a sex blanket to protect the upholstery if you're not looking for a cleaning bill!

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1. The Pit Stop Pleasure Position

Pit Stop Pleasure Position: Two partners having penetrative sex on the back seat of a car. The receiving partner is on their forearms and knees for balance, while the penetrating partner kneels behind them for penetration.

Pit Stop Pleasure is a car-focused version of the Backdoor position. As it utilizes a familiar position (doggy style!), it can be easy to get into it on the fly -- which can be important if you're both running short on time. The biggest limiting factor with Pit Stop Pleasure will be your vehicle and how you both fit inside of it.

2. The Oral Pleasures Position

Oral Pleasures position. Both partners are in the backseat of a car. The receiving partner is laying down on their back while the giving partner kneels between their thighs to give oral sex. The receiving partner's legs rest on top of the giver's upper back.

Tiny car that isn't working right for intercourse? Consider oral sex instead! There's no rulebook that says your quickie has to be intercourse-focused. In fact, we'd recommend expanding your definition a bit to ensure everyone always has a great time -- even if there isn't time for foreplay ahead of time. You both can take turns getting and receiving oral in the Oral Pleasures position or take it to a 69 variant for simultaneous enjoyment that's more time efficient.

3. The Film and Flutter Position

The Film and Flutter Sex Position: Two partners sitting side-by-side on a couch. The partner on the right leans over to orally pleasure the partner on the left.

Pretend this illustration is showcasing the driver's seat and passenger's seat, and you can instantly see the utilization for quickies in your car. Simply park your car, throw on the e-brake, and you can get straight to the pleasure.

The Film and Flutter sex position even makes space for hands-free vibrators (like the Orion VibePad 2, Lovense Lush 3, Hot Octopuss Jett or Wild Flower Enby 2) to help ensure both partners are having a great time. If you prefer, feel free to use larger sex toys -- like wand massagers -- with all of the free hands available.

Pool Quickie Sex Positions

I can't imagine pulling off a quickie at your local pool, so let's assume you're one of those ultra-lucky folks with their own private pool. Pull off these sex position quickies late at night so your peeping neighbors can't look over the fence:

1. The Bench Player Position

The penetrating partner is laid out on top of a long, deck lounge chair. The receiving partner squats on top of the penetrating partner's lap while leaning forward.

The Bench Player position puts that poolside adjustable deck chair to good use. This sex position folds the receiving partner up for easy g-spot and p-spot access while providing a hot visual for the penetrating partner.

2. The Deckchair Position

The Deckchair Position: The penetrating partner sits on their hips while leaning back to support themselves with their arms. The receiving partner lies flat on their back with their legs overtop of each of the penetrating partner's shoulders for penetration.

If your deck chair is too wide for the receiver to straddle, the Deckchair position can be a lifesaver. Simply flip the receiver partner onto their back to share the lounging space with hips aligned. This position makes for shallow movements, but it offers all the space in the world for the receiving partner to use a sex toy to ensure both partners have an amazing quickie.

Fast Sex Positions for the Bed

Not all quickies are going to take place in exotic locations. Sometimes you simply need to get things done -- and fast -- in the comfort of your own bedroom. These bedroom quickie sex positions are easy to get in and out of:

1. The Stand Down Position

Stand down boy position - the receive bends over on the edge of the bed, feet and shins hanging off it, the giver stands against it and thrusts

The Stand Down position is a from-behind position that uses the bed to prop the receiving partner up at the perfect height. The receiver simply knees on the bed, and the penetrating partner stands behind them. Get in, get out, have a great time!

2. The Missionary Position

The Missionary Position: The receiving partner lies flat on their back while the penetrating partner lies on top of them to slide inside.

Missionary? Really? Yes, really!

It's familiar to almost every couple out there, doesn't require too much strain from either partner and it lets you go as hot and heavy as you want without worrying too much about the balance, flexibility, or strength required by exotic sex positions.

As the position may not make for much sensation to the receiver's clitoris or penis, though, make sure you provide some extra stimulation before, during, or after to ensure you both have a fantastic time!

3. The Standing Oral Position

The Standing Oral Position: The receiving partner stands with one foot propped up on a flat surface such as a table or couch. The giving partner sits between their legs to pleasure them orally.

Is one person turned on but the other isn't feeling it? The Standing Oral Sex Position is pretty much the perfect fit.

One person props their leg up onto the bed (or anything, really!) while the other sits comfortably on the floor to give oral sex. All-in-all, you can get in this position within 30 seconds -- and either partner has their hands free to hold a sex toy (like a clitoral vibrator or penis stroker!) to help get the receiving partner to orgasm as quickly as possible.

Final Quickie Tips

Now that you're all inspired with sex positions, I want to make sure you're ready for your quickie.

For that, I'd recommend:

1. Foreplay Ahead of Time

Quickies rarely leave much time for foreplay. After all, to make it "quick," something has to be cut out of the usual activity, and in most cases, a good chunk of foreplay gets cut.

This isn't, necessarily, a bad thing if you both are already rarin' to get and ultra-turned-on.

But in order to reach that state before you dive into the quickie, you need to prepare ahead of time. Does this include lots of flirting? Some sexting? Sneaking looks at porn on your phone? Maybe it even entails a bit of solo masturbation before the two of you meet up.

Whatever -- and however -- you can incorporate it, a little foreplay never hurt anyone.

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2. Pack a Quickie Kit

What do you need to have on-hand to have sex? For most people, this will probably look like some lube and safer sex items. You might also want other accessories like a small hand towel, body cleansing wipes, after-sex Dripsticks, and maybe a disposable bag to easily get rid of used items.

Remember: Keep your kit as lightweight as possible. The goal of your quickie kit is to always have it when you might need it; if you make it too large or heavy, you won't carry it around as readily -- which defeats the point!

Kama Sutra Set-To-Go Kits in Get Wet. The box is a sky blue. | Kinkly Shop

This might mean carrying one or two condoms instead of the whole box -- or picking up a lube sample pack instead of carrying around a full-sized bottle.

Don't fret about packing light; you can refill your quickie kit at any point!

3. Consider Portable Sex Toys

If you don't know where or when your quickie will strike (and I'm totally jealous of your sex life), consider keeping some portable sex toys within your quickie kit. Go for small toys that can easily provide pleasure without adding a ton of weight to your kit. We're talking bullet vibrators and penis strokers like the:

You could even toss a slender plug in there, like the Fun Factory Bootie or b-Vibe Snug Plugs, for good measure.


Quickies are all about getting your pleasure done as quickly as possible. In many cases, that might be in an unusual location like a car, your office, or the kitchen. Both of those reasons contribute to why quickies can be so hot -- but they also require a bit of pre-planning and some special positions to go off flawlessly. The positions outlined above are for just that.

After all, we want everyone to come away from your quickie feeling as satisfied as possible!

Mistress Kay

Mistress Kay has a fondness for all things sexual. With a house that's quickly running out of room for all of her reading and vibrating pleasures, she spends her free time reading, writing, and learning about the sexual universe with her partners. She can be reached at Kinky World.

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