The All-Time Best Condom Ads From Around the World

Published: OCTOBER 19, 2015
Safe sex is no joke - but the ads for condoms certainly can be.

It's not exactly a secret that the United States can be prudish when it comes to sex talk on TV. To hear some tell it, absolutely everything must be child-appropriate and serious topics must always be handled seriously. Not so in most of the world. Which is kind of a shame, because if you live in the United States, you might missing out on some excellent condom advertisements. Lucky for you, I've dug out some of the best condom ads from around the world. In addition to delivering a few laughs, they also showcase the music, mores and sexual humor of the countries where they're aired. Some of these are actual commercials, while others are public service announcements touting the importance of condom use. Either way, they are a fun way to sell condoms - and promote safer sex.


Durex Condoms: United Sates

Even though this animated ad won a Clio award in 2009, it was banned in many markets. Presumably, some people couldn't handle the animal rutting, rampant 69ing, and what appears to be a gender fluid three-way. Animation is by Superfad, and sound design by Grammercy Post.


Greek Condom Ad (in English)

I'm sad to say that there is little info available on this spot on how important it is to wear condoms. There doesn't seem to be a specific brand of condoms at play here. The important thing is that this whole family seems intent on making sure the condom is worn. How supportive! This spot was dubbed into English by YouTuber "debat."

Josh Condoms: Pakistan

We may think of Pakistan as being sexually repressed, but I have to wonder whether or not this ad for Josh condoms would have caused a stir if used in America. The main guy finds pleasure in everything - especially these high-quality, imported condoms.

MOODS Condoms: India

I've never been a big fan of flavored condoms, mainly because they don't taste very good. The ladies in this flavored condom spot from India disagree … strenuously, I think. It seems even real foods pale in comparison to these yummy prophylactics. The wild music in this ad is just a bonus.


Four Seasons Condoms: Australia

I imagine that for a commercial to be banned in Aussie-land, it must be on the extreme side. I was right. This uproarious ad features a couple in a drug store trying on a variety of condoms, chatting on the phone, and noticing sale items. Sadly, we can't see whether the condom actually does bring out his eyes …

Durex Condoms: India

Not familiar with Hindi movie star Ranveer Singh? Well, you should know that his being in a condom ad would be equivalent to someone like George Clooney or Matt Damon dancing around singing about the wonders of sex with Trojan Enz. This is a flashy, danceable condom ad that makes me wish Tom Cruise would hype condoms here in America.


The Penis Story: France

This witty French spot explains why wearing a condom can make you the most popular guy around. Not sure how accurate that is, but it's definitely an entertaining concept. Splendid animation that's NSFW.

Skin Skin: Argentina

This non-English ad doesn't have subtitles, but I really don't think anyone will need them. Girl smartly doesn't want sex without a condom, boy has condom, and parents walk in. Boy pretends condom is bubblegum - going so far as to blow a bubble that clearly shows the reservoir tip. That's commitment to a bit, right there.

Condoms, It's OK: India

India is one of those places where openly talking about sex is considered unseemly. So, how can social services impress upon people the importance of condom use? By making riotous ads like this one.


Zazoo Condoms: France

All disease talk aside, some would say that the most vital aspect of condoms is pregnancy prevention. I imagine this guy would agree in this commercial featuring one of the loudest and most irritating kids I've ever seen. Buying condoms instead of sweets is clearly the winning choice.

There are no doubt more scintillating and jocular condom ads out there in the world. Why not post your fave in the comments?

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