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Super O: What Is It and How Can I Have One?

Published: NOVEMBER 26, 2019 | Updated: AUGUST 29, 2021
With the right know-how, and the perfect tool, Super Orgasms can be yours!

There are orgasms and then there are ORGASMS. You definitely know if you’ve had the thrill to have experienced the latter: the back-arching, heavy breathing, roaring, pounding waves of bliss that knocks you out of this universe—or even into another one.


If you're lucky you might be able to count these ultra-powerful ORGASMS on one hand. However, what if we were to tell you that, with a bit of useful information, a good amount of practice, and the right kind of toy you might not just be able to have your own, but maybe even have them on a regular basis.

Coming, Coming, COMING

Technically speaking, we’re talking about a Super Orgasm (Super O): one that comes through stimulation of the prostate.

But before we get to the how, we need to answer the question: what is a prostate—and what does it have to do the delivering the Super O goods?


The prostate is a gland that’s positioned between the bladder and the rectum on penis-equipped individuals. The primary function of the prostate is to produce a milky fluid that supports sperm during ejaculation. If you’ve ever seen an ejaculation then you know what we’re talking about.

Now, this gland is a pretty important piece of anatomy, and not just because it helps those little swimmers get where they want to go. It also houses the muscles that control the flow of urine and the nerves involved in sexual arousal. The prostate is something that should be kept healthy, as not doing so can potentially lead to some pretty serious health problems, including prostate cancer.

Another important thing about the prostate—it turns out that stimulating it in just the right way can bring on that back-arching, heavy breathing, roaring, pounding waves of bliss, the Super O!


Getting Prepared

Direct access to the prostate requires a trip through the backdoor… that is, the anus. Nowadays, anal play has become a staple in the bedroom for many people. As those familiar with its rewards know, it requires taking some simple precautions as well. While prostate play has its own delights, it requires some of the same precautions plus one or two of its own.

In a nutshell, when playing with this part of the body always (and we mean always ) use toys that are designed for this purpose. So, please, no reaching for household items, or garden variety sex toys to insert into someone. For one thing, they won’t be as effective as ones built for this kind of duty. For another, there’s an excellent chance that getting that toy out again could become problematic… as in requiring a trip to the emergency room. To avoid pain, discomfort and the embarrassment of snickering ER staff, always choose a device designed for prostate play. These items will always have a flared based making it impossible to lose them internally.

Another key takeaway is, unlike other orifices, the anus is not self-lubricating so for the sake of comfort and pleasure be sure to use lots and lots and lots of lube. For best results, don’t reach for just any kind of lube either. Instead, use a lube designed for anal play. Very often these products will be formulated with a pH and osmolality (a factor that influences dehydration) specific for anal action.


Lastly, take your damned time. Anuses and prostates are made of delicate tissues and forcing things, may not only be uncomfortable, but it can produce injury. Besides that, understand that when it comes to prostate play, the gland generally responds best to stimulation in the subtle to moderate range. Vigorous stimulation of the prostate can actually desensitize the sensory nerves leading to a situation where someone may accidentally hurt themselves.

While this is a brief overview, these are main things to be aware of when setting off on the path to prostate pleasure.

Built for Super O Fun

Even if you have a dedicated anal sex toy it might not be what you need to get that rocking and rolling ultimate orgasm. If you need a parallel, think of a regular, penetrative dildo versus one designed to stimulate the G-spot. One might, just might, do the job, but the one with a clear design focus will give you a much better shot at hitting the magic button.


Because of this, we heartily recommend using a toy created from the ground up to stimulate the prostate, like those designed by Aneros.

So dedicated is Aneros to this type of world-rocking pleasure that they don’t just offer a single toy, but an entire range of them! Aneros prostate massagers are designed to accommodate user experience and comfort levels, as well as personal preferences for size and responsiveness. If you’re new to all of this, check out their beginner’s models. For those are who relatively new, but have had some good results from prostate play already, check out their intermediate models. Those with high level of experience will want to try their advanced models.

In short, if you're considering prostate play, you need to be sure you're purchasing a body-safe toy that is specifically designed for prostate play! When it comes to reaching the Super O, just any old toy won't do.


The Hows and Wham-bangs of Super O Play

So, what exactly is a Super Orgasm and how does it differ from a regular, orgasm?

A Super O is an extremely intense prostate-centered orgasm that doesn't involve ejaculation. Yep, you heard that right: it's a coming without the cum! How is that possible? Because orgasm and ejaculation are actually two separate physical events. Ejaculation occurs as a result of orgasm, not the other way around. By stimulating the nerves in the prostate one is able to bypass ejaculation entirely.

What does a Super O feel like? Many men describe it beginning as a warm, surging feeling deep inside the rectum that develops into rolling waves of pleasure that extends into the genitals and then the entire pelvic area. For some the sensations continue to radiate becoming a whole-body experience. Many men have noted that these orgasms seem to go on for minutes at a time, compared to the all too brief seconds with an ejaculation. Furthermore, multiple orgasms are possible as well, with one orgasm following another… without any pause in between.

So you’ve got a good, solid background on the joys and precautions with anal and prostate play, you’ve picked up your suitable prostate massager and you’ve lubed it up—so, what now?

Time to get started! Introduce the prostate device gently and allow your body to get used to it before proceeding. This can take several seconds to several minutes, but don’t rush it. From here, start small, using subtle anal contraction to produce stimulation and see how your body responds to it. In the case of prostate play less is often more. Be observant, follow sensation with more stimulation at equal or slightly higher levels, this is the key to prostate arousal… and it is prostate arousal that is the key to prostate orgasm… the Super O.

Reaching the Super O space varies from person-to-person; some individuals achieve have it right out of the gate, while others may require some time and practice to get there.

Getting there starts with creating prostate awareness by "awakening the prostate" which involves making it more receptive to physical stimulation (as above). While there are number of methods for supplying that stimulation, including manual massage (alone or with a partner), the best results generally occur with a prostate massage device. Well-designed prostate massagers are made to provide focused yet safe levels of stimulation with minimal effort. Some, like Aneros products, are capable of stimulating the prostate and a number of other erogenous zones simultaneously, reacting to the involuntary responses of the body as well. Once a prostate awareness is created a user is primed to embrace the sensations of prostate massage and use them to conjure the amazing power of a Super O.

Wow, wow, WOW!

The human body is a truly amazing! Every day there are new things to learn about our bodies, and new ways to explore arousing pleasures! If you have a prostate, and you are up for discovering a whole new realm of pleasure, we heartily recommend picking up a prostate massager.

Once you’ve got your toy, relax, play and most of all have fun! Do this and there’s a very good chance that you’ll find yourself experiencing one of those aforementioned cosmos-quivering comes. And if not at first, be patient and remember good things comes to those that wait. But in the meantime, know that your prostate massager is an excellent way to amplify a traditional orgasm as well, alone or with a partner during intercourse. Prostate play can add a deepness and richness to your sex life.

Take the plunge and enjoy the ride!

For more information, check out the Aneros Wiki on the subject, it’s a great resource that gets into all kinds of fascinating details on the Super O.

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