Sound Off: Audio Erotica

by Kinkly
Published: JULY 20, 2015 | Updated: FEBRUARY 15, 2022
Audio erotica is a great way to get your fix of sexy noises through headphones in a discreet manner.

She said that she liked leaving things to the imagination. The first time she experienced something like this was her freshmen year of college. It was her second night in a dorm and she was adjusting to her newfound surroundings. Classes hadn’t started yet. It gave her time to adjust. She was thankful for this; it was all so new to her.


She wasn’t surprised when she heard moans from her roommate with her boyfriend next door. It was college. However, she was surprised at how turned on she was at what she heard happening. The next day, her neighbor looked a little embarrassed. She kept trying to talk to her and eventually invited her to dinner. Finally, she settled on what she really wanted to discuss, “Did you hear me with my boyfriend last night?”

This would be the start of a very interesting relationship.

Apparently, she isn't the only one turned on by hearing people have sex. Everyone watches porn, right? If we look at the statistics, we’ll see that 68% of men and 28% of women watch porn on a regular basis. There’s also no shortage of variety. In an industry where everything’s been done before, it’s refreshing to see something different come on the scene. Porn has long been criticized for objectifying, but no one has really taken strides to change what they see as the problem. Audio porn (porn without the video) may be able to change that.


Tuning In to Audio Porn

Imagine being able to ‘tune in’ and experience porn in a completely different way. I know ‘experiencing’ porn is a weird way to describe it, but that’s exactly how audio porn feels when you listen to it. It's extremely intimate and realistic. You feel like the person is talking directly to you. Imagine listening to a couple have sex or maybe one person creating a scene for you. Intellectually, you know you’re in your house or even somewhere in public, but that doesn’t stop you from feeling like you’ve been transported somewhere else.

Audio porn could also become more popular because of its discretion. As I hinted earlier, you can listen to it pretty much anywhere without anyone knowing. For most people, this can create even more excitement, especially for women who tend to be more discreet.

Women and Audio Porn

While audio porn is for everyone, it’s not surprising that women have taken a greater interest in it than men. There are a number of different genres that women have created to make a space for themselves in a niche that wasn’t originally designed for them. It’s no secret that porn is usually geared toward men. It could be argued that traditional porn shows the same sex positions and has the same themes every time you watch it. When this is the case, porn can get really boring really fast. Furthermore, categories such as ‘ebony’ and ‘teen’ can be degrading or even illegal.


This isn’t to say that all pornography is bad, but it is worth saying that audio porn is something that you should at least try once. If you’re into it, trust me, there is something out there for you. I’ve seen every category imaginable from 'office slut’ to ‘roommate.’ In short, getting off has never been more fun. Audio porn offers variety, realism and unparalleled discretion.


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