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Sometimes I get a stabbing sensation during penetrative sex with my partner. Is something wrong?


If it only happens occasionally, you are likely normal and healthy. In fact, this is likely just your partner hitting up against your cervix. Most people, when they're engaged in penetrative play (whether with a penis or a dildo), tend to direct sensation toward the cervix. It's way at the end of the vagina. It's rounded and spongy and kind of feels like the tip of your nose. When a woman is ovulating, the cervix actually drops down, swells and becomes more sensitive. As a result, deep strokes and longer toys don't always feel so good. If you hit the cervix, it can be really sort of painful. As I said, this is probably normal if only happens occasionally, or if you notice it at a certain point in your cycle. If it happens more often, you may want to visit your gynecologist to make sure everything's OK and there's no inflammation.


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