Sexy Ways to Use Your Kegel Balls

Published: APRIL 15, 2021 | Updated: AUGUST 17, 2021
Simple Kegels have big benefits, but can get boring fast. Adding Kegel balls can help spice up your exercise routine - and your sex life.

You bought your kegel balls (also called Ben Wa balls), and you've been reliably working out your pelvic floor, and you think you're already feeling the difference - less bladder leakage, a bit more confidence, more control during intercourse - and you even think you've noticed your orgasms have increased in intensity! Welcome to all of the fantastic benefits of strengthening your pelvic floor muscles!

But we live in the 21st century. Did you know that your kegel exerciser balls can actually be used for more than just the pelvic floor exercises that you've been doing? While I applaud you for purchasing your kegel balls for strengthening your pelvic floor (seriously; you're doing a great thing!), there's no reason that your new toy can't multitask - and become a bit of a sexual pleasure object as well.

When you take your kegel balls into the realm of sexual pleasure, you get a few awesome benefits. For one, you're low-key working out your pelvic floor - without even trying. For another, you'll begin to associate your kegel balls with pleasure - not just the "workout routine" you've been doing - and finding something sexually pleasurable means you're more-likely to stick with it.

Not only that, but kegel balls actually can BE pleasurable - especially when surrounded with sexual thoughts and sensations. They provide something for the vagina to "grip" onto for added sensations during your pleasure.

Finally, you're doubling your usage of your kegel balls. They aren't JUST a workout tool; they're now a multi-tasking sex toy too. Who doesn't want more value out of their purchases?!

With that in mind, here are some sexy, fun ideas to strengthen your kegel muscles - whether you're going it solo or want to involve your partner(s):


1. Use Them With Other Sex Toys

One of the easiest ways to "sexify" your kegel balls is just to simply use them while using other sex toys. Sounds simple, right?

Instead of viewing your kegel balls as "just" vaginal exercisers, pairing your kegel balls with sexual activity can help them become just as arousing as your favorite sex toys. Kegel balls pair particularly well with any clitoral-only sensations like wand vibrators or air suction vibrators, like the Satisfyer Pro 2.

2. Make a Boring Task More Enjoyable

I could probably spend the next ten minutes just listing things I need to get done around the house. Do you know why they aren't done? They're boring. That's just it. They're so boring, that I'd rather think about how much I need to do them than actually get them done.

Adding some kegel balls to those chores can help them, well, not suck as much. Vacuuming the house while wearing your kegel balls works out your pelvic floor - and also gives you some new sensations to focus on instead of how mind-numbing it is to make lines in your carpet. Doing the laundry offers the same thing; while folding all of those shirts, you can make a fun game out of clenching around the kegel balls in-between each shirt!

One note: If the sensations of kegel balls alone aren't particularly arousing for you, the thought of doing laundry and vacuuming probably won't be helping to lubricate your body either. Make sure you're using enough lube with your kegel balls to keep things comfortable - and feel free to reapply lube as needed, too!

3. Get Some Outside Errands Done!

Kegel balls, along with butt plugs, get a really fun reputation because they're some of the super-easy-to-use sex toys that can be worn out in public - with no one the wiser!

If you're a pro at multitasking, you might just be wearing your kegel balls out in public to easily tone your pelvic floor while simultaneously picking up the groceries and running some errands. Unless....


4. Wear It For Public Arousal!

Maybe you aren't just trying to multitask - and you want the fun of experiencing a bit of foreplay in public! Kegel balls are amazing for this because they make literally no noise - and no one else will have any idea that you're wearing them. So, essentially, as long as you know that they're the right fit for your body (and won't slip out!), they're the ultimate in discreet pleasure!

You can take your public foreplay adventure as far as you want to. Some really fun ways to mix your kegel balls with public foreplay could include sexting while out and about - or reading an erotic story or erotica e-book. No one will be any the wiser about what you're up to - and all of those waves of pleasure that make your vagina clench will be squeezing around the kegel balls.

5. Take Your Partner Out in Public!

Everybody likes to talk about and fantasize about those remote-controlled vibrators. And those can definitely be sexy to play with in public! But you know what? They also create noise, have connectivity issues, and cost a lot, lot more than kegel balls.

But you can take that exact same type of idea and apply it to your kegel balls too! Make sure your partner knows that you're slipping in kegel balls before heading out in public (hopefully on a date night!). Now you both have a sexual secret no one else knows about - and your partner can have a great time "teasing" you - both verbally and physically - throughout the night, too. Not only are you strengthening your pelvic floor, but the constant attention to your pleasure spots is likely to leave you pretty darn turned on!

(Tip! If your partner doesn't have a vagina of their own, they can "share in" the secret sex toy play with an anal plug - if they're comfortable with it! That way you both have a secret sex toy going on.)

6. Add It During Partnered/Solo Foreplay

Kegel balls aren't just for actively strengthening your muscles. In fact, because they require insertion into the vagina, add sensation to the vagina, and generally bring your mental attention (and blood flow!) to the area, kegel balls can be a really casual - yet effective - way to arouse your body if you go into it trying to get aroused!

(Sidenote: Kegel balls regularly get a reputation for being arousing or orgasmic on their own. On their own, they really aren't that orgasmic for most people. The sensations they provide are pleasant, but it really takes mental framing and external circumstances to turn these vaginal workout devices into mini, fun sex toys!)

With that in mind, kegel balls can be a really fun thing to insert during foreplay if you aren't planning on using the vagina during your foreplay. Not only does this give you something to clench around during the rest of the pleasurable foreplay (which instantly will draw your attention to the physical sensations of your vagina - even if no one is touching you there!), but you also both know that you're including a sex toy in your foreplay - which can be a hot mental thought all on its own!


7. Add Some Spanking To It

Do you know what tends to move the body in a way that will encourage clenching of the vaginal muscles? Spanking! Receiving a spanking will likely make your body move - which will likely move your kegel balls internal "balls" alongside it. Not only do that, but spots of pain tend to make the body tense up - including the pelvic floor where those kegel balls are located. If you find spanking erotic already, adding kegel balls to the routine can really ramp things up!

(Protip! For added sensation, if it's your jam, consider adding a butt plug to the mix as well. That's a whole lot of internal sensation with every single spank of a paddle!)

8. The "Boring" Way

I know, I know. I promised a list of sexy, fun ways, but it's important to remember that the point of kegel balls IS the pelvic floor exercises. If you can add some sexual, arousing ways to make your kegel balls multi-taskable, that's awesome. Your kegel balls don't need to be "just" vaginal exercisers.

But at the same time, they are designed for pelvic floor strengthening - which has a ton of sexual and health benefits for your body. So don't forget to use them for their pelvic floor strengthening uses sometimes too!

No Kegel Balls (Technically) Needed!

Don't have kegel balls around, but still want to enjoy a stronger pelvic floor? Kegel balls aren't needed! While kegel balls are a helpful toy and weight that reminds you to do your kegels and helps you strengthen the muscles, you can actually do kegels anytime - anywhere - with no kegel balls required!

One big bonus about doing kegel exercises without kegel balls: you can do them anywhere! No prep is required at all. If you just happen to think of them during your mid-day business call, boom: you can do them right then. If you're waiting in line for coffee, you can knock out your kegel exercises right then too. It's just a matter of remembering to do them - because they're likely the easiest exercises you'll ever do (and you aren't even going to break a sweat!)

No matter how kegel exercises come into your life - and no matter how arousing those exercises might be for you - remember that doing them (and strengthening the pelvic floor!) is a necessary thing when it comes to your overall health - and can boost your pleasure and fun in the bedroom too!


Mistress Kay

Mistress Kay has a fondness for all things sexual. With a house that's quickly running out of room for all of her reading and vibrating pleasures, she spends her free time reading, writing, and learning about the sexual universe with her partners. She can be reached at Kinky World.

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