Sexy Excerpt: ‘Toy Story’

Published: DECEMBER 25, 2017 | Updated: FEBRUARY 23, 2021
This short erotic store features a sexy gift, an unexpected surprise and lots of merry-making.

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Betty got on the bus. There was no one on it except a woman and her daughter. The girl held a bunch of balloons and kicked a shopping bag in her enthusiasm. Betty smiled to herself thinking the mother and daughter had been last-minute Christmas shopping, and their bag was full of toys.

Betty would have a new toy too.

Every year at midnight, Betty and Owen opened their first Christmas gift together. Owen gave her a new sex toy as an appetizer, and they opened the rest of their gifts in the morning.


But Owen was away on business. That, however, did not stop her Romeo; he had been away before and had her toy overnighted to her.

When Betty got up to get off the bus, the little girl smiled at her.

"Merry Christmas!" she said, beaming and handed her a balloon. "Here!"


Betty smiled, and took the balloon.

"She got a bunch of them today at the store and I told her it would be nice to give them away for holiday cheer! You don't have to keep it though …" Her mother smiled up at Betty.

"And miss out on the holiday cheer?! Not a chance!” Betty grinned. “Merry Christmas!”


Betty took her balloon and got off the bus. When she got to her apartment, she was dismayed that she had not gotten any overnight packages. She put down her bottle of amaretto, which she had bought to go along with some eggnog. She reached into the fridge without even washing her hands or taking off her coat. She poured a little eggnog - and a lot of amaretto - into a wine glass from the counter, and reached for her cell as it vibrated in her coat pocket.

"Hey," she said, taking off her coat and suddenly feeling very aroused.

"Hey baby, you know why I am calling. Did you get my package?"


Betty looked around.

"What package? The doorman did not give me anything when I came in the building. Did you send me ... a toy?"

There was silence, and all Betty could hear was typing.


"It was delayed, sugar. Maybe check later with the doorman? I just looked up the tracking number."

"I miss you," Betty said simply, looking at the balloon that she had tied at the door.

"I miss you too, babe."

"If you were here, I would show you just how much ..." she sighed, unbuttoning her blouse, cradling the phone on her neck and taking off her bra through her sleeves.

"Is your bra off yet?”

Betty smiled. She was such a creature of habit that he knew she took her bra off almost as soon as she got in the apartment.

“Touch your breast,” Owen commanded.

She did not need encouragement. As soon as she heard his voice, it was like voltage shot right between her legs. First, she cupped her breast. Then she circled her nipple with her finger. It was hard and got harder; her hands were still cold from being outside.

"How does it feel?" Owen asked her.

"Warm," she said. "Even though my hands are cold ..."

"Slip your hands inside your pants, and see if you can make it cold there. Does it get harder because your hands are cold?"

Betty slipped her hands down her pants, and the chilled path that her hand made should have chilled her, but she got hot because she needed to give her nipples and clit a lot of attention.

"Where is last year's toy, Betty? Why don't you go get it right now?"

Betty put her finger in her mouth, and sucked it. It was still sweet with a drop of amaretto. She knew exactly where that toy was, and she was going to get it from the top of her drawer or goodies.

On her knees as soon as she got in the bedroom, she found it. How could she not? The sleek, gold toy on top was no different than the star on top of their Christmas tree.

"I found it."

"I bet you did, Betty. Now, why don't you pretend I am there and try it on for me? On the floor..."

There was no hesitation in her. Betty put the phone down, unzipped her pants and slipped the toy against her lace thong. Yes, that was what she had done for Owen last year. They had just come home from a Christmas party, and he had barely gotten out of his tux. But he had unzipped her barely-there metallic cocktail dress as soon as they got in the door. Betty was going to shrug out of it, but Owen stopped her.

"Here is your gift."

She smiled when he handed her the pouch, and even more when she saw the gorgeous gold toy in all its glory. It was also deliciously powerful. It had become her favorite.

Sexy Excerpts: 'Toy Story'
This erotic tale features the stunning LELO INEZ.

"Try it out for me," Owen had said, his breath deepening as he loosened his bow tie.

Cradling her breast first, she caressed her nipple with the toy. Even though she had started up so high, it was like she was stroking her clit with each touch of her golden toy.

"Darling you have lovely tits, but are you only going to play with them for me?"

Pulling off her dress, Betty was left in just her jeweled g-string. She knew the night was going to end up like this with Owen. She had fallen all over him at the cocktail party, and was a little tipsy.

But not so tipsy that she had a problem raising her leg up on a chair by the dresser, and rubbing her toy just where her lips parted - just where that first bit of dampness was like biting into a fresh fruit. And then she had played, moaning as Owen moved closer and closer to her, wanting to see her really close up. Betty felt his breath on her pubic hair he was so close, watching her.

She closed her eyes, and then she fished for her cell phone.

Owen was gone, the call had dropped.

She put the toy down, and tried to call him back.

No answer.

She walked into the living-room and gasped.

Owen stood there, his fingers entangled with the ribbon of the balloon the little girl had given her on the bus. In his other hand, he held a red velvet box in his hand.

Betty smiled, and walked over to him.

"You're here..."

"Yeah, I have your new toy. Merry Christmas, baby."

"It' not Christmas yet ..." Betty teased, sucking on his lower lip.

"Well, we are going to make a lot of merry until it is ..."

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