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Sexy Excerpt: ‘You Shall Not Come’ by D.L. King

Published: JUNE 17, 2015 | Updated: FEBRUARY 23, 2021
'You will be given fifteen minutes to tie your partner and try to make him or her come. When you hear the whistle blow again, you will switch and the bottom will become the top and you will start over.'

From 'You Shall Not Come' by D.L. King. It has been reprinted with permission from Cleis Press. 'Melt' was included in Best Bondage Erotica 2015, edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel.


The referee had each team move to a prepared mat. Each mat had several lengths of rope, several differently sized spreader bars, leather wrist and ankle cuffs, a blindfold, a box of gloves, a medium-sized butt plug, a vibrator, a box of condoms and a bottle of lube. He explained that the top could choose to use any piece of bondage equipment in the barn, or nothing at all. If the top chose to use nothing, the scene would take place on the mat. We could use as little or as much of the equipment as we wanted. The bondage could be as elaborate or as simple as we wanted. There were only two rules; the first was that the bottom’s wrists and ankles had to be bound in some way. The second was that there was to be no penetration with anyone’s cock. We were free to use fingers and toys, but nothing else. The safeword for the game would be Red. Using the safeword would have the same results as reaching orgasm.

"You will be given fifteen minutes to tie your partner and try to make him or her come. When you hear the whistle blow again, you will switch and the bottom will become the top and you will start over. We’ll keep switching like that until at least one member of each team has come. Then the winners will form two teams and we will start again until one of each of the remaining partnerships has come. "The final two will pair off and be given half an hour each. Hopefully, there will be one winner at the end of that time."

Jeff’s friend, Mark, piped up from the group of spectators. "But that’s not fair. Women can have multiple orgasms. It takes guys longer than fifteen minutes to come again." People turned around and looked at him, some incredulously and some with pity.


"Um, dude, you only get to come once. And then you lose," some guy in the crowd explained.

"Oh, right," Mark said and took a step back. I looked at Jeff. "Yours?"

"I don’t know him. Never saw him before in my life." We both laughed.


"You want to bottom or top first?" he asked.

I was pretty sure I could hold out, no matter what he did, but he was cute and I kind of liked him and wanted to watch him in action so I said, "Bottom." That would give me a chance to not only see how he played, but to find out what turned him on, for later. We picked a mat and the whistle blew.

"Lie down on your back," he said.


He used a short length of rope to quickly bind my wrists together. He wrapped each wrist separately and then went up and over with a figure eight, making it impossible to escape. Once my wrists were bound, he buckled ankle cuffs on and attached a three-foot spreader bar to them. I immediately closed my knees.

"Think you’re smart, huh?" he asked, making a neat triple wrap around each leg, just above my knees. He separated my legs by attaching the two-foot spreader bar to the wraps.

I don’t usually bottom and I have to admit, this definitely got my pussy’s attention. I could feel the juices begin to gather and my lips begin to puff. My body screamed out to be touched and I rocked my hips against the mat.


"Relax," he said. "I’m not done yet. There’ll be plenty of time for that."

He doubled a longer length of rope and tied the two loose ends to my ankle cuffs, then pulled the folded end between my wrists. As he pulled, both my legs and my arms came up. Once I was bent like a U, he tied the end off and quickly knelt down and put his head between my legs, letting me balance on his shoulders.

"So, Lydia," he said, "are you getting a little wet? I think you are. I can smell you," he growled as he ran two fingers up my slit. "Mm-hmm, just as I thought."


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