Sexy Excerpt: ‘Unbreakable Hope’ by Sami Lee

Published: SEPTEMBER 7, 2016 | Updated: FEBRUARY 23, 2021
In this sexy excerpt, a young woman convinces her former boyfriend and hot new lover to ride the waves of her desire together.

This is an excerpt from "Unbreakable Hope" by Sami Lee and published by Samhain Publishing. It is reprinted here with permission.


Hope moved her hand up and down in a rhythmic motion that had the intended effect despite Matt’s reservations. He grew steel-hard inside his jocks. A few seconds later he was struggling to remember why he was having reservations about letting Hope have her way. He grasped her wrist and encouraged her movements until he was afraid he would reach a point of no return against the brick wall in Hope’s backyard.


Wild Crush: Unbreakable Hope by Sami Lee


He liked the way she rasped his name into his throat as she kissed a trail along the flesh there. Before he knew it, Matt had pulled her into the darkened interior of her garage-slash-apartment and pressed her up against the wall.

Hope wrapped her legs around his waist, arching with pleasure as he kissed her neck. Her denim shorts rubbed against the ridge inside Matt’s cargo shorts, and just like that he was almost ready to blow. Knowing he’d have to be inside her soon, Matt grabbed the door and went to close it.

She stopped him with a hand on his arm. “Leave it.”


Public sex wasn’t one of Matt’s fantasies, but neither was he shy about it if the situation arose. He recognized the flash of excitement in Hope’s blue-green eyes and left the door half-ajar. It was the middle of the afternoon on Christmas Day and the street was quiet. No one in the neighboring house appeared to be home. Kent the “artist” who lived upstairs from Hope seemed to have vacated for the day. For all intents and purposes, they were alone.

Yet there was always the possibility of being caught, which apparently flipped Hope’s switch. This woman constantly surprised him.

Matt held her gaze as he slipped a hand beneath her top and settled it over her breast. Her nipple flourished further, jutting against the material of her bra. Her flesh filled his palm just right as it swelled into his touch. Matt ground his hips into hers, making her gasp.


“Matt…God. I need a fuck so bad.”

She needed a fuck, not I need you, Matt. The sting of that made Matt uncharacteristically rough as he unzipped Hope’s shorts and dragged them off. Her eyes widened, but she didn’t seem perturbed by his impatient movements. She gasped when he also stripped and wedged himself between her splayed thighs. If she needed a fuck , he’d give her one. He needed it too. They’d had the sexual-health-and-contraception discussion a month ago and had decided to dispense with condoms. So Matt took her in one sure thrust that made her head fall back against the wall.

“Hmm…yeah,” Hope encouraged as he rotated his hips in a rhythm she liked. The pressure applied by his pubic bone stimulated her clit. He could make her come this way without having to use his fingers, which was good, because Matt had other plans for his hands. He framed both sides of her face, forcing her to look at him.


Hope met his gaze with wide eyes. He usually let her get away with avoiding eye contact, but not this time. This afternoon he couldn’t bear the thought that when he was inside her she was really thinking about somebody else.

The certain somebody else that neither of them ever mentioned. Hope’s ex-lover. Matt’s best friend. The man who’d brought them together and who Matt feared could one day tear them apart. Was Dylan the reason she kept him at arm’s length?

“Who am I?”


Hope’s lips twitched at his gruff question. “Um…Bobby, right?”

“Very funny. For that I might stop fucking you.”

“Oh don’t do that… Sam, isn’t it?”

Matt couldn’t help it. He laughed. Hope always had been able to make him laugh even if he started the day in a bad mood. He liked to think he had the same effect on her. They’d gotten on well from the beginning, but her fixation on Dylan had left Matt friendzoned. Although they’d added benefits to their friendship, Matt knew he hadn’t yet moved out of that zone.

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