Sexy Excerpt: ‘Two Dukes and a Lady’ by Lorna James

Published: OCTOBER 4, 2017 | Updated: MAY 3, 2022
Threesome fun abounds in this steamy erotica excerpt filled with bodice-ripping fun.

This is an excerpt from "Two Dukes and a Lady" by Lorna James. It has been republished here with permission.


“Yes, my darling Lily, friends take care of each other after a hard day.” William dug his fingers into a sore spot, and she gasped in reaction to the pleasure and pain that oozed through her like a long sip of brandy.

Although she wanted to protest, their hands on her body felt so right. It was nice to set aside all of her worries and concerns and just be in the moment. It was like she was in a bubble of time, where her husband’s sins couldn’t touch her. For a moment, she was that carefree young girl with her two friends again.

Lily had closed her eyes and when she opened them, Clara was standing by the French doors, her husband’s associate waiting patiently for her. “I have to make sure that the servants put everything in its proper place,” she said as she ducked out of the room, running her hand over her hair.


Charles chuckled. “I told you, William.”

“So you did.”


“Told him what?” Lily asked.

“That Clara would have business of her own to take care of this evening,” Charles said.

“Now, Lily, we are finally alone.” William’s fingers tangled in her hair until they touched her scalp. She shivered in delight, hardly noticing when Charles’s hands roamed from her foot to rub her calves. Instinctively, her knees fell open.


Her eyelids fluttered closed, but when she felt a kiss on the inside of her knee she opened her eyes with a gasp.Charles looked at her with wide, innocent eyes.

Too innocent.

She wondered if he could sense her arousal. She stiffened, suddenly shy. What if they thought she was a loose woman? Tensing, she tried to pull away, but Charles’s strong hands held her in place.


“I’m not one of your light-skirts.” Her voice trembled.

“Of course not. You’re our Lily.”

William rubbed his thumb over her lips. “We’ve missed you so.”


“I’ve missed you, too,” she whispered, afraid if she spoke too loudly, she would break the spell. This moment had a dreamlike quality. She was breathless, excited, and needing something just beyond her reach. She had only felt like this once, long ago in Charles’s father’s study with these two men. It had been so long since, she thought she had made up the thrilling need.

Lily responded by pressing a kiss to his thumb. She considered biting it, just to show them how frustrated she was getting. William stroked her cheek and her neck, his fingers soft and teasing. His hands roamed lower, gently stroking her breasts as they peeked out above her corset. Slipping his fingers gently under her corset, William rubbed her now-erect nipples. His kisses fluttered on her neck as his warm hands continued to explore her upper torso. Charles proceeded to massage farther up to her inner thigh. She was in a trance of love and attention.

“Let me touch you,” Charles said.

“You are touching me,” she whispered.

He spread her legs wider.

“Charles,” she moaned. It wasn’t a no. She couldn’t say no to him. Not even in his father’s study five years ago when his fingers rubbed her into a breathless orgasm while William plundered her mouth.

Shame flared briefly, only to be smothered by passion.

Her parents were long dead. Their families were far away. No one need to know if she indulged herself one more time. No one would punish her. His hands over her front, William moved, caressing her bodice. She should stop him, but the feelings were too intense.

“We don’t have much time,” Charles said, moving closer.

He found the slit in her undergarments and chuckled. “I see you’re as affected by this as we are.”

She was embarrassed at her wetness, but when his finger tickled at the edge of her opening, she sighed.

William rubbed his palms over her chest and she leaned back into the couch. “I wish you weren’t wearing this damned corset.”

She laughed and relaxed, trying to remember what it was like to be alone with them during their teenage adventures when they would sneak into Charles’s father’s study and sip brandy and tell each other their wildest dreams. Yet they had never done anything quite as wicked as this.

But then she straightened up, remembering where she was. What was she thinking? This could only end in scandal - again.

Charles touched the hard nub between her thighs and she jerked at the unexpected pleasure. Lily’s breathing was all out of control. She was afraid to move in case this was all a fantasy, and she would spoil it by waking up. Charles’s thumbs continued to circle her thighs and she wished her linens and petticoats would vanish.

She had expected him to push inside her, not fiddle around like she did to herself. “Oh,” Lily groaned when he quickened his pace.

“I’ve dreamed of this,” Charles whispered.

“Faster,” William ordered in a dark tone that shivered down her spine.

Her legs clamped together and she writhed as the pleasure became too much for her. This was insanity, but she didn’t want to be sane. Would they think less of her? With her emotions rioting and her body clamoring for more, Lily couldn’t dwell on those thoughts.

“Please,” she sobbed. Unsure if she was begging him to stop, continue, or push up her skirts and take her as William watched.

It was William’s groan of pleasure that put her over the edge. Lily came, trembling as the sweet rush of ecstasy flooded through her. Charles, with the devil in his eyes, licked his drenched fingers before setting her skirts down.

While she was recovering from the shock and pleasure, William came around and kissed her roughly. He reached under her skirts and plunged two fingers inside her, stretching her and invading in a scandalous caress.

“William,” Charles growled.

“Shut it,” he snapped back at him. “’Tis my turn now.”

Lily half screamed, half moaned in his mouth as his palm hit her sensitive bud. Holding onto his shoulders as his fingers mimicked making love to her, she rode them like a strumpet, no longer caring about her reputation. It wasn’t long before her nerves jangled into another shaking orgasm that left her limp and whimpering.

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