Sexy Excerpt: ‘Puppy Love’ from ‘The Darker Side of Lust’ by Abigail Ekue

Published: JANUARY 10, 2018 | Updated: FEBRUARY 23, 2021
In this sexy excerpt, a surprise visitor turns up just in time for a steamy shower.

This is an excerpt from "The Darker Side of Lust" by Abigail Ekue. It has been republished here with permission.


I lollygagged around the apartment sipping a tall glass of wine. My cell phone rang. When I finally got to the phone that was sitting on my kitchen counter, I saw the call was from Amari.

“Wow, that was quick. No traffic tonight?”

“Let me in.” There was a knock at my door.


“What?” Things were happening too fast for me to process.

There was more knocking at my door. “Hear that? That’s me. I’m outside. Open the door.”

The Darker Side of Lust by Abigail Ekue


Fuck, he was ordering me around again. I put down my glass of wine and rushed to the bathroom to grab a towel. “Shit...” I fumbled with the phone and the towel. Then I quickly put the phone on mute. I wrapped the towel real tight so it wouldn’t fall off and rushed to the door. I stood on the other side of the door trying to temper my excitement.

“You gonna open the door?” Amari asked from the other side.

I opened the door and made sure to extend a proper invitation. I wasn’t sure how to look at him. I could easily come across like the horny old lady welcoming her boy-toy for the evening if I wasn’t careful.


“I didn’t give you a proper good night earlier. I couldn’t leave things like that.”

I suddenly got self-conscious standing there wearing nothing but a towel. “Oh, um...ok, lemme go put on some clothes.”

“You were gonna take a shower?”


I nodded. I mean, eventually, I was, after more wine.

“Ok, I’ll help.”

He walked towards my bathroom. “What?” I rushed forward to cut him off. “You’re gonna help me take a shower?”


He flashed a smile, took me by the hand and led me to the bathroom. He turned on the faucet and adjusted the hot and cold knobs while checking the water until he was satisfied with the temperature. He reached to take my towel off and I flinched. Again, he caught me with the grown-man look and a smirk. And he waited. Moment of truth I, thought. Was I gonna really let him do this? Was I gonna let him see me naked? Was he ready? Ok, fuck it, was I? I mean, sure, I thought about some buckwild sex with him after our phone calls and seeing his brown chest and getting whiffs of his scent but damn, was I really ready for the young lad?

His fingers worked open the knot in my towel. “Wait...” I wrapped my arms around myself keeping the towel on and backed away from him. “Let me get in first.” He nodded and turned his back to me. I hurried and dropped my towel and climbed into the tub. I pulled the shower curtain closed.

The water was the perfect temperature. I stood under the spray of water and got lost in it for a moment. I wasn’t thinking about the fine young brother standing on the other side of the shower curtain while I stood naked and ready for him. Everywhere the water tickled me, I wanted Amari to follow with his tongue.

“Everything ok?” Amari asked.

“Perfect,” I purred. “I mean, the water, it’s perfect. Perfect temperature.”

“I’m glad. But you know I can’t help you if I’m standing with my back to the closed shower curtain.”

It all happened in slow motion. I could see the outline of his arm reaching for the shower curtain and the curtain sliding open. I quickly turned my back to him. “Do my back first...”

I could feel him standing there, staring at my back, my ass.

“Where’s your soap?”

“Here,” I handed him the bottle of castile soap over my shoulder. I reached for my aqua blue shower pouf and handed that to him over my other shoulder. He took it from me, reached over my body and hung it back on the hook. I could smell the sorrel on his breath when his face passed “thatclose” to mine.

“I want to use my hands on you.” I heard the snap of the bottle opening. A few seconds later, “I’m gonna start now,” and his hand touched my back. He made small, then bigger, then bigger circles with his palm. I could feel the suds multiplying. I closed my eyes to imagine what it looked like – Amari’s sturdy touch so gentle against my back, changing the design of the soap bubbles with every swirl of his hand. He washed my shoulders, letting his fingers travel forward to wash my neck, down my back, low, over and under the curve of my ass—one cheek at a time—then he did the back of my thighs and calves. I took a quick peek over my shoulder and saw he was stooping down while he worked one leg. He had me bend my knee so he could hold my foot to wash it and work between my toes. Yes, my mind ran on him sucking my toes while he worked his hips against me. He continued to wash and massage my other leg working his way back up my body. His hands were reading my body. He’d spend a little more time on parts of my body that needed the extra attention.

Including my ass. On his second pass over it, I could tell it was more play for him now. Amari went up and down, around and in between. For a little while, I was hoping that my butt wasn’t too jiggly for him, hoping it didn’t look old to him. Then I let that go. However it looked and felt, Amari was having fun playing with it.

“Relax...” he had my ass cheek in his palm and shook it back and forth. I had that butt-clench on. And slapping my ass, lifting and spreading my cheeks was causing a flood between my legs. Don’t start nothing you can’t finish, little boy...

He carved ten tracks in the soap up my back then he ran his hands over my shoulders and down to my breasts. He held them for a little while before he actually started washing them. The heat of his palms soaked into me. My nipples were hard as rocks in no time and he scissored them with his fingers. I smiled when he did that and I could feel him smile too. I could also feel his breath on my neck. This shower was gonna make me more dirty than it would clean me. He washed my stomach next. He even squeezed my softness, lingering on handfuls of my flesh.

“Turn around.” He said that in the same grown-man tone that stopped me from ordering the banana pudding at dinner. He was so deliberate with his eyes. He studied my feet and knees, my thighs and his gaze lingered on my bush. For the first time, I wanted him to be aware of my age. I hoped he could see some of my gray hairs. My body, my pussy, she’s got wisdom. The things I could teach him, he had no idea.

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