Sexy Excerpt: ‘Open Wide – Felatio’ by Alison Tyler

Published: AUGUST 7, 2014 | Updated: FEBRUARY 15, 2022
Get in the mood for giving (and getting) head with our selection of sexy erotica excerpts featuring blow jobs.

This is an excerpt from "Never Say Never: Tips, Tricks and Erotic Inspiration for Lovers" by Alison Tyler. It has been reprinted with permission from Cleis Press. This excerpt is sponsored by LELO.


What’s that thing people say about men and oral sex?

Oh, yeah. They like it.

In fact, one of my friends once asked a beau what his favorite part of a woman going down on him was. His response?


"When she puts my cock in her mouth."

Simple pleasures, right?

The act of being oral with a partner is so personal, so divinely connecting, that whole books have been dedicated to the subject - "The Ultimate Guide to Fellatio" by Violet Blue is one such book. So why not dedicate a night, a week, a year, or your whole life to getting to know what your partner truly craves? I think you can do better than merely parting your lips.


Start by simply savoring the concept, as my heroine does in "Connecting" (found in the anthology "Coupling Two":

But thinking of pie made her want to put something sweet in her mouth. And thinking of something sweet made her think about sucking cock.


In "Last Call" (found in "Morning, Noon and Night: Erotica for Couples"), my character knows everything there is to know about her partner’s rod:


I keep my eyes closed still, as if I have a blindfold on, because it’s still easier that way. I know right away that it’s Declan’s cock I’m sucking. After more than a decade together, I am well versed in the girth and ridges that make this cock feel like home to me. I suck him while lying on my back. He lets me work at my own pace. Then I moan - I can’t help myself - because there’s a mouth between my legs, on my pussy through my panties and my hose.


In "Strokes," Tenille Brown delves into what a man feels like when he's getting a really good blow job:

Anthony liked when Beverly’s hair fell forward and covered her oval face, when he couldn’t see her expression and he had to guess what move she was going to make next.Was Beverly going to dive deep with her throat or stay in the shallow end, her tongue running laps around the rim of his thick cock?

Anthony knew he was a lucky guy, standing there over his woman. Beverly loved giving head just as much as Anthony loved receiving it. Anthony could swim all day in her mouth, backstroking in it, treading water…

Beverly had a natural rhythm with her lips and cheeks that fell in sync with him rocking back and forth on his heels because her sucking on him made him unsteady that way…

He liked the swish, swish sound she made like waves, and then…the way…he felt…when he came crashing against her lips…as if…they were…a…shore…

In "I See Him Sleeping," Molly Moore reveals how sexy it is for a woman to suck her own flavor off a lover:

I slide farther down the bed and kneel beside him, studying his face for a few seconds before I lower my head and take his cock gently between my lips. It is soft and warm in my mouth and I hold it still for a moment, tasting him, and something else too, me I think - he tastes of me from the night before. My tongue flickers and dances around the tip and instantly I can feel him growing hard for me, his cock filling my mouth more and more with every flick of my tongue. I pull back slightly as the head of his cock starts to push against the back of my throat, but then I open wider and take all of him inside my mouth.

He groans, and the sound excites me; I know he is waking, his body coming alive for my mouth, and I reach up and run my hand over his chest, finding one of his nipples, circling the small bud with the tip of my finger. He stretches out beneath my touch, and I glance up to his face; his eyes are still closed, but I know from his breathing that he no longer really sleeps.

Tantalizing blow job tips:

  • Wear mascara when performing a blowjob - or ask your partner to. My extensive research shows that men like the look of messy mascara when gazing down at their mate.
  • Make a blowjob the main event of an encounter rather than relegating the act to foreplay. See how long you can stretch out an oral onslaught.
  • Have your partner suck your fingers while you perform the blowjob to indicate more or less pressure, suction, or sensation. (Read our article, The Ultimate Guide to Giving a Great Blow Job, for more sexy tips.)
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