Sexy Excerpt: ‘On His Knees’ by Eve Pendle

Published: JANUARY 11, 2017 | Updated: FEBRUARY 23, 2021
He was the most wonderful present she’d ever received, unexpected and perfect ...

This excerpt is from "Best Women's Erotica, Volume 2," by Rachel Kramer Bussel. It is reprinted with permission from Cleis Press.


A second’s hesitation, then he took his hand from his cock and shrugged off his jacket. He was fully revealed to her now. Proud and thick as she had ever seen and the sight made her mouth water. She could imagine the feel of it in her mouth, stretching her cheeks as she slid it in and out, driving him demented with the pleasure of her soft throat. So good.

“And your shirt,” she commanded, not taking her eyes from his upright dick. A bead of precome beaded on the tip. As though in answer, a momentary beat of pleasure went through her clitoris.

He was the most wonderful present she’d ever received, unexpected and perfect. She had always appreciated her handsome assistant, but kept a tight hold on any potential erotic thoughts, sure they wouldn’t be reciprocated.


Best Women's Erotica, Volume 2, edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel

As he opened up the white linen of his shirt, he revealed a chest sprinkled with mahogany-colored hair from his defined pectorals in an uneven line down to the dense hair around his magnificent cock. His naked skin and pushed-down trousers and underclothes made a lewd tableau against the backdrop of the calm sea and azure sky.

She was slippery between her legs now. Her bud was tingling and begging for attention beyond the slick movement as she walked around him.


This was a greater test. He’d done well so far, but would he do this? She was desperate, enticed from the look of him, naked to the thighs, kneeling.

Deliberately she sauntered around to stand directly in front of him, blood tingling in every orifice, then ran her hands down her dress, across the swell of her breasts, the flat pane of her stomach and down, over her skirt.

He moaned.


She grasped the hem of her skirts and crinolines, pulling them all up to reveal her drawers. Her drawers were open at the crotch, allowing easy access to the throbbing, soaked place between her legs. She ached for the feel of him, hot and hard inside her. But first.

“Lick me.” She had no sooner given the order than he fell forward into her, one hand feeling around her legs to grab her bottom and pull her to his wet mouth.

His tongue found her almost immediately, licking at her nub with long, sure movements. She looked down at her skirts scandalously pulled up, Jasper’s head between her spread legs. His tongue was insistent, regularly circling over her clitoris, unrelenting. She was already aroused, close to the edge. The firm, wet rhythmic rolling of his tongue spiraled her upward.


It was too quick and too much. She grasped on to the back of his head, holding on to his silky hair as his tongue unrelentingly pushed feeling into her core. The pleasure burst in a sudden white flash. Her inside muscles pulsed against nothing. Want for his fingers, or better still, his cock deep in her while she came, almost overwhelmed her.

As the sensation receded, she found her hands had slipped and she was gripping the soft back of his neck, nails dug into his skin to steady herself. It left red marks when she loosened her fingers. She felt a possessive thrill of satisfaction that he might see those scratches in the mirror that evening and remember this moment.

He’d moved his head back to look up at her, eyes wide and darkened, pupils dilated. She became aware of the feel of his left hand, still holding her buttocks. His other hand was on his cock, sliding up and down, revealing and covering the reddened head.


Want spread through her anew.

There was every reason not to take this any further. What they’d done together so far showed his willingness to submit to her, to some extent. With him inside her brought the risk of pregnancy. But desire, pent up and denied for so long, was stronger than logic. She had to know what it was like to have him and whether he could let her lead, even when he was fucking her.

So she held his shoulders and allowed herself to slip downward, her body next to his until they were face-to-face, on their knees.

When she reached down and grasped his swollen member and brought him toward her with it, his breath caught in a gasp. He was hot silk over stone beneath her fingertips, and she wanted him inside her. At the same time, his hands came up and dexterously undid the line of buttons down the front of her dress, frantically parting her chemise to reveal her breasts, loosened from her corset.

Holding her gaze, he leaned his mouth down to her nipples, and his onslaught sent shocks of pleasure through her. She arched back to give him better access to her body and reveled in his worship and the careful pressure he exerted on her breasts, neither too much nor too little.

She had to know. Tightening her fingers around his cock in insistence, she told him, “Now.”

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