Sexy Excerpt: ‘Double Feature’

Published: APRIL 4, 2016 | Updated: FEBRUARY 23, 2021
In this hot number, a couple re-enacts a movie sex scene for a very happy ending.

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Audrey’s coffee had gotten cold as she kept crossing and uncrossing her legs.

“You did not even understand. It was nothing like that at all…” she said to Drew.

The cafe grew quiet around them, quieter than it had been when they first got there. Now there were other movie-goers around them. The film had let out hour ago, but they were still debating it.


“But to me it was obvious, the plot was obvious, and everything she did was so typical. There was nothing new…”

Audrey fished through her purse for her cigarettes.

“I thought you had given that up?” Drew asked her.


“I thought,” she smiled, “That we were still debating the film’s protagonist?"

Rob wrapped his hand around her wrist.

“Are you going to come with me outside?” she asked, pulling her wrist out of his grip.


“Yeah, I am going to come…”

Audrey gulped down her cold coffee, and some of it trickled onto her coat. She wiped it off as she got up, and pushed the cafe door open with her shoulder while she opened her cigarettes.

“You just wanted to get up. You don’t want a cigarette, do you?


Audrey closed her eyes as Drew intensified their game. She quivered now that she was standing. Rob moved his hand back and forth, making her hips move in a seductive circle. He pressed the remote against her hip, and she shook.

“You’re going to make me come,” she said, almost as a threat.

Drew’s brand of foreplay was like nothing she had ever known. She had never played with toys with a partner before him, but when she dumped the contents of her purse in front of him, and he saw her small vibrator, it was game on.


It made their movie date a lot more meaningful when they picked a toy to go out with and went to the movies. They disagreed about the film over coffee, then went home wound up and screwed like teenagers.

“You,” he breathed against her temple, “Will not come until I am inside you.”

“I can’t - “ Audrey regretted saying that because she knew that Drew would love to torture her all the way home.

He slapped her bottom, and took her hand. Pulling her into a public passageway, he pressed up against her and never stopped caressing her backside. When he stopped caressing her, Audrey stared at him. He moved his hand in a circle on her back, and she pulsated on the brink of coming; he was barely touching her.

Then he stopped, and Audrey ground herself against him. The sun beamed on her face, and she felt like she was in the spotlight amidst the noise of the city.

“Do you want to come, Audrey?”

Audrey shook her head, even though she knew that it was probably a trick question.

“I told you, you can only come if I am inside you…”

“Then get inside me…” Audrey sighed, biting her lip. Between her legs was congested with desire.

“Somebody might see…” he grinned, moving the remote about her hip.

She groaned without wanting to. Drew pressed up against her and slipped his hand into her coat. His finger grazed her nipple, and her breath caught. They kissed before she caught her breath, and his hand slipped between her buttons to touch the divide between her breasts. His hand slowly went lower, under her dress, touching the divide there. The sensation of the vibrator and his finger was almost too much ...

…but she could not come until he was inside her.

Audrey imagined the scene in the movie, when Lorna, the protagonist had sex with the antagonist who ended up not being the villain in the end. It was a typical, happily ever after ending, like most Hollywood movies. But in that scene, he pressed Lorna up against a wall and had sex with her. Just like this, just like this. Drew always liked to reenact the love scenes from a film.

He slipped his finger inside of her, and hooked it just a bit. Audrey ran her hands through his hair, she was so hungry to come.

“I’m inside of you. Why haven’t you come yet?”

Audrey hit him, and slipped her hands under his trench coat. She was too aroused to keep playing like this…

…but this was the scene. There was more to come.

Unable to wait, Audrey expertly undid Drew’s belt and pulled out his erection. The familiar feeling of his skin and shape made her tremble.

Drew caressed her backside again. Even he could not resist the change in their game, but he took control and they arranged themselves so they became one. Audrey wrapped her arms about him, and Drew curtained her with his coat. Her pack of cigarettes fell on the ground, and the soundtrack of the city rushed through her ears. She did not last long at all once they started, and she wrapped her leg about him to maintain her balance. Drew stiffened against her and blew a whoosh of air against her face when he came.

They embraced each other until the sun completely went down. A couple of people walked by them and they were so close together in the shadows that no one seemed to be interested in what they were doing.

When the sun set, they slowly pulled apart and fixed each other with care. She tucked him back into his pants. He pulled up her ultra sheer stockings. There was a new hole at the crotch that he tore because he could not be bothered to pull them down. He fixed her dress, smoothed her skirt, and kissed her forehead.

He took her hand, and Audrey stepped on her cigarettes.

“Don’t you want them?” he asked her.

“I am kicking the habit.” She smiled, and then put out her hand. “Give me the remote…”

Drew raised his eyebrows at her.

“Are you ready for the second feature, then?”

Audrey wrapped her arms around him.

“You'd better believe it…”

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