Sexy Excerpt: ‘Display’

Published: JULY 29, 2016 | Updated: FEBRUARY 23, 2021
Building a condom display for the window of a sex shop leads to a more exciting display after hours.

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Josie thought long and hard about the condom display. That was her role here, she had to make everything in the shop appealing - sexy. But she wanted to be subtle about it. There was such a thin line between sexy and garishly sexy. She did not want an attack of the senses. As she unpacked the boxes for the display, her boss walked in.

Jim was not the sort of executive who wore a three-piece suit, especially not to the shop. He wore jeans that looked distressed by age, not style, and his long hair tumbled over his lightweight white shirt.

"Josie," he smiled at her.


Josie looked up at him and felt completely unprofessional. For the shop, she usually wore a pencil skirt and a provocative top. Maybe even a corset.

But because she was setting up displays and the shop hadn't opened yet, she had on denim shorts and a white t-shirt that had a weird design on it, one she created by laughing so voraciously she had pressed her fork to her side. It looked like a shell or a fossil, she thought.

Jim had never seen her like this, and she was horrified that she was not more composed.


"Hi Jim," she smiled, then gestured at her appearance. "Sorry I look a bit ... unprofessional."

"You are setting up a display - why would you have on your Sunday best?"

Josie smiled and nodded.


"I gave the others a late start today because they were all here so late working on the rest of the displays I wanted them to finish."

"You are like the Sol LeWitt of displays, you give the instructions and they are all able to work your magic. What are you thinking for the condoms?"

Jim stepped closer to her, and Josie shifted nervously.


It was not just being in her casual finest that upset her, but that Jim was seeing her less than completely put together. She wanted him to only see her at her best, and she couldn't imagine what he thought of her looking so plain.

Not that he knew he was supposed to find her as appealing as she found him. They had a proper working relationship, of course. He had never crossed the line, but sometimes Josie got the impression he appreciated her appearance as much as she wanted him to. And they always had long conversations where he really seemed to get her; he understood her vision of taking sex to the next level.

“Let me help you,” he said, going through a box of condoms. “Are these the new shipment?


Josie watched him hold the condom in its sleek individual package and look at her for affirmation. She nodded, and took the box from him.

“I got this, you do not have to help me ... " Josie stuttered.

“But I want you to tell me what to do - what to do to create the sensual illusion you create …” Her cheeks filled with heat, but she did not let go of the box.

“Why find out what is behind the magic?” she smiled at her own witticism.

Jim stared at her. She wanted to follow his eyes but they seemed settled on her chest and she was sure she knew why.

“You know, I have not stopped thinking about our conversation over dinner last week with our vendors,” he said, his gaze averted from her chest but not quite on her eyes. “They were dazzled by you - I was dazzled by you, Josie …”

Josie stared at him, fighting the desire to pluck her shorts out of her butt. That would be too classy, she thought facetiously.

“Thank you,” she answered, ignoring any possible other meaning he could have had. “But I am not going to ruin the magic for you!”

She put the box down, and Jim pulled her to him. With just a bralette and flimsy panties underneath her denim shorts and t-shirt, she felt naked against him.


“How are you more gorgeous dressed down than you are in your dominatrix outfits?”

“Dominatrix? That is what I look like to you?”

“Maybe that is how I want to see you. Do you like to tell people what to do?”

His breath was heavy, but he said nothing else.

He did not have to.

“Take off your belt …” Josie commanded, as she walked slowly to pull down the shades in the store. “And get on your knees.”

In the shade she created in the store, she turned around to see Jim with his belt in his mouth. She took it from his mouth, damp with his saliva, looped it around his neck and fluffed his hair out of the loop. He looked up at her gratefully, and she saw that he was getting hard.

“I will let you help me with the condom assemblage. If you do exactly what I tell you, you will get a reward. If not I will punish you - understood?”

She pulled on his belt, and he rolled his head with pleasure as he nodded.

Watching him handle all those condoms, she already knew that even if he did not do exactly what she asked, he was going to get a reward. When Jim had finished assembling the display, Josie saw that it was surreal and sexy at the same time; she circled him as she examined it.

“Do you think you deserve a reward?” she asked, looking down at him.

“I cannot judge ... Mistress.” Josie wanted to touch herself, but then remembered she had Jim - on his knees.

“Touch me…”

“Where?” he asked fairly, sitting back on his heels.

She hastily unbuttoned her shorts, and pulled the crotch of her panties to the side. Jim’s fingers on her labia was like an explosion of heat. She fluctuated between moving with the direction of his fingers and staying perfectly still.

“Lick me…” Fingering her clit for a bit longer, Jim pulled her shorts and panties to the floor and did as he was told. He lapped her with the tip of his tongue where she liked to rub herself, and where she like to place her favorite vibe.

“Oh, oh…ohhh!” Jim caressed her quivering thighs softly, lulling her into the sweetest orgasm. Her legs lax, she realized she had sat on the edge of the display and messed it up. But she presented an entirely more lavish display to Jim … Of course, the displays contents - the condoms - came in handy as well.

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