Sexy Excerpt: ‘Clementine’

Published: OCTOBER 26, 2015 | Updated: FEBRUARY 23, 2021
In this sexy excerpt, a woman's chance encounter leads to a sexy evening at home.

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Clementine had not even allowed herself to think about him in her most secret thoughts. But three gin cocktails in, she was no longer so controlled. Alex was taken, but she could not resist anymore in her uninhibited state, half lying on a glorious love seat at the vintage bar. She could not resist the idea of parting her knees. In fact she did so, right there. The softness of her own skin-to-skin contact sent prickling waves of excitement to her core.

She got up from the love seat, practically stumbling she was so drunk with imagined desire. Clementine ran her hand over her hip, and let it move up slowly to caress her side breast. Her fingers trickled over to her nipple, and she caressed it just once. To anyone looking, it looked like she was fixing her dress.

“You’re gorgeous,” The man walking toward her a few moments later declared.


Clementine wondered if he saw her touch herself a moment ago, as she looked up from her smartphone and waited for the car she had ordered. She smiled at him softly, as she always did when a man told her she was gorgeous, beautiful, whatever.

“Are you waiting for a car as well?”

He lifted his phone up, and Clementine tilted her head to the side. She shook her head as he showed her the app on his phone which revealed the same driver, and the same car as she expected.


“Yes,” she said, smiling nervously. “Looks like we are waiting for the same one.”

Clementine always ordered the line option on her app because it was cheaper, but it also meant that someone could get in the car with her on her way to her destination. It had never happened before, but her luck had changed. And she as not sure if it was for better, or for worse.

Their car arrived in a timely fashion and the handsome stranger held the door open for her. Clementine slipped in, and he got in beside her. Her dress was short, and the leg of his suit pants caressed her thigh for a second.


They told the driver where they were going. Clem was going to be in the car longer than the man, and she was happy because in the state she was in if he came onto her, well, she might just go through with it.

“You are gorgeous,” he said again. “I know that sounds cheesy, but I really don’t know what else to say…” He smiled, then looked out of the window nervously.

“Cheesy can be okay,” she grinned, knowing it was the gin talking.


He turned and looked at her with a soft smile.

“This is my business card - if you want. Just say, 'Remember me? I am gorgeous!'” He frowned. “This is me.”

Clementine took the card, and he smiled again.


“Good night gorgeous …”

The fluorescent streetlight in the back of the car revealed that Arthur was a financial consultant who worked in the huge tower that housed the Starbucks she frequented. The potentiality of running into him, or even having had run into him before, excited her.

Alone in the cab, Clementine could not wait to get home. She could barely sit still, and one pothole almost sent her over the edge. She was even hornier than she was before she left the bar.

When she finally opened the door to her apartment, she moved around with lustful sloth. Between her legs, she was damp and ready for the smallest touch. She took off her dress, and this time held one of her breasts in her hand and squeezed her nipple between her index and middle finger.

In her bedroom, without turning on the light, she felt around in her top drawer for the black pouch that held her favorite toy, a rabbit-style vibrator, and placed it lovingly on her bed. She slipped off her shoes, and walked barefoot to the bathroom. Before she almost stepped on the cool titles, she rushed back to her bed instead and claimed her toy. It had been available when she was purchasing it in tempting colors like deep rose and cerise - but she got black. She traveled a lot for business, and brought it along with her. Even though it had a lock to prevent it from vibrating, she was always nervous that it would so she got black because it was not a conspicuous color.

In her unlit bedroom with her legs spread, there was no color to distract her. She was so wet that the shaft of her toy slipped right in, and its appendage went right for her clit. Clementine had not even turned it on and was afraid that she was going to come, but she could not resist the lowest vibration to start. Her mouth opened, and she let go of the handle to grope her own breasts. It turned her on to play roughly with them, and she could feel the vibration between her legs within her breasts.

Soon, she needed more concentration between her legs. She circled her finger around her navel as she increased the pressure on her vibrator, and thrusted it in and out of her. She felt her wetness between the divide of her bottom. Clem was so wet, she made the cotton sheets feel like satin underneath her. Getting on her knees, she continued to thrust the shaft of the toy into her. She positioned herself so that her clit got enough stimulation.

Her eyes were closed tight, as her body was swallowed up in the sensation of blind lust. She was not sure who was going to bring her over the - Alex or Arthur, the financial consultant. Or how would she even look at either of them if she ran into them now.

Clementine fell on her side as she came, not moving her toy or opening her eyes. She came so hard thinking about her financial consultant …

…well he was not hers - yet - but for a moment it was almost as though he was.

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