Sexy Excerpt: ‘Capture’s Temperance’ by BSM Stoneking

Published: DECEMBER 12, 2017 | Updated: FEBRUARY 23, 2021
"I want to hear your screams."

This is an excerpt from "Capture's Temperance" by BSM Stoneking. It has been republished here with permission.


“Lift your right foot a little.”

Obediently, I do as he has ordered.

He begins wrapping the rope around my ankle then around my foot.


“OK, lower your foot.”

As I attempt to lower my foot, the hook inside my pussy begins to pull upward.

“Keep going. You can put it down a little more.”


I’m able to lower my foot so that my toes can touch the stage. The hook is now snug and deep inside my body. It’s pulling up on me so much that part of the metal is curving up my crack and ending at the very lowest part of the small of my back.

“Perfect. Keep your foot right there. Do not raise it.” He tosses the suede flogger to the floor and picks up a gunmetal chain flogger.

Oh, this is going to hurt. Just the sight of it makes my body cringe. Brace yourself, Temperance.


He tests the flogger on my right ass cheek.

Capture's Temperance by BSM Stoneking

Not too much of a sting, but I think the placement of the hook is hindering his ability to strike the flogger fully across my rear.


The flogger hits my right cheek again, this time a bit harder.

OK, I may be wrong. I think he’s just testing out how he needs to adjust his swing to avoid hitting the hook.

My thought is confirmed with the next six strikes to my right cheek. The flogger connects to my skin one linked strand of chain at a time. The sound of coins falling hard against my skin resonates throughout the club from the flogger. With each strike, I can feel my skin starting to swell and the hook digging deeper into my body.


It takes every ounce of my mind control and grinding my teeth against the bit to avoid screaming from the pain splitting through my body.

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Capture gives me no chance to find relief from the metal flogger, he immediately moves to my left cheek, striking it with full power. As the tips of the chain begin to leave new welts on my skin, I can feel the lower clothespins on my body almost tapping together. Each time they tap one another they tease my clit and my pussy tightens around the hook.

There’s so much pain from the flogger, but my mind is being ripped back and forth between the teasing clothespins near my clit, the tight feeling of my pussy gripping onto the hook - like its trying to hold it in without the help of the rope - and the distraction the heat spiraling at a rushing speed to my rear. My ass feels like it’s on fire and my clit is becoming more and more responsive. Every time the chain hits my skin, I can’t stop my foot with the rope around it from moving, which is bouncing the hook against my g-spot. I don’t want to orgasm, but I know if he keeps this up, I’m going to cum so hard there will be no way I can hide it from all these people watching me.

The end of the chain taps the hook, sending a fast vibration into my body. My body which grips the hook in almost a painful way, yet I like it. Here comes the pain mixing with pleasure creeping up on me. It’s the perfect combination of ecstasy and that feeling is quickly becoming my drug of choice.

I can feel my body reaching for it’s high. I’m about to cum.

Just as I feel my orgasm approaching, ready to break through my body, Capture stops.

“Nooooo.” I mumble and moan to let him know I want him to continue.

“Oh, were you on the verge of cumming, princess?”

I nod yes with more enthusiasm than I had intended. I want him to continue. He can’t stop now.

“But won’t you be embarrassed to cum in front of all these people?” His question is loud enough so only I can hear it.

Yes, I’ll definitely be embarrassed, but I can’t help it. My body is now craving the drug of pain twining with orgasmic pleasure.

Capture swats my rear hard with his hand. “Answer me.”

The sting of his hand is so delicious, I have to close my eyes to keep my composure.

He spanks me again for not responding.

Well, if he’s going to keep spanking me for not answering him, I’m not going to give him even the slightest of gestures.

A sexy smile takes over his face lighting up his eyes. “It’s going to be like that, huh?”

Again, I give him no response.

“OK, fine. I have no problem spanking you.” He reaches around my head, unhooking the strap to the horse-bit. “But, I want to hear your screams as I enlarge these welts on your ass with my bare hand.”

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