Sexy Excerpt: ‘Better Than Chocolate’

Published: FEBRUARY 14, 2019 | Updated: FEBRUARY 23, 2021
In this sexy excerpt, a woman's Valentine's day goes from lonely to unexpectedly lustful ...

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Corinne got in the Uber. It was late and raining. Usually, she ended up not having another passenger in the car when she pooled. Tonight, Russ was in the car. Whatever. She planned to hibernate for Valentine’s Day. He would be the last person to see her for a while …

The car parked across the street from where she stood on the corner, headed in the opposite direction. Her umbrella blew up in the wind, and rain sloshed her from every angle. She was wet and sloppy when she got into the backseat with Russ.

“Hi,” he said, when she sat beside him.


“Corrine?” The driver asked, confirming she was the right passenger.

“Yes,” she said and looked at her phone. “Hi,” she said as a delayed response to Russ.

He held a box of chocolates in his hand. Corinne smiled. It was Valentine’s Day tomorrow. It figures that some other girl would be lucky enough to have a boyfriend who would not wait until the last minute, Corinne thought. And the sepia box that he held was not a cheap, heart-shaped drugstore box; it was from an expensive chocolatier that she treated herself to.


“It is really bad out there,” Russ remarked.

“Yeah, but you and your chocolates just made it!” Corrine said, pulling down her dress over her damp legs.

“Yeah,” Russ laughed. “They are for my mom.”


“Oh,” Corrine said, wondering if that meant he was single. “Well, those are the best chocolates, so you are a good son!”

“Thank you!”

Corrine stared out of the window even though it was foggy and there was nothing to see but the blur of streetlights.


When it was her stop, she got out of the car, with a rushed goodnight to Russ. She slammed the door behind her, but when the Uber car drove off, Russ was still there.

She looked at him, wet - she hadn't bothered to open her umbrella. He handed her his, which she refused with a thrust of her hand.

“What are you doing?” She asked him, spitting out rain.


“I live here.”

“I've never seen you here before.”

“I've never seen you here before either…”

“Well, welcome,” she said awkwardly, realizing that she had made a scene for no reason.

“I’m Russ -“

“I know from the Uber…”


“Good night.”

The next morning, Valentine's day, Corinne was cozying up at home. She planned to spend the day in her apartment, meeting deadlines, and in that sense, she was happy that she did not have anyone to be all loved up with her this Valentine’s Day. She had had that last year, and it had been heart-shaped candy from the drugstore at the last minute - and wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am sex.

When she heard a knock at her door, she was startled. No one ever knocked at her door. Her heart beat hard in her chest as she walked to the door to look out.

It was Russ, and he was holding a cup.

Studying him, she realized he was good-looking.


Last night, wet, he had looked pretty amazing as well. He looked nervous, and she wondered if he was a serial killer. Why was he at her door?

She stood there without breathing. Finally, she opened the door, leaving the chain on it.


“Have you got any milk or sugar? I know it's lame, but my groceries haven't been delivered, and I've got nothing in my apartment…”

“You came to ask me for milk and sugar?” Corinne could not help but smile.

“I wanted to see you again. I know it's lame …” He answered sheepishly.

“Do you cook?”

Russ nodded.

“I’ll let you in and you can use my milk and sugar, and any other ingredients you like if you agree to cook for me.”


The way to a woman’s - anyone’s - heart is through their stomach.

Once Russ started cooking, something she did not do, Corinne lost her heart.

She sat at the island in her apartment, where she had expected to be alone. But she was sitting with Russ, and she practically inhaled her food. He had made scrambled eggs with a mix of things she had in her pantry.

“Good?” he asked.

“You’re good…”

Their eyes lingered.

“I’ll wash your dish,” he said, when she was finished.

Corinne got up and walked past him. The heat of his body inflamed her. He stood close behind her as she walked over to the sink.

“I'm not sure how to thank you for making such an amazing meal for me…”

She turned around and looked up at him. Russ looked at her, and she knew that he was at a loss because he did not want it to seem like he was trying to seduce her. Even though he had just (almost literally) cooked the pants off of her.

So she stood on tiptoes and pursed her lips together.

“I did not come …”

“…yet,” she finished for him.

“I need to wash my hands…”

“I like it dirty.”

“You are a dirty girl,” Russ said, smacking her bottom.

He placed her on top of the counter, and Corinne wrapped her legs around him before they kissed.

Russ stood between her legs to kiss her. Corinne wrapped her arms about his neck. He pulled up her dress, and smacked her bottom again.

“You are very dirty,” he said to her.

Corinne half swooned as he swatted her bottom while he kissed her.

When he pulled away from her, she was breathless.

“I need to make you a dinner if you are this appreciative over brunch!”

The coolness of the counter made her quiver.

“Make me dinner then …”

Diner was amazing. Corinne held her hand to her head. Russ had made a spicy arrabbiata sauce that made her sweat, but she knew that the sauce was not the only reason why she was sweating.

“What's for dessert?” she asked, eyeing the sepia chocolate box Russ had brought.

Soon they were both soaking wet from top to bottom, and so were Corinne's sheets. Russ got out of her bed to get the sepia box.

“Happy Valentine’s Day…” he said, kissing her and feeding her chocolate.


“Happy Valentine’s Day,” Russ said to her, their bodies damp from lovemaking.

Of course, he made arrabbiata sauce for her, to put them in the mood. They wanted to duplicate everything they had done the year before on Valentine’s Day. He made her scrambled eggs, he made pasta with the arrabbiata sauce, and he fed her chocolate from the sepia box.

But this year there was one aberration…

He kissed her, and whispered that he loved her into the crook of her neck. Then, he took a piece of chocolate that had melted in the corner of her lip.

“I love you…” he said, and wrote the same in chocolate over her damp body.

She melted in every way …

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F. Leonora Solomon

F. Leonora Solomon is an editor and writer, who lives in New York City. As an editor, she has published several anthologies, most recently TIE ME UP. As a writer, her short stories have been featured in anthologies, including CHEMICAL [se]X and SPY GAMES. She is a bibliophile, and has severe wanderlust...Visit her at, where you can find all of her social media outlets and books.

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