Sexy Excerpt: ‘Beg for It’ by Megan Hart

Published: SEPTEMBER 2, 2016 | Updated: FEBRUARY 23, 2021
This tale of a rekindled D/s dynamic contains thousand-dollar, custom-tailored business suits, fuzzy green boots, goth eyeliner and fishnet sleeves.

This is an excerpt from "Beg for It" by Megan Hart and published by Samhain Publishing. It has been republished here with permission.


Corinne moves onto the bed between Reese’s legs, letting her hands run up the insides of his thighs to push them apart. His muffled gasp of surprise makes her giggle against his skin as she runs her tongue along his secret inner flesh. He writhes, hips thrusting automatically, but her murmured command stills him.

She loses herself in his scent and warmth and the way his muscles tense and release beneath the tracing tip of her tongue. When she adds a light scratch of her fingernails, he writhes again. This time, she sits up.

Her nails dig deep, pinching tender flesh. This only makes him arch harder, into the pain. Not away from it. This is where Corinne finds her pleasure. Not solely in the causing of agony, but in knowing that she’s turning him on.


Beg for It by Megan Hart

“I told you to stay still.”



She decreases the pressure of her fingernails in his skin, then runs the tips of her fingers over the marks she left. Reese shudders. Kneeling between his legs, Corinne pushes his thighs apart, wider and back so his knees bend. Reese makes a noise of protest, shifting to look at her with pleading eyes but an open mouth, lips glistening from his tongue.

“No?” she asks calmly, though her voice dips lower, rasping. “I was thinking of getting ready for work. I could just go do that—”

“No!” His gaze catches hers for a second before his head falls back against the pillows. His hands fist on the bottom sheet.


He opens himself to her.

Fuck, that’s it. Right there . His obedience, especially with that tiniest hint of reluctance, totally flips her switch. She shakes inside with it, that power over him.

Her fingertips tickle him. She watches the muscles in his belly leap. Watches him swallow, hard, as his head tips back, exposing the line of his throat to her. His chest hitches with a half-strangled breath. When she pushes his knees back farther, exposing more of him to her, Reese lets out another small, muttered noise, this time not of protest but of utter, complete acquiescence.


Corinne bends back to loving him with her mouth and tongue and the press of her teeth on the marks she already left. She nuzzles him, her hair brushing his balls. She can feel the heat of him on her cheek. Eyes closed, she presses harder, teeth nipping. Her hands slip beneath his butt cheeks, her thumbs pressing the twin trigger points in the hollows framing his asshole.

The first time she’d ventured into touching him there, Reese had jerked himself away from her touch, closing himself off so fast she’d barely had time to taste him. He’d laughed nervously, twisting to roll her beneath him. Putting her in the “right” place, she’d thought at the time, and had let him do it, because they’d been brand new and still learning each other. Even now months later, he hasn’t fully embraced how much he loves it.

Now, waiting for him to go still again, Corinne simply breathes on him. She lets the hot tickle of air tease him. His thigh muscles have gone rock hard, and so has his cock. Neither of them moves for an eternity, until at last she lets just the tiny, pointed tip of her tongue flick him.


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