Sexy Excerpt: ‘Alchemy xii’ by Tamsin Flowers

Published: FEBRUARY 24, 2015 | Updated: FEBRUARY 23, 2021

This is an excerpt from "Alchemy xii" by Tamsin Flowers. It has been reprinted with permission from the author. This excerpt is sponsored by LELO.


Harry walked over to Olivia, shedding his coat on the way. He kept walking at her until he had her backed up against a wall. Her eyes widened and her breath drew faster, but she held his gaze steadily. Harry felt his own heart rate rise. He caught her wrists and pinned them to the wall above her head.

"In here, you don't ask me questions," he said. "In here, I'm your Dom. Do you understand what that means?"

Olivia nodded but Harry saw the pulse at the base of her neck start jumping. He had a desperate urge to lick the translucent skin of her throat but if he did he might not stop till he f**ked her. And tonight wasn't about f**king her.


"Have you ever submitted before?"

This time Olivia shook her head. "No."


"But because of what you saw in the club, you think you want this?"



She didn't hesitate with her answer. She sounded sure. Harry changed his grip so he could hold both her wrists with just one of his hands. He let his other hand drop to her face. He ran a finger down her jawline, then along her lips. She opened her mouth and, with a small sigh, her tongue darted out to lick his finger. Harry pulled it away and gripped her chin.


"I'm going to find out if you really do want it," he said.

He walked away from her to retrieve his cigarettes from his coat. Lighting one, he dropped into a deep armchair by the window. He pointed to a spot on the floor in front of him. The girl blinked as she tried to work out what he wanted her to do, then she went and stood on the spot.


"Undress for me," he said.

As soon as she raised her hands up to the front of her basque to undo the top fastening, Harry's cock sent him a message.

"Wait," he said, stubbing out his cigarette in an ashtray. "I'll do it."

Standing in front of her, he could feel the heat coming off her body and smell the pungency of her arousal beneath her perfume. He took a deep breath, savoring her aroma. He walked around her, examining her close up like a horse trader assessing a new mare.

"Do I make the grade?" Her voice sounded husky. It made Harry want to put his mouth on hers to literally taste the words as she spoke.

He ignored the question and came to a standstill behind her. He reached out to dip a finger into the waistline of her skirt, just below the small of her back. Her skin was hot. His touch was rewarded by a small shimmy passing through her bare shoulders. He leaned in to bite one of them, not hard, but enough to make her flinch and momentarily lose her footing. Her skin tasted of salt. Harry had to fight the urge to just push her onto the bed and fuck her.

Not tonight. He undid the button and slid down the zipper of her skirt but the soft fabric still clung tightly around her hips. He slid his hands inside and pushed the skirt down, caressing the round swell of her buttocks as he did. Olivia swayed slightly, breathing heavily as his hands moved across her. The skirt slid away to the floor, leaving Harry standing with his hands on the back of her thighs, at the tops of her stockings. He drank in legs that went on forever encased in sheer black nylon all the way down to her vertiginous heels. Deftly, she stepped out of the pool of crumpled fabric and flicked it away with her foot. Harry wanted to push against her, press his hard cock to her buttocks, reaching his hands around to slip them inside the front of her basque. He wanted to push her up against the wall and take her hard from behind.

He raised his hands to her shoulders and spun her so they were standing face to face. He new some men would have made her take her shoes off but he didn't care that she had inches on him. Her long legs were magnificent. All he wanted was to lose himself between them and to have them wrapped around his waist as he f**ked her or hooked over his shoulders as he f**ked her deeper.

She stood in front of him in her basque and black lace panties so diaphanous he could see right through them. Harry's erection fought against his pants, so he paused momentarily to enjoy the sensation. Damn! Sometimes it was hard to remember he was working.

"Undo your corset," he said, stepping back.

Slowly, she undid each hook-and-eye fastening to reveal, an inch at a time, the creamy white expanse of her décolletage. Her breasts were straining to escape, perfect orbs tipped with round dark points that pushed for freedom. As she pulled the basque away to one side, Harry retreated to the chair. The urge to f**k her became overwhelming. But he was determined not to give in to it.

"Harry, are we going to...?"

Harry focused and stood up again.

"Listen, darlin', if you're going to give submission a try, there's one thing we need to get straight. You submit. I command."

Olivia's eyes dropped to the floor.

"Give me a safe word."


"I intend to make you use it."


Feisty worked for him. He'd never been one for totally subservient subs. It took all the fun out it. And he wasn't looking for just another sub anyway. He picked up one of her wrists and pulled her across to stand at a corner of the bed. Time to play hardball.

How Alchemy xii works

Alchemy xii - New Year's Eve, the prologue to Olivia's story, was published, free of charge, on December 31.

Alchemy xii - January went on sale on January 1, 2015, and thereafter a novelette-length episode will be published on the first of every month until December.

Each quarter, the previous three monthly episodes will be made available in a Quarterly Omnibus and at the end of the year, readers will be able to buy Alchemy xii - The Complete Year, a monster volume containing the prologue and all 12 episodes together.

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