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Sex Stories We Love: Sex Toys Around the World, Tip of the Tongue, & Fickle or Fleshlight?

Published: FEBRUARY 6, 2019 | Updated: JUNE 30, 2022
With Valentine's Day right around the corner, we're looking at some sexy grown up fun!

With Valentine's Day fast approaching, people are starting to think out of the box for presents for their sexy partners and playmates. Gone are the roses, chocolates, and come the sex toys! Really, sex products are a great gift anytime! This week's Sex Stories We Love looks at the current world of sex toys and offers up some go-to lists to give you ideas.


Sex Toys Around the World

We are all citizens of the big, wide world of sex. People are fucking all around the globe, right at this very minute. In so many different ways! As with everything in life, such as cuisine, fashion, and politics, different folks around the world have very different strokes when it comes to sex. By extension, it shouldn't surprise anyone that people in different areas have different preferences in sex toys. Different colours, shapes, textures, price points...these are all important considerations because you want your sex toys to be special for you. The great thing is that there are so many options in the sex toy market that anyone, anywhere can get exactly what they want. We really are living in the golden age of sex products.

Hand or Toy

That's right! There are so many choices! Have you been to a sex shop or done some shopping online? I have to admit that with so many sex product options available these days, choosing something new can be a little overwhelming. There are great ways to do research before you buy, like checking out the many sex toy review blogs out there. Ultimately, the choice will be yours. You need to decide what kind of itch you're looking to scratch. Or, more correctly, how you like that scratch itched. As noted in last week's SSWL, the orgasm gap for women is real as well as how they can experience the sensation. Is a vibrator better for you or is manual fun the way to go?

Tip of the Tongue

Seeking different types of pleasure is not just about having an orgasm. Remember, having an orgasm is just one type of pleasure in sex. They aren't at all necessary to have a great time! Sometimes the journey really is the best part of the adventure! One way people like a great sexytime adventure is through oral stimulation. In recent years, sex toy makers have made great strides in simulating the feeling of oral sex on a vulva and clitoris. This has been a great advance in understanding that these are important sensations. While oral sex simulators aren't necessarily everyone's cup of tea, they're definitely worth a look if you're interested.


Good Non-Vibrations

In the other hand (pun intended), vibrating toys have taken centre stage in the sex toy business for a long time, but they definitely aren't the only game in town. There are so many other types of sex toys out there, but they do tend to get lost a bit. The focus on vibrators remains strong (and understandably so), with rumbles for your sexytime tumbles being incorporated into products for every body type. Yet, vibration isn't for everyone. .Even those who do want it may not want that sensation every time they have sex or masturbate. This great list offers many suggestions for non-vibrating sex products, featuring sexy items for interior play, exterior fun, and great accessories that can be used in many different ways!

Fickle or Fleshlight?

One of the most polarizing sex products has been the Fleshlight. First, it dealt with the stigma that surrounds men and people with penises using sex toys. Personally, this has never made any sense. Our culture depicts and sensationalizes men as hypersexual. So, why wouldn't they also want to enjoy sex products? Fleshlight's savvy marketing and their resulting sales proved that a tremendous market exists for sex toys for men and people with penises. In fact, Fleshlight has become ubiquitous as the sex toy for these groups. that best? Check out what some people think of Fleshlight and whether it's the right choice for your pleasure.

No, Just, No Eggplant

Finally, a bathbomb shaped like an emoji for a cock is not a sex toy. I repeat, a bathbomb shaped like an emoji for cock is NOT a sex toy....

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