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Sex Toy Review: Womanizer 2Go

by Kinkly
Published: JUNE 12, 2017 | Updated: JULY 27, 2020
The new Womanizer's "lipstick" design is either terrible or pure genius. Either way, it's a must-try.


Review of: Womanizer 2Go

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When Kinkly approached me to do a sex toy review, my initial response was hell no! I am not a writer. I own some sex toys but they only make appearances on special nights and the thought of spilling my guts about my sex life really freaked me out. But I kept going back to it and reconsidering. Eventually, I mentioned it to my husband and then, well, there was no turning back. There was no way he was going to let me pass up this opportunity. Subconsciously I think I knew that, and it is probably the reason why I mentioned it to him in the first place!

Let me give you a sense of who I am. I am a married cis-woman who has been in a monogamous relationship with my cis-gendered male husband for almost 20 years. We have jobs and kids and all sorts of other standard life obligations. We do our best to keep the spice in our relationship by adding new toys or experiences occasionally. If there is an average, we may just be right there at average. Actually, I sort of thought we were more exciting until I just wrote that paragraph ...


When I got word that the toy I had been assigned to review was Womanizer's newest and latest, I was thrilled. Actually, I felt like I'd hit the jackpot. I already have the Womanizer Pro W500 and really enjoy it so I was excited to try out the Womanizer 2Go in the hope that it would be even better.

The Product - Womanizer 2Go

The Womanizer 2Go is the latest clit stimulator from Womanizer. All Womanizer products use what they call Pleasure Air Technology which, in layman's terms means something that they suction over the clitoris and stimulate it with blasts of air. The intention is to eliminate over stimulation of the clitoris that can often occur with traditional vibrators.

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True to form, Womanizer has created another product with an "interesting" design. This one is designed like a lipstick but it is much larger than your standard lipstick. Like, much larger. It is still discreet in the sense that it could certainly pass for a perfume bottle in your purse, but a lipstick? Not a chance.

The original Womanizer models featured animal prints and rhinestones. When I first saw them, I couldn't help but wonder who'd come up with that design - and the name! Seriously?! But then, when I noticed all the buzz that name and design created online - good and bad - I wondered if maybe it was all just amazing marketing. The Womanizer 2Go design is much sleeker and more sophisticated, but it falls in that same category. This oversized lipstick design is either terrible, or pure genius. Or maybe the people over at Womanizer just have a great sense of humor?

Review: Womanizer 2Go


Like I said, Womanizer 2Go is much larger than a standard lipstick.

Review: Womanizer 2Go


I was sent the green/pink model but Womanizer 2Go also comes in all black or all white.

The packaging for this toy is very discreet. In fact, it ended up sitting on my kitchen counter for two days and neither my husband nor my curious children took any notice. In very fine print on the back of the box it says "sensual massager" but beyond that, the box gives nothing away about the true purpose of its contents.


Review: Womanizer 2Go

The Womanizer 2Go is 100% waterproof and comes with a regular and XL head size. Here you can see the difference in the head sizes. I used the regular size and it worked great for me.Review: Womanizer 2Go

The Womanizer 2Go is USB rechargeable and lasts about three hours when it is fully charged, but that can vary depending on the intensity level used. It takes around two hours to fully charge the toy. There are six intensity levels and all levels as well as on/off are controlled from the one-button control many of us are used to on newer toys and other technologies. This button is also the light that flashes red when the Womanizer needs charging.

Review: Womanizer 2Go

My Experience with the Womanizer 2Go

When it was go-time I didn't read any instructions or look at the toy too long - I figure if instructions are necessary it likely isn't the toy for me. Fortunately, there is absolutely nothing complicated about the Womanizer 2Go's one button design. I found my groove quickly at intensity level 4. My big complaint with my Womanizer Pro W500 was it could be a bit tricky to find the right spot and it didn't really do anything for me until I could get it all lined up. This was not the case with the Womanizer 2Go. Its thicker edges on the head as well as the more pointed design made the search for the clit very pleasurable indeed. During the search, it felt almost like a bit of a clit vibrator, which felt great. In fact, I almost inserted it because it was feeling so good before I remembered the task at hand was to get that head on my clit.

Review: Womanizer 2Go

The Womanizer W500 and the Womanizer 2Go. I found the Womanizer 2Go easier to get into position.

About five minutes into my exploration, all of a sudden I made contact in just the right place and sealed that head right around my clit. Thank goodness I had done a bit of meandering on the way in and taken my time because I went from feeling good to full on orgasm in just over a minute. All I have to say is WOW! I enjoy clit stimulation but typically need vaginal penetration too to get me all the way to orgasm. Not this time. In fact, I think I shocked myself and my husband with how quickly it all went down. We actually kind of stared at each other with stunned faces!

The other issue that often shows up when I use clit stimulators for foreplay is that when I move on to intercourse with my husband, my clit is a bit numb and it's hard for me to orgasm during sex. That did not happen with the Womanizer 2Go. In fact, I was simply primed for go-time when we moved on to the second course.

Just try to deny yourself an orgasm with that!

The Highs

  • Discreet design
  • Wide range of intensities
  • Waterproof
  • USB Rechargeable
  • Does not desensitize my clit
  • Intuitive to use
  • The awesomeness of the orgasm it gave me!

The Lows

  • The only thing I could think of here was the design - I actually started laughing just before I turned it on because I couldn't get over the hilarious scale of this "lipstick" vibrator.

The Verdict

Wow - just WOW! Five out of five! I am one of those people who almost never gives anything the highest rating. I figure there is always room for improvement. Not this time. The Womanizer 2Go most definitely earned its top marks with me. If you have tried other Womanizer products with the Pleasure Air Techonology then you need to try the Womanizer 2Go. If you haven't tried a Womanizer product, well what are you waiting for? Don't miss out on any more orgasms!


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