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Sex Stories We Love: Solutions to Painful Sex, Practice Safer Online, and Protective Eyewear

Published: JUNE 9, 2015 | Updated: FEBRUARY 14, 2022

If it’s Tuesday, it must be time for more Sex Stories We Love! And for the rest of June, be sure to check out my delightful colleague Bobbie Morgan's #AdultSexEdMonth where you will find so many great stories about sex ed for all folks. It is in full-swing and fabulous!


Feed Me More...and More!

We have always had a complex relationship with food. It can be both luxury and basic nourishment. It can be a source of tremendous anxiety and also a great comfort. Our sexual relationship with food is also long-known. From aphrodesiacs to sploshing, involving food in sexy time has long been a favorite. So it should come as no surprise that the actual consumption of food, your own or watching others, would also be an incredible turn on for some. Check out this incredible short documentary hosted by the very cool Kimberly Kane on the "feeder" community and how food can be so sexually thrilling!

Solutions to Painful Sex

It is something we don't really like to think about, but sometimes we do have to deal with experiencing pain during sex. Now, I'm not referring to the pain we choose to participate in, such as BDSM. Rather, there are conditions, illnesses, injuries, and more that can occur because of sex or other activities that can cause a person to experience pain or discomfort when they're supposed to feel good. This excellent guide highlights some of the common sources of pain for women and how to deal with them.

What the Fuck, Dr. Ruth?

The venerable sex educator made some shocking statements about consent in a radio interview recently, which cast a shadow over her reputation as a sex educator. Westheimer noted that once a man and woman are naked in bed together, that saying no or stopping is impossible. Of course, this flies in the face of all that the sex education community is trying to teach about consent and how it can be withdrawn at any time. Dr. Ruth tried to couch her argument in teachings from the Talmud, but various Rabbis have called bullshit. This isn't the first time Dr. Ruth has made questionable statements about consent. So, let's hope people begin to understand that as much as she's been an institution in the field of sex education, she might need to do some learnin' herself.


Practice Safer Online

Just when you think you're safe online...NO! Don't ever think you're safe online. There have long been concerns about the safety of you information on Fetlife, the hugely popular site to create a sexy, pervy profile. However, this discovery by the fine folks at Kink Ontario proves that you have to be vigilant if you want to maintain any kind of privacy online. They're right: people are always trying to mine data, and if they're trying to get sex-related details then you might be in for a great shock if your photos or information are revealed to a greater audience. Depending on your circumstances, there could be difficult consequences if people find out about your sexual choices and desires. There shouldn't be...but we've got to keep working on that.

Protective Eyewear in Porn?

Much has been written and said about the controversial condom laws for porn production in California. And I will admit that in some ways, I am still on the fence about the idea. Yet, the fact that having this law in place has lead to the possibility of applying other standards of worker safety to porn is just ridiculous. Goggles...really? No money shots? I'm not here to argue that all porn is created safely and ethically, but imposing medical-level regulations on porn is ludicrous. Why can't a new standard be established with consultation and communication between government, health, and porn officials instead of trying to squeeze porn into some other legal box? No amount of lube is going to make that happen successfully.

Queer Is Queer and That's That

Ashley Ford - get out of my head! No, wait! Please don't. Rather, stay in there and please keep writing so well, so eloquently, the thoughts I've had for so long. Ashley's succinct, awesome affirmation of her queerness, regardless of who she is in a relationship with, is a testament to the thoughts that many other queer people, myself included, struggle to explain to people all the time. Some people just cannot get over the idea that you can be attracted to a person who is different from the last person you were with. And she is absolutely spot-on about shutting down your sexuality just because you couple with a specific person. Even if we're not acting out of can still flame. Thank you for writing this, Ashley!


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