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Sex Stories We Love: Skyrockets in Flight, Getting Pumped & the Good List

Published: JUNE 27, 2018 | Updated: FEBRUARY 14, 2022
In this week's edition of Sex Stories We Love, we explore some very interesting (and sexy!) findings about getting it on!

There's always a plethora of new sex information and research coming out! This is great because that means we're always learning new things about sex. Let's always look at these findings with a sharp eye. This week's Sex Stories We Love looks at some new developments in the wide world of sex.


Skyrockets in Flight?

What are you usually doing at 3 p.m. in the afternoon? Like many other people, I'm at the day job, chained to my desk. By that time, I'm just waiting for the day to end so that I can get the heck outta there and have some fun! Turns out, there might be a hormonal reason I start counting the minutes. Apparently, that's the best time to have sex! According to author Alisa Vitti, our estrogen levels are at their highest at 3 p.m., making that the most ideal time to get in some sexytime. This is the point in the day when we are the most "emotionally present." While the scheduling of this kind of afternoon delight might be a challenge, it could certainly be worth checking out. Hell, it's definitely better than having to go to yet another meeting.

Getting Pumped!

From the rat race to an actual race, sports experts have always been divided on whether athletes should be allowed to have sex close to competition time. Some teams and sports organizations have outright banned sexual activity for players in an attempt to harness that energy for competition. Or at least not deplete those energy stores. There is, however, some research being initiated to determine whether those fears are a real concern. According to one limited study, having sex 12 hours before participating in a physically active sport should not have an effect on your performance. Now, if you've been up all night at a club looking to meet someone or on Tindr looking for the perfect hook-up, yeah, that might affect your athleticism. Fortunately, the sex won't!

Holy Mackerel!

Nothing fishy about this story: if you're into eating seafood, research suggests you're likely having more sex. It turns out the fruit of the seas has a direct, positive impact on our sex lives. Over the course of one year, couples in Michigan and Texas tracked how often they ate fish and how often they had sex. When those couples at fish, they had a 39% higher likelihood of getting wet, wild, and sexy. The research also noted another significant connection between sex and eating fish: if you're looking to get pregnant, order the seafood. In that year of study, 92% of those who ate fish and who tried to conceive were successful in doing so. This is compared to just 79% who didn't eat as much fish.


First, You Have to Remember to Have Sex

Are you getting a little older and starting to feel the effects of aging? Do you forget where you left your car keys or what someone just said in a boring meeting? As we get older, one of the things that starts to go is our memory, both short and long-term. This can be very frustrating! It seems that having sex, and a strong emotional connection with your partner, can help improve short-term memory. This is all great if you have someone to create that emotional connection with. What about single people? Can they improve their memory through masturbation? It can't hurt to give it a try!

So Wrong

Unlike other subjects and the potential for learning, there should always be a caveat placed on sex tips and education. It's always important to know and trust the source before you accept the sex knowledge being imparted. There are all kinds of studies and research being shared about sex. That's great because it means people are trying their best to figure sex out. The same goes for sex educators. There are a great bunch out there who really know their stuff. Unfortunately, those of us who received formal sex education in school were probably also taught some misinformation about sex by our teachers. Whether these folks were just out of their depth or had an agenda, this is why we need better sex education taught by sex professionals.

The Goods List

Finally, if you're looking for even more great ideas to make your sexytimes even better, this bigger list of sex and relationship tips is full of great ideas. Often, these sorts of lists are all just a rehash, but this one features a variety of ways to make sex and your connection strong and fun.


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