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Sex Stories We Love: Sex in Entertainment and in the Real World, Getting Girlie, and Thanksgiving Sex

Published: NOVEMBER 18, 2014 | Updated: FEBRUARY 14, 2022

Porn Stars on Real People/Real World Sex

There are still people who think porn is the ultimate example of what real people/real world sex is or should be. Last week, two adult performers shared some credible first-person perspectives on why porn, while it may be hugely entertaining, isn’t necessarily educational.

Tasha Reign shared her 11 things you should never learn from porn in Bro Bible. Her tips, like "You do not have to pop a huge load, and it does NOT always need to be on her face..." are brief and get straight to the point.

The lovely folks at Make Love Not Porn shared a blog post from one of its newest MakeLoveNotPornStars who’s actually a porn star, Proxy Page. She stresses in her post "I have tried so many times to explain the differences between #realworldsex and sex on film. So many people misinterpret the fantasy aspect of sex on film [and they are] thinking that is how sex is supposed to be, but this is just not the case. Sex is different for everyone and it is what you make it to be."

While feminist porn star Lucie Blush doesn’t weigh in on the porn sex/real life sex debate, she discloses six confessions about her off-camera sex life and sexuality. It's a pretty juicy read. And no, she doesn’t have orgies every week (confession No. 5). "It’s more about meeting with your sleazy accountant than having hot sex with strangers," she writes.

Hogwarts Sex Ed

One would think that after 10 books and eight movies Harry Potter fans would know every single detail of every single thing that went on at Hogwarts. However, someone on Reddit felt that HP and company didn’t get a proper sex education and issued a writing prompt of how something like that might go. Here are some of the completed assignments that Moviepilot felt were head of the class. Perhaps J.K. Rowling could be out of job?

Pussy Powers Activated!

Before midnight, Comedy Central had no problem airing words like "dick" as long as they had nothing to do with sexual acts. Yet, the word "pussy" was off limits.

Thanks to Amy Schumer, or at least Dan Powell who is the executive producer of Inside Amy Schumer, the power of the "P" word is now uncensored. According to Vulture, Powell said, "Halfway through the first season, we started to realize that a lot of the show was addressing women's issues and gender politics. I'd written a letter, sort of like I'd write to my congressman, and I guess it struck a chord." A conference call with network higher-ups soon followed, and the network assented.

No Shave November for Women

So you thought No Shave November was just for men? No way, says sex educator Ashley Manta, Dildology founder Crista Anne, and Katie Mack. These three ladies had a delightfully girlie, frank, and open talk about their feelings and experiences with shaving and not shaving their pits, bits, legs, and the other body hair women have in a podcast on Life on the Swingset. It’s the kind of sit down with a glass or wine conversation that you wish you could be in on, too.

Blow Job-Friendly Lipsticks

You’re all dressed up in that hot new dress or in lingerie, right down to the stockings and stilettos. You’re having a good hair day and even mastered the seductive smoky eye and lashes. Do you stop at the lipstick because you don’t want to come up from a blow job looking like Bozo the Clown? You just may be surprised and find a favorite stick for your shtick on Girly Juice’s blog, and she even comments about how much of the lipstick sticks to the dick...although some guys like that.

Sex at Your Parents’ House

With Thanksgiving coming up, tons of people are going home for the holiday. If it isn’t awkward enough introducing Mom and Dad to a new partner, having sex at the parental abode can be even more awkward (as it is for couples that have been married for a number of years, too). If you don’t want your four or five-day weekend to be sexless, be thankful for Kaleb Sutra. He shares a bunch of tips on getting the breast, leg, or any other parts you want when you’re not sitting at the dinner table.
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