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Sex Stories We Love: Redefining Relations, Adding Up to Anal, & Future of Sex Ed

Published: AUGUST 17, 2016 | Updated: FEBRUARY 14, 2022
In this week's Sex Stories We Love, we talk about genetic sexual attraction, a math formula to choose your next butt plug, and the future of sex ed.

The future of sex is without bounds. Bondage, yes, but really we’ve got so many options ahead of us. That doesn’t mean there aren’t going to be some bumps in the road. With advances comes change. Are you ready, even if changes in sex make you uncomfortable?


Redefining Relations?

The story of the week is the tabloid-esque love of Monica Mares and Caleb Peterson of New Mexico. What makes their romance and sexual relationship so scandalous is that they are mother and son. However, there is a wrinkle here: Monica gave Caleb up for adoption when she was 16 years old and the two didn’t reconnect until he was 19 - a consenting adult. Well, his age doesn’t trump the law and the two have now run into legal problems, being charged with the fourth degree felony incest. This story brings to wider attention the different type of incest they are involved in: genetic sexual attraction. While it's still sex between people who are related, GSA is the coupling of related folks who were not raised together and did not meet until adulthood. Does this change the situation? Is the inherent power imbalance still in place? This case could prove to be very interesting for our traditional view on incest.

Who Are You in Bed With?

We’ve definitely entered a brave new world when it comes to sex technology. Toy manufacturers are in rapid development to produce the best and sexiest products that use all of the technology we have at our fingers (instead of you just using your finger). Vibrators and sleeves talk to each other, interact with your computer, and can even be controlled from a distance via your smart phone. Yet, it turns out, your toy isn’t just receiving instructions from the phone. It may actually be transmitting messages as well. Standard Innovations Corporation, creators of the widely-popular We-Vibe series of couples vibrators was recently found out! They’ve been collecting data from their We-Vibe 4 toys, notably vibration level and toy temperature when in use. The We-Vibe 4 is one of those toys that can be controlled remotely, and that’s how they know what you’re up to. The backlash has been strong. The company says it is just market research, but they didn’t disclose they were doing it. On one hand, the information was obtained surreptitiously, but it could also be used to create better sex products. Quite the conundrum.

Good Head(line)

Bravo to the writer who crafted this headline about a guy stealing a penis pump. Honestly, coming up with these types of puns is one of the joys of writing about sex.


Adding Up to Anal

I never liked mathematics in school and I am sure that on more than one occasion, I thought my teachers were being really anal when I didn’t cross out a number or carry the exponent or some such nonsense. Now, with the help of sex geek extraordinaire Ken Melvoin-Berg, I see that math can be really anal - in a good way! In fact, if you’re already a fan of bum fun, but just on an occasional basis, you can now use the famed Fibonacci sequence to determine the size of anal toy you should use. Anal sex is one of those things that uses muscle memory and if you don’t use it, you lose it. With Ken’s idea, you can count on having a good time.

Future of Sex Ed

Can the current forays into virtual reality sex education be considered a good first step or an indication that this is not the best medium to share such intimate information? VR is a burgeoning field, with many potential applications. There are many VR porn options and some porn games. On paper, it seems that sex ed could be a good fit for VR. Between the proliferation of smart phones and cheap VR devices, such as Google Cardboard, this content could be delivered to folks who don’t have ready access sex shops offering workshops. However, it seems the focus seems to be on immersive sex ed or trying to teach you by example. Or, more like putting you in the scene of porn. Perhaps a move away from that would make the technology viable.

Rest in Power

Thank you to Lynn Comella for this inspiring retrospective on the life of Joani Blank, founder of Good Vibrations and a true pioneer in the world of sex, who passed away on August 6.

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