Sex Stories We Love: Porny Wishes, Google Muscles, and Sign Here for Spankings

Published: AUGUST 19, 2015 | Updated: AUGUST 20, 2015

I think I feel some big shifts coming on. The adult industry is changing. Sexual identities are changing. How we relate and how we masturbate are always fluid. Could a new sexual revolution be on the way? What do you think it will include?


Three Porny Wishes Do Not Include Paying for It

Has anyone ever figured out how to stuff that genie back in the bottle? If so, there might be a consulting job available for you at the world’s biggest porn site. It seems that PornHub is going to start charging for access. You’re going to have to pay for your porn. I’ll give you a second to pick up the Kleenex you just dropped and the utter shock in your heart.

Now, this isn’t a complete reversal of their traditional business model of thumbing their nose at pay sites. Instead, you can now get the good stuff with PornHub Premium. Personally, I love Lux Alptraum’s analogy of a buffet when it comes to tube sites. Sure, everything is there and you can gorge yourself on every imaginable morsel. Now, will that meal you dished out of metal bins from under heat lamps look as appetizing as the fancier menu available in the premium section? Will some of the tastier bites, the good stuff, migrate to that more expensive menu? The adult industry is constantly changing, but I think the genie is too busy getting off to free content to get back in the bottle

Flex Your Google Muscles

Sticking with porn, it is hard to imagine a media-related entertainment company would make such a gaffe as the recent blunder made by World Wrestling Entertainment. That behemoth corporation recently dubbed a stable of female competitors The Submission Sorority. Unfortunately, the marketing team behind this name ignored rule #1 of branding in the year 2015: Google it. Had they done their due diligence and typed the tough-sounding moniker into any search engine, they'd have discovered porn content by the same name. Now, you might think this isn’t biggest problem, but pro wrestling underwent a philosophy shift over the past decade and is now a very PG product. The WWE tapped out and quickly changed their group’s name.


The Point of Safe Sexual Work Environments

That wrestling boner was quickly addressed, but how was Henry Cavill’s received by his co-star? The Superman actor recently revealed that he was once a true man of steel in a scene with a female co-star, achieving an erection while filming a scene. This must be a difficult situation for a performer to navigate. For the person on the non-consensual receiving end, having a penis poke at you while trying to do your work can make for a hostile workplace. She (in this case) did not ask or want his penis touching her. At the same time, an erection can happen without sexual stimulation, whether the person with the cock wants it to or not. That is just biology. I believe Henry did the right thing by apologizing and acknowledging how the situation is unacceptable. Yet, I can only imagine there have been others who have probably frotted up against unwilling co-stars for years.

Sign Here for Spankings

BDSM relationships are complex. So many different factors have to be taken into account when trying to negotiate and navigate intricate Dominant and submissive roles—both among the participating partners and within the individual’s self. There are psychological and physical considerations that often take precedence. However, another factor to consider is financial. There’s a current case in Florida where a 68 year old man is attempting to regain the assets he signed over to his financial dominatrix. He signed over $500,000 worth of assets, including his house. Their transactions seem to have been fairly consistent with most financial domination arrangements, but the accuser claims that he has been exploited based on his age. While details aren’t entirely clear, this sort of situation underlines the need for a legal framework for a complex relationship such as this. It may not be sexy, but if they’d signed legal papers detailing their arrangement, this situation might be less muddy.

No Homo Bro-Jobs?

In the last week or so, I couldn’t skim Facebook or Twitter with seeing some mention of straight guys doing straight guys and being completely straight about it. The reason for this commotion is the publication of Jane Ward’s Not Gay: Sex Between Straight White Men. Of course, it was bound to stir the pot based on the title alone! At first glance, there’s a lot that many different communities can get antsy about—the title alone is provocative enough. Without having yet read the book myself, I have to say this interview with Jane Ward puts me more in an investigative mood, as opposed to hostile. It seems there’s a lot going on in Ward’s work, including some significant discussions on intersectionality. Many posts I saw seemed completely dismissive of Ward’s work based on the cover alone. However, as we all know with discussions of sexual identity: you can’t judge a book by its cover.


Losin' It With the Lord

I am fairly convinced that nobody ever actually loses their virginity in that oh so romantic way everybody thinks we should lose our virginity. Instead, it is usually awkward, embarrassing, and in some cases traumatizing. Or, in Anna Pulley’s case, losing your virginity (or coming close) can be downright weird. By bringing new meaning to the phrase Bible-thumping, Pulley begins a three-part series on virginity with this tale of a potential sex partner getting down to the beat of his own drum and God’s word. Without her consent, and without her participation. When this fellow dropped trou to sing his own penis psalm with his palm, he exposed Anna to concepts she’d heretofore not experienced: fetish, sexual assault, a Biblical boner. And while the story reads as ridiculous, these issues make it serious. I am looking forward to Part 2.

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