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Sex Stories We Love: Plentiful Positions, Determined Dreaming, & Pervy Profiles

Published: JUNE 8, 2016 | Updated: FEBRUARY 14, 2022
In this week's Sex Stories We Love, we talk about awesome sex positions, how your dreams can make your sexytime even better, and what you need to know about constructing a kinky profile!

Does everybody have their notebooks and pencils? #AdultSexEdMonth is in session and rolling along. In this week’s Sex Stories We Love lesson, we’re exploring new things to try in sex!


Plentiful Positions

It wouldn’t be a talk about adult sex education if a post about different sex positions weren’t included! One of the most frequent types of sex improvement discussions, trying different positions, can be an absolute boon to how you and your partner(s) enjoy each other. You might even find new favourites. You might also end up in a twisted pretzel of frustration. This list of 37 sex positions is good because it offers some actual textual context that could be quite helpful in helping you decide if a new position will be right for your bodies. While they are only illustrations, the images might give you a good sense of whether your bodies will be able to make a position work as well. This list is entirely heteronormative, but potentially adaptable. Better yet, please comment below with lists of positions for other sexual connections!

Determined Dreaming

And what might you do after a super sexy session? If it is the end of the day, drifting off to sleep is pretty common. But that doesn’t mean your sexytimes have to end. Lucid dreaming is a skill that some people are capable of...and many others probably wish they were! This ability to control what happens in our dreams has significant implications for sex - and our desires for more or even different kinds of sex. Those who can harness the ability to lucid dream would then have the option of enjoying a dream experience of the different types of people or fetishes they hope to enjoy in their waking hours. This could be especially helpful for folks questioning aspects of their sexuality. Give it a try!

Pervy Profiles

If you’re a little older, you’ll remember when dating websites were a new thing and regarded with the shock and awe that most new technologies receive. Now, meeting people online is commonplace. These sites and apps, both free and pay, have evolved significantly to serve our meeting/dating/hookup needs. And, increasingly, our fetish needs.Ms. Morgan Thorne offers an outstanding guide to creating your kinky profile (part of a series so watch for more). Covered are essential topics, including photos, usernames, safety, and more to help you put your best foot forward—figuratively speaking. Or maybe that’s what you’re into, in which case, put it out and shake it all about!


Mouthful Meanings?

Could there be other reasons that receiving and giving pleasure for our enjoyment of oral sex? Seems that scientists, who seem to be much more interested in delving into the intricacies of sex that ever before, have found a couple of extra reasons why head is a no-brainer. And they’re all about the sperm wars. According to one study, introducing a man’s DNA via oral sex can help prevent pregnancy disorders. The sperm is no longer a foreign substance (I swear I’ve heard someone say “Blowjobs are the new handshake.”). Also, another study suggests that fellas licking vulva was a way to prove he was “the one” because he provided pleasure. This was supposed to make her not want to seek another partner, and thus, another battle in sperm competition won before combat!

Healthful Humping

Health and fitness have long been linked to better sexual experiences, but have you ever wondered what specific things you can do to make those hot times even hotter? This guide to workout and healthy living gives you a good sense of some simple things you can do to improve your fun times. I appreciate it because it does not promote any specific body types or sizes, it just offers some ideas of muscles to exercise, suggestions for healthful living and stretches. It also suggests a trampoline!

Vibe Vitals

Finally, have you ever looked at a vibrator and wondered just what in the hell is happening in there that provides so much awesome pleasure? Have you ever been tempted to take one apart—but likely stopped because then you might not have a vibrator anymore and orgasms win over tech discovery? Well, wonder no more! Lux Alptraum can put our curious minds at ease by getting inside an Eva vibrator! If you’re a sex tech nerd, this deconstructed toy just might give you a different type of feeling.


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