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Sex Stories We Love: Monumental Trans Moment, Get a Room & #FreeKesha

Published: FEBRUARY 24, 2016 | Updated: FEBRUARY 14, 2022
We must continue to further the discussion on rape and how to best support survivors of it both in and out of the workplace. Congratulations Judge McKenzie, first trans judge of Canada!

OK folks, things are getting intense. Week after week, we’re hearing of some pretty awful happenings relating to sex and sexuality. And I’m going to keep writing about them. This week also brought some good and fun news too! Here’s to hoping we keep with good balance!


Monumental Trans Moment

Congratulations to Kael McKenzie, the first transgender person to be sworn in as a judge in Canada! Reaching this pinnacle after a celebrated legal career is a significant moment for trans people. It is recognition that trans folks are part of every community. This achievement can give hope and inspiration to others who have transitioned or are questioning their own gender. Also a member of the Metis Nation of Manitoba, McKenzie was recognized and promoted for his work in the legal community. What a great accomplishment!

Get a Room!

Well, some people sure don’t know how to look a gift-horse in the mouth! After having their flight delayed until the next day, two women were provided hotel accommodations. Unfortunately for their personal interests, the sex hotel they were sent to wasn't acceptable.

Of course, no judgement here if the idea of staying in a kinky love shack didn’t appeal to them, but the article didn’t need to be framed so negatively. Because for some people, finding time for a hotel rendezvous, kinky or not, is something many people are totally into doing. Now, the website that facilitates and finds these hotels all around the world says that amorous adventures are not their priority, but they do recognize that some of their clientele just book rooms for sex. Anyone else care for a little afternoon delight?


Expanding Sex Ed

There's been much more talk and movement toward ensuring that people with disabilities are recognized as the sexy folks they are! However, this discussion and progress has primarily focused on people with physical disabilities and much less consideration has been given to people with developmental disabilities. Much like people with physical disabilities, those with developmental disabilities have largely been cast off as non-sexual beings.

Of course, this is not true at all. There is starting to be more recognition and understanding toward ensuring that these folks get a good sexual education to prepare them for sexual and romantic relationships. Sweden is currently leading the way in providing this sex ed to people, their parents and caregivers. Hopefully, it is a model that gains traction around the world.


In terms of sex ed, many parts of the world are making progress. Unfortunately, that progress is not pervasive in all discussions of sex. And more and more, we’re seeing how we, as a society, seem to be backsliding in the discussion of rape. This week a judge upheld the contract pop star Kesha is under with Sony, citing that if she were allowed to walk away from the deal - and the six albums she is due to provide - the company would suffer “irreparable harm." That seems reasonable except that by staying with Sony, she has come in contact with their super producer Dr. Luke, a man Kesha says raped her when she was just 18. This is absolutely gross on Sony’s part. Sure, they’ve offered her a different producer, but she’ll still come in contact with Dr. Luke, and she fears the company will not do all it is capable of doing to promote her work. Yup, that company is really going to suffer - victim be damned.


Changes at Kinsey?

It seems that our ideas about rape aren’t the only things backsliding. The Kinsey Institute, the venerable home of sex, gender, and reproduction research since 1947, has been under new leadership since November 2014. Since that time, some been questioning changes in the organization's mandate. These changes are not being welcomed by the sex community at large. A post on The Stranger this past week by Dan Savage examines the new focus of the institute, which director Sue Carter has described as being not just sex and sexuality, but rather "how human sexuality must be viewed in the context of relationships."

This seems to be rather backwards thinking given how much we’ve learned about sex outside of relationships and how important that sex is to people. Why is a relationship the key to sex? Is this an attempt to fit everybody back into that mold of cookie cutter coupledoom?

Signs Point to Yes!

Fortunately, all is not lost in the world of sex! If you ever find yourself confused or unsure, if you are faced with a decision that is really hard to make, you can sit and think on it ... or just go use your butt in a totally different way.


Introducing the Magic 8 Ball butt plug. This little dynamo could provide hours of fun and silliness (combined with the awesomeness of using a butt plug!). You might need to ensure you have someone around the read the fortunes tough ... unless you’re really flexible with a mirror!

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