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Sex Stories We Love: Hookup Happiness, Just Move On, Bisexuality & Mental Health

Published: SEPTEMBER 20, 2017 | Updated: FEBRUARY 14, 2022
This week, we look at how to have better hookups, a man who played the piano for 24 hours to win back his lover, bisexuality and mental health, and more!

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Hookup Happiness

This is the kind of post everyone needs to read. If you’re so inclined as to enjoy some casual fun, a little hookup here and there, then please, oh please, clean up your room a little in advance of a hookup! Think about those times you’ve gone over to someone else’s and found dirty dishes and dirty sheets. Were you able to push through and carry on with the sexytimes? Have you ever given up on a hookup because your friend’s place was just not up to par? Now, we’ll accept that spontaneity doesn’t always allow this, but Red Hot Suz provides some stellar tips on her blog that will ensure your hookup visitor will feel comfortable and at ease in your space. And someone who is feeling good like that is more likely to feel good in the fun ways too.

Just Move On

You know what isn’t comfortable? Unfettered manipulation and privilege. We’ve all seen the iconic scene where John Cusack holds the boombox to declare his love. Well, we’ve learned a lot since then. While that moment may have made for a good movie scene, in real life it is problematic and creepy. Things really didn’t go well when a dude in Bristol attempted something similar by vowing to play the piano for 24 hours until his recent ex-girlfriend got back together with him. Under no circumstances is anyone beholden to another person to the point that some public stunt forces a relationship. Yet, the idea that men can perform grand gestures and then “win” a woman back is, unfortunately, ingrained in our culture. Time to change the culture.

Bisexuality and Mental Health

This coming Saturday is Celebrate Bisexuality Day and it is great to see more and more visibility for an orientation that can be overshadowed and diminished. CBD has been observed since 1999 and every year acceptance and understanding for bisexual folks grows, while jokes and snide comments about fencesitters fall away. There are also more studies and understanding about mental health concerns and issues that exist in queer communities. There has been a cascade of studies, building on each other, that raise more awareness of the loneliness, isolation, and invisibility bisexual people encounter. Hopefully this good work continues - and don’t forget to wish your favorite bi friend a happy CBD!


Wanky Break?

Some people go to the gym at lunch. Some people take smoke breaks. Some go for walks, some snack, some bang their heads against walls or desks or coworkers. Work can be very frustrating and stressful. Rather than take that discomfort home, we try to drizzle it out here and there. What if there were a better way to relieve workplace tension? What if we took time for a little self-care with a little self-love to regain a little self respect? According to a recent piece in Glamour UK, masturbation is happening in the workplace. "It's a thing." I fear masturbating at work is such a taboo idea many folks would rarely feel comfortable enough. But imagine how much better that afternoon meeting would be with a contented smile on your face ...

The Skinny

Hearkening back to last week’s sex and tech edition of Sex Stories We Love, one of the most challenging pieces of the sex robot puzzle will be replicating human skin. Chances are these creations will be walking, talking, and doing some pretty sexy stuff before a fully satisfying skin is developed to replicate the feel of a human being. There are many products on the go right now that are getting pretty close to feeling good, but I don’t think this is about good. If people are looking for a truly great experience with a sex robot, they’re going to want it to feel amazing. C’mon science, don’t fail us now!

Dress for Suck-sess

Finally, fashion, it’s a tricky thing. Sure, the point of porn mags is to see the performers with their clothes


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