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Sex Stories We Love: Fuck…Yeah, Muppet Seeking, and This Aint No Horse Head!

Published: SEPTEMBER 2, 2015 | Updated: FEBRUARY 14, 2022
Here are our favorite sex stories that have taken place over the last week!

Sex is an awesome, steamy, and newsworthy part of our lives. You're going to be amazed at some of the sexy things that happened in the world of sex during the last week.



One of the most fascinating things about the current state of porn is that anybody and everybody can make it. While this agency to create your own naughty content has created a chaotic economic impact on the business of porn, it has produced a very positive effect on what can be filmed and viewed by those who are so inclined. You can find porn in pretty much every fetish and interest going--and if you’re laughing and saying “I can’t find such and such!” I bet you such and such will be a category on the tube sites within the week. This DIY ethos harkens back to the days of punk and zines and burgeoning sex communities...and hey look, crust punk porn is a thing! While there has always been punk-esque and Hot Topic-like representation in porn, it is awesome to read about people who aren’t about the aesthetics, but the communal aspects of celluloid sex.

Muppet Seeking...

The Ashley Madison hack is still a pretty fresh wound and a concern for all involved as well as anyone who uses online connection and data sharing. I don’t want to minimize the situation because so many lives have been affected by this controversial release of confidential information...but sometimes you need a break from the doom and gloom and enjoy a little cute and funny. Apparently, Jim Henson’s beloved Muppets had profiles on the notorious site and they’re both kinda silly and kind of sad. Would you contact any of them? Why don’t any admit to their love of fisting?

This Aint No Horse Head

I love articles that make tenuous but entirely plausible connections between two seemingly different things. Because I would have never guessed that I have the Mob to thank for the blowjobs I've received over the years. No, I don’t have a connected partner. Rather, those who like giving and receiving fellatio in the post-1970s world are able too because the Mob financed a film. Not just any film, but the seminal work of semen spewing...Deep Throat. As author Sean Braswell notes, it seems hard to believe given the prevalence of blowjobs in today’s sexual climate. More than once I’ve heard of blowies as the new handshake. Yet, back in the day, fellatio was frowned up. Who knew that “swimming with the fishes” had a whole different meaning…


Being Tops From the Bottom

Isn’t it amazing that the Feminist Porn Awards had their 10th anniversary this past spring? This is quite an accomplishment for a movement that was and is still up against some significantly strong patriarchal structures! A good part of the reason feminist porn has been able to grow and thrive in this, relatively short, period of time is the contribution from Down Under. Australia has produced some of the top names in feminist porn including three who share their thoughts in this excellent article: Gala Vanting, Zahra Stardust, and Ms. Naughty. All three have played pivotal roles in establishing and growing the idea of and amazingly sexy work featuring the ethics of the feminist porn movement. They are all women to learn from.

I Broke a Couch...How About You?

We’ve all been there. We’ve all experienced some ridiculous thing during sex. Maybe you’ve been walked in on. Maybe your pets have gotten too close. Maybe it involves a potentially injurious mishap. Whatever your story, don’t be ashamed of it. Hopefully, these unfortunate, yet hilarious, sex incidents will put a smile on your face and help you understand the community you’re a part of. And the couch part is true.

Love of Lube

And finally, a love letter. But not your average run of the mill ode to love undying. Although, I am sure, now that he is a convert, that the incomparable Lucas Brooks is definitely in love with lube. Yes, lube. Really, who isn’t? If you aren’t, you should be. There’s a notion that if you cannot produce or evoke enough natural wetness that you are somehow lacking sexually. Rubbish! This happen; not everybody gets wet at the same rate. You might be doing everything you can to turn someone on, and it still doesn’t happen. It's not because of you, and it's not because of your partner. As Lucas notes, some sexy spots just don’t produce their own lube so you need the bottled kind. Plus, regardless how wet your sex is already, adding some lubrication will only make it better. I’m just glad lube is totally poly and Lucas isn’t the only lucky boy to enjoy it!

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