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QUIZ: What Anal Kink Should You Add to Your Bedroom?

Published: AUGUST 12, 2021 | Updated: AUGUST 23, 2021
Looking for more, back door? Take the quiz and we'll tell you which anal kink you should explore!

It's Anal August! With this celebratory month underway, we think it gives you ample excuse to try out some new anal sensations. As we've touched on time and time again, the butt is jam-packed full of sensitive nerve endings - which can make it a prime spot for sexual pleasure.

Whether you're brand new to anal or a seasoned anal lover who is just looking for a new way to play with this powerhouse of an erogenous zone, adding a new kink to your sexual repertoire can become the perfect "excuse" to spend more time getting acquainted with the booty. And there are a lot of anal kinks out there! Prostate milking, anal gaping, anal torture, rimming, ass worship, anal stretching, enema kinks, forced anal, and pegging are just a few of them!

Always willing to help you on your next sexual adventure, we've teamed up with Satisfyer to help create this quiz about anal kinks. Which anal kink do we think would be a good fit for you? How can you get started with that kink? Take the quiz below and find out what booty-related pastime could be your new fave!


Interested in your "results" and looking for more information about these kinks? We got you:

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