This article is part of a series around femtech and the people leading the charge in this growing sector. See the femtech series here.

In good news for women everywhere, there continues to be an explosion of companies designing and manufacturing products specifically for our health and sexual pleasure.

We at Kinkly have tried to do our part to feature as many of these leading lights in the burgeoning femtech industry and help celebrate their technological innovations as well as their ground-breaking founding and managing a wide range of outstanding new enterprises.

So take a moment to see if you’re up to date on these history-making women, their companies, their products, and how they are changing the world for the better! This quiz was produced in partnership with The Femmys, the first-ever awards celebrating innovation in femtech. Want to apply for an award? Learn more here. Want to attend the (virtual) event? Get on the list to be the first to know when tickets are released.